Michael sat with his arms crossed in the passenger seat of Beebee. Samantha sat in the driver's seat just starring into the passing lights as Beebee drove down the streets. Every now and then she'd glance at Michael sitting next to her not looking so happy. It could be the hurt knee he had when Beebee opened her door and rammed him into the ground to keep him from leaving the fight scene . . . but then again it could be something else.

Michael groaned a bit as he moved his leg a bit to the left. His hand touched his knee and he bit his lip to keep from crying out in pain. His eyes went up as tears formed in them. Oh it hurt. Sure he was accustomed to pain with going to the skate park almost every day but getting brutally attacked by a punch bug takes the cake.

After he situated his foot he looked at Samantha who quickly glanced away. He then rolled his eyes and laid his head back on the seat. Just as soon as he looked away Samantha looked at him. He still wasn't in any better of a mood than before.

She slumped her shoulders and looked down. She wondered if it was because of the fact her car was a transforming alien robot—and that it didn't seem to like him too much. Could be, but it was probably because he wanted to go home and treat his wounds. She inhaled and then exhaled—she wondered where she was going.

"ALRIGHT!!" shouted Michael out of nowhere making Samantha's heart jump out of her chest.

He then turned in his seat shaking the seat trying to get out. He kicked and just panicked as if he was claustrophobic.

"LET ME OUT ALREADY!! I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!!" He cried to the roof.

"Um, Michael I wouldn't do tha—" started Samantha.

"ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME YOU PIECE OF CRAP?!" exclaimed Michael still shaking his seat.

Then, all of the sudden, the car stopped and sent Michael sliding into and out of the windshield in the street before them. Samantha's mouth hung wide open as she quickly unbuckled and got out.

"HA SEE?!" he cried getting up a little wobbly. "There's my proof you're crap! Your windshield fell right out!"

"Oh my god! Michael are you alright?!" gasped Samantha running to him to help him stand properly.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine babe," he said with a sniff, clearly delusional.

His hand soon fell on his head as he slowly sunk to the floor to sit.

"Oh my god . . . I just flew out of the windshield," he said now realizing things.

They then saw the punch bug turn and drive off. Samantha and Michael were confused as to where it was going. The last thing they heard from the car radio was 'Oh no he didn't!' and then she just drove off leaving the two.

"No!" cried Samantha taking a few steps forward. "MY CAR!!"

"Don't think of it as a curse Samantha, but a blessing. That thing was evil anyways," said Michael hiccupping and then pounding his chest to shake off his dizziness.

Just as Samantha turned to give Michael 'the stare' she noticed Michael's mouth had dropped. Samantha turned to see her car return to her—but 'newified'.

"What?!" gasped Samantha her eyes as wide as saucers.

Beebee was now a brand-new spankin' punch bug. She was yellow and very . . . pretty looking.

"Oh no," gasped Michael. "Now it's even more girly!"

"OH!!" squealed Samantha clicking her heels. "She's soooo CUTE!!"

She immediately ran into her and sat down just loving her new ride. Michael limped over to the passenger side and just looked around to see if anyone was watching. He might as well try it seeing how it's 'changed'. With a quick smile Michael took hold of the door and tried sliding in through it but . . . it didn't work.

Michael hit his nose just the same as last time. The model of the car didn't change. Nor did its windows by length or width that much. All to Michael's dismay of course.

"Are you alright?" asked Samantha as he managed to slide into his seat holding his nose.

"Well . . . apparently it hasn't changed that much," he said shaking his head.

And so they drove off. Beebee drove towards a building and let both teens get out as they looked around wondering what was going on, but as they looked up they saw and realized. There in the sky fell four large meteors. One falling near them.

"Come on!" said Samantha running off.

"No don't!" said Michael. "What if it's another one of 'them'!"

"So?" said Samantha.

"So?" said Michael limping closer to her. "Don't you get it Samantha?! They want to take over the world!!"

" . . . You've been reading too many comic books," pointed Samantha as she turned and ran off.

"Aw Samantha wait!" he cried trying to keep up with her.

The other three landed elsewhere, but Michael and Samantha could care less as they just focused on one that landed only a few yards away. They looked at the pod and soon its outlined shifted and transformed into another transformer like Beebee. Just as the robot placed her slender hands on her hips and looked around she soon noticed the two small organics looking at her and realized her 'situation' her optics widened as she covered herself with her hands and arms and ran away squealing.

"What that just—" started Samantha with a blink of her eyes.

Michael's eyes were still transfixed on one spot where he starred at the robot. His eyes were a bit wide and mouth slightly agape as he shook his head slowly saying—

"Robot boobies."

Samantha just turned to his to give him a sideways look. She then rolled her eyes and turned saying—


"What?!" said Michael turning to her as she left.

They soon returned to Beebee and she drove her to some dark alleyway. Samantha and Michael looked around wondering what was going on or what was going to happen, but just as soon as they got out a semi truck drove right up to them. It's colors were light blue with pink flames.

Soon the teens realized it was one of 'them' as it transformed and stood up. She wasn't the only though. They looked around and saw a silver Porsche transform and a slick black Chevy truck, also an old light green ambulance station wagon. They all asked themselves—was this really happening to them? Michael on the other hand was wondering which robot was the naked one that ran away from them earlier—typical guys stuff most of the time.

