Xirysa Says: Random idea I had while eating lunch today. Ehm... Yeah. It's a drabble, really. Nothing special. Written mostly on the spur of the moment. But that's not stopping you from reading, is it?

Welcome Back

She opens one bright blue eye, then the other. The air is cool and still around her, but not completely unpleasant.

…It actually feels rather nice.

Realizing that she is lying on her back, she sits up and looks around. All she sees is mist, interrupted now and then by a splotch of color muted by the fog. But even this dull setting has a type of ethereal feeling about it, as well as a sense of nostalgia. Her stomach clenches, and she can't help but hope.

Could it really be?

The mist begins to dissipate and she gasps, for the sight before her is a familiar one. Softly rolling hills, beautiful sky, majestic trees… All so familiar it hurts.


She stands up eagerly, smiling when she feels the cool dew-covered grass beneath her bare feet. However, the expression of happiness on her face abruptly changes to one of surprise when she realizes what she is wearing: a dress.

It takes her a moment to let the information sink in. Yes, it is a dress, but very unlike the one she wore to the ball so long ago. This dress is modest and plain in design, a simple white. It reaches the ground, and is not at all uncomfortable. The material is wonderfully soft and smooth, flowing around her body and not at all restricting her body. She picks at a nonexistent speck of dust, marveling at the purity of the cloth. She'll figure out what it is made of later.

Placing one foot forward, she takes one tentative step after another until she reaches the top of a particularly large hill. She does not know how much time has passed, but the sun is already up. Closing her eyes, she smiles and tilts her face up as the warmth caresses her face.

Without warning, the warmth and light are gone. Opening her eyes, she glares at the object blocking the sunlight. Her gaze softens when she recognizes it. Or rather, when she recognizes him.

He turns her head and smiles at her, and she can already feel the tears welling up in her eyes. Oh, she though she would never see him again! His lovely dark hair, the wonderfully soft skin of his face, and his eyes…

Yes, both of them. So beautiful and deep and green, like liquid emeralds. The eyes she fell in love with.

He reaches out his hand and pulls her toward him, standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her. Her breath catches in her throat as she realizes that she is happy. She feels his soft breath on the back of her neck and closes her eyes, savoring the moment.

She shivers when he leans forward and whispers in her ear.

"Welcome back, Oscar."

Xirysa Says: Well, that was interesting/fun. Just a random idea, as I said before. I've been toying with the idea of the afterlife for a while now, actually. So this is nothing special. Thanks for reading, though, if you did! And please, continue with the critique!