Authors' A/N: Just a quick note here to say that the music for this trailer is the song "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses. Just think of the music "pausing" when the screen "goes black" and then coming back on when the live action resumes. Of course, start at the beginning with the awesome guitar part! Enjoy!


Shows an overhead shot of Washington D.C., then narrows to a large house, and finally to Haley and Tori standing inside

Haley (voiceover): "It's been two years, and we still haven't been sent back home. I guess we really are stuck in National Treasure."

Cuts to a shot of Tori looking thoughtful

Tori: "Well, what about the second one? Do you think we'll be stuck in that, too?"

Haley: "I don't know…"

Cuts to a black screen

For Haley and Tori, everything is going smoothly as they settle into their new lives…

Shows a shot of Tori studying in college and a shot of Haley reading on the couch

Quickly cuts to a shot of Ben, Riley, Haley, and Tori seated in a restaurant

Riley (smiling): "Come on, T, let's dance!"

Shows a shot of Riley and Tori dancing together, but quickly cuts to a black screen

But soon, all good things must come to an end…

Shows a shot of Sadusky standing in a doorway

Sadusky: "Ladies, I'm afraid I have some disturbing news. Ian Howe and his associates escaped from prison last night."

Cuts to a shot of Tori in her pajamas, running down a dark hallway into Haley's room

Tori (terrified): "Haley, wake up! There's some guy outside my window!"

Cuts to a shot of Tori and Haley looking out the window

Haley (grabbing onto Tori's arm): "Oh my gosh – Tori, it's him!"

Cuts to a shot of Ben, Abigail, Riley, and Tori standing together

Tori (panicked): "Haley's missing!"

Shows nighttime shot of Phil drawing out his gun from beneath his jacket

Ben's cell phone rings, and he brings it to his ear

Ben: "Hello?"

Cuts to a shot of Ben standing in an empty warehouse with Riley, Tori, and Abigail

Ben: "Ian, I should have known."

Ian: "Gates? I hadn't expected this."

Cuts to a shot of Mitch Wilkinson holding up the corner of a faded journal page

Mitch: "Benjamin Gates, you know what's at stake. Happy hunting."

Shows a sequence of shots:

Shaw throwing Ben roughly into the wall

An upset Tori shoving a shocked Shaw away from Ben

Haley and Tori laughing while throwing pillows at each other

Overhead shot of Buckingham Palace

Emily hugging Tori with a smile

Shot of empty compartment of Resolute Desk in the Oval Office

Riley (voiceover): "We need the Presidents' Secret Book."

Ben and Sadusky walking together

Sadusky: "The Book is real."

Cuts sharply to a black screen

Ben (voiceover): "I'm gonna' kidnap the President of the United States."

Shot of Riley in disbelief

Riley: "What?"

Cuts to Tori pacing anxiously in a parking lot while Riley tries to calm her down

Riley, Tori, and Abigail, looking anxiously behind them as they run out of the Library of Congress with Shaw and Powell following after

Mitch burning a faded letter

Haley (voiceover): "Wait! You can't do this!"

Ben, Abigail, Riley, and Tori balancing precariously on the golden table

Ian and Shaw diving out of the way of collapsing rocks while Patrick pulls Emily away to safety with him

Ben sticking his hand in rocks and screaming in pain while Ian and Mitch stand behind him, but then he begins to laugh

Ben: "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist."

Riley holding Tori against the rock wall to try to keep her head above the rushing water as he looks over his shoulder anxiously

Riley: "Ben!"

Ian smirking while Shaw points his gun at an unseen person

Riley and Tori, soaking wet, clinging tightly to each other with guns held by unseen people pointed at their heads

Ian (voiceover): "You shouldn't have underestimated me."

Everyone running in the City of Gold while water forcefully rushes in

Tori (voiceover): "We've already cheated death once today. I don't want to die now!"

Riley hugging Tori tightly

Riley: "I've never been more scared in my life, but it wasn't for myself."

Shaw shooting his gun in the rushing water

A group of people climbing over Mount Rushmore

Haley (in tears): "We were so close."

Cuts to a shot of an angry Ben

Ben: "Where are they?!"

I Still Can't Believe We're Doing This

Tori: "I trust you, Haley, but please be careful."

Haley: "Don't worry, nothing's going to happen. Nothing bad, anyway."

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Halo's A/N: Well, what do you guys think?? I can only hope you are sufficiently intrigued to come back for our slightly more serious but still purely for fun sequel. I know Tori and I sure had fun writing this trailer here, even though it was admittedly very weird using ourselves in some of the more "dramatic stuff" lol. So we'll see you all again soon, and thanks for sticking with us!

Tori's A/N: Omg, yeah! It was so weird writing us into the trailer thinking, 'wow, this is me!' Lol. But, we did have a lot of fun writing it. Another good thing is that we have most of it outlined, so hopefully we can update pretty frequently among our busy schedules. So, hope you had a blast, and see you guys next time!