All transformed and looked at them. The tallest one which was the and light blue and pink semi. She bent down to them and at Michael asking—

"Are you Samantha Janet Witwicky?"

"Uhhhh," was all Michael could say.

"Um, excuse me," said Samantha trying to cut in.

"Where are you ancestral artifacts?" asked the femme.

"Uhhhh," was all Michael could still mutter.

"Look missy I don't have all day so—" started the large robot.

"I'm Samantha Janet Witwicky!" shouted Samantha getting all their attention.

"Oh . . . sorry about that," she said.

"I didn't know your middle name was Janet," said Michael looking at her.

"Just shut up Michael," said Samantha crossing her arms not too proud of her middle name. "It was my dad's mom's name."

"Oh," said Michael turning his gaze to the robots again. "So . . . uh why are you guys here?"

"Guys?" said the semi. "We are no 'guys' we are—"

"Autobots," said the light green ambulance.

"Thanks Ratchy," said the semi slumping her shoulders and glaring not to nicely at her comrade. "I have the ability of speech too you know!"

"Oh, sorry," apologized the light green one.

As they spoke this Samantha noticed something about the light green one. She noticed that on her head it looked as if she had hair—well of course she didn't because she was made of metal but it was very similar to human styles. Hers was short that didn't even reach to the full length of her neck. Samantha noticed this first with Beebee seeing how she had pigtails as it seemed and so she looked to see if the others had it as well.

The silver one had it as well that went down to her shoulders, but instead of metal plates she had wires, or tubes that would flap and move if ever she turned her head or moved. They were silver like her, but a little off from her own coloring. Samantha's eyes soon found the black one and saw she just had the plates like hair that went down a little past her shoulders. Once she looked at the leader of the group she saw hers were the same as the sliver one.

The wires hung from her like dreadlocks almost. They reached all the way down to her elbows—or whatever they were. Looking at this made Samantha realize their feminine identities, but also that wasn't the only thing. They also had lip gloss as well.

Her car had red, the silver one had purple, the black one had silver, the light green one had pink, and the semi had a sparkling green also signaling she was different from the others. Samantha noticed the differences between the 'bots but would soon be pointed out by the others.

"So . . ." said Michael. "Who are you . . . ladies?"

"We are called femmes," pointed out the light green one, apparently the intelligent one.

"I am Optimiss Prime," pointed the light blue and pink one.

Just as soon as she said her name Beebee began to play 'She's a brick house'. Optimiss looked at her and said—

"Aw come on, I fancied 'Barbie Girl'."

Beebee just shrugged and so Optimiss continued as she pointed at the black one saying—

"Our weapons specialist Ironhidey."

Beebee then began to play 'Redneck Woman'. Ironhidey shook her head seeing it wasn't too bad.

"My first lieutenant Jazzerina," said Optimiss pointing to the silver one.

Beebee began to play 'When I grow up'. Jazzerina smiled and shook her hips back and forth.

"Our medical officer Ratchy," said Optimiss pointing to the light green one.

Beebee began to play 'Doctor, doctor give me the news I got a bad case of loving you'. Ratchy blushed and waved her hand saying—

"Oh you're too kind."

"You already know Beebee guardian of Samantha Witwicky," pointed Optimiss.

Beebe began playing 'I kissed a girl' but soon stopped seeing it didn't really fit. She shrugged her shoulders and sighed.

"Why can't she talk?" asked Samantha.

But before she got her answer Ratchy noticed something and so stomped over to her and grabbed her chest yanking out junk from her abdomen.

"Stuffing yourself again are we Beebee?!" pointed Ratchy. "I told you to stop."

"What's this? The 'vow of silence until you get bigger boobs'?" chuckled Ironhidey, Clearly she was the 'largest'.

"Don't worry Beebee," said Optimiss taking the youngling in a headlock and squishing her face with her own breasts that were quite large themselves. "I've been there too. Once you get older you get them."

"Oh sure—after you have Ratchy work on them so they can match Ironhidey's," pointed out Jazzerina.

"Shut it Jazzerina who's not even close to us!" growled Optimiss.

"I don't need large twins," said Jazzerina placing her hands on her hips. "My aft takes the energon cake. I can prove it too. I have the best aft on Cyberglam—I have the trophy."

"Yeah, yeah we know that," sighed Ratchy shaking her head.

"Just face it Optimiss," sighed Ironhidey. "You're just jealous."

"Yeah, that's how you won so many battles with those large 'guns' of yours," giggled Optimiss.

"Uh!" gasped Ironhidey. "You didn't hear it girls."

They all just giggled until Ironhidey straightened and said—

"That's not all they were good for you know. I take good care of 'em. I remember one time when Chrome—"

At that they got into a conversation about breasts. Oh the mind of a woman. It was about an hour later until it almost came to a close. Michael nearly fell asleep. He didn't understand how girls could talk about things as such.

"How did we get into this?" he asked.

"I don't really know," said Samantha.

"Hhh, those were the good days," sighed Ironhidey. "I miss Chrome."

"I miss Elite," sighed Optimiss.

"Who?" asked Samantha.

"No don't!" warned Michael knowing it was just another door to an hour-long conversation.

"Well—since you ask," said Optimiss straightening.

"Hhh, here we go again," sighed Michael bowing his head and knowing he'd have to wait for another hour or so until they stopped CHITCHATING!!