It had been the worst month of his life. And that was saying something.

Ever since Dumbledore's death everything had gone down the drain; With Lupin, Tonks and Mad-Eye moody's deaths following right after, at the hands of a traitorous Snape, the Order of the Phoenix was gone and with it Harry's last true hope to find help in order to get rid of the remaining Horcruxes.

It wasn't long after that Dumbledore's Army fell… once Ron turned into a Deatheater, breaking Luna's heart and body at the same time.

Since that day Harry and Hermione had been outlaws, fighting Voldemort's increasing forces every other day; but as another week came by, their exhausted bodies and spirits started to give up, leading them to be ultimately captured.

For five long days they were tortured into near insanity, that's until the boy had to see his best friend being raped over and over again by faceless Death eaters.

It had broken his heart, but knew better than to argue when she asked him to end her life.

"Ah! If it isn't Harry Potter" there came a hissing voice from somewhere inside the darkness of his cell "What a pleasure to finally see you" Voldemort appeared above the boys' broken body "… finally sleeping on the mud from which you came from" the older wizard sneered.

As the kid below him was unable to protest after his tongue had been severed, the Dark Lord smiled at his own joke "But I tire of this; once it was a thrill to see you squirm and cry in pain" his smile faded "but no more… since your little mudblood friend died, you no longer possess the spirit I longed so much to break. The fire is gone from you, Harry Potter. And soon you shall die too." Harry's lifeless eyes left the spot where Hermione's body once laid to meet the newcomer, only to see a green light approaching him at impossible speed.

Riddle stepped over the dead body and sighed disapprovingly.

"Farewell Harry Potter, we shall never see each other again."