Chapter 1- new roommate

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Bella is new up and coming author. When her best friend Alice moved out to live with her boyfriend Jasper, Jasper asks Bella to let his friend Edward move in with her. Turns out Bella and Edward went to high school together and were not on the best of term with each other. How will Bella deal with this former high school jock who is trying to get over his last relationship?

So this is my first fanfic, and I had this idea for a story and just wanted to put it out there. Enjoy :)

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Chapter 1- new roommate

I was pouting. Not just a little pout, but the whole sulking in the corner, my brows furrowed together, and my bottom lip was in danger of detaching from my face, kind of a thing. Oh yes I was pouting.

But I had a good right to pout, no one could argue that. For today was an end of an era, to be quoting Friends. My best friend, my roommate, and my personal stylist was leaving me today. No, abandoning me, yes that sounded better. She was abandoning me, and I was left alone. And alone I was at the current moment. I was sitting in the corner of her now near empty bedroom, on the cold hard wooden floors, just staring at how barren this place now felt. Although there was still a bed, and a chest of drawers, along with a TV mounted on the wall. But the Alice-ness that once covered this room was now gone.

Yes, I could start to feel it already. This whole apartment now felt a little more cold, or maybe I forgot to turn off the air conditioning, no, it was because Alice was leaving me. Alice. I met Alice a little over five years ago, when my writing agent had agreed to sine me. Rosalie, my agent, had been so excited when we first sat down to have our first meeting. I remember it very clearly.

(incase you didn't know, that was an intro to a flashback :p )

I sighed as I looked at the very large door in front of me. On the other side was a real agent for real authors to one of the best agency in the nation, Cullen Agency. This could be a life changing moment here, and I could so easily mess this up by having my self fall, yet injuring the other person. I know because that had happened before. But no, I was not going to fall, at least not right now, because not only had I decided to wear my comfy not so high heals, but because I was wearing my luck sleek dark blue power suit. Oh yeah, there was no way for me messing this up.

And yet I still continue to just stare at this big mahogany door. I needed to knock, to go in. The receptionist had already informed the agent that I was going to be coming in, so I can't keep stand here like an idiot. With another dramatic breath I knocked.

"Come in!" I heard a female voice say, she sounded distracted.

I opened to door to find an office that was not as large as I had imagined, and there was only one window that did not hold a fantasist view of the city. Eh, I thought, Seattle was not looking all that great right now with all the down poor of rain. There were papers scattered everywhere, and the drawers to the filing cabinet were open to reveal even more papers scattered a mess.

There was a sad little looking plant to my right, it looked like it was on the verge of death. The bad view probably did not give that much light either. The desk which was in the center of the room certainly did not look new, how ever it did match with the two guest chairs that were also mahogany like the door. The only thing that saved this anticlimactic picture was the woman standing behind the desk.

She was undeniably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen up close. She had long golden colored hair that was loosely clipped in the back, yet still trickled over her shoulders. Her frantic looking eyes were a definite stunning blue, and hid behind full lashes. She had a gray pencil skirt, which had red pin stripes, along with a matching grey blouse with red stitching. And with those fitted clothes, I could tell her body was just a perfect as her face.

Yeah, my self esteem just took a blow right there.

"Hi, Ms. Hale?" I asked tentatively. I was not quite sure of what to do, she was currently looking for something on her very messy desk.

She did not look up but continued with her search. "Rosalie." She said as she waved me, and motioned to the chair in front of her, still not looking at me. "You know I think they did this to me on purpose!" She quickly turned from me and started to look through the top shelf of the filing cabinet. "I know they give new people a hard time but this is ridicules. It is because I'm fresh out of college, and that I'm a woman. A woman who likes to take care of herself, so of course there is no way in hell that I have the mental capacity to do my job. So lets have her look for useless paper work, in a cabinet that has files dating back 20 years ago!" She slammed the drawer, and turned around and looked at me. "Who are you?"

"Isabella Swan." I said quietly, afraid to make her even more upset. Luckily for me it was quite the opposite.

She had a big smile on her face and rushed to me to shake my hand. "I'm Rosalie Hale, but please call me Rose. I don't like messing around with formalities of Mr. and Ms."

I responded to her smile with one of my own. "In that case please call me Bella."

"Right." She said as she made her way to her chair on the other side of the desk. "So let me get straight to the point here. I like what you wrote. You have a raw natural talent, and you are very clever and witty."

I smiled to myself at the compliment, but I knew there was a "but" coming.

"But." I knew it was coming, "I need something more then just humor. Anyone can be funny, just slip on a banana and you've got your self a laugh." I grimaced to myself knowing that I did once slip on a banana. "And I also have to be honest with you. This will be the first person I sine, and it must be someone great, because I need to get ahead, and be taken seriously." She waved around the room. "I need someone more then just a writer, I need the next big thing."

I felt my heart fall as I heard this. I was Bella, no one special. I was not what she was looking for.

"And I think you are it." My head shot up as I heard this, there was no way that she was talking about me. "As I read your work I could not help but wonder who you were and what you looked like. And I imagined that you to looked like every other writer out there. But just now when I saw you, I knew that this is going to work. You are different from other great writers."

I knew I must have looked confused because Rose continued to explain. "Because you are beautiful."

I let out a disbelieving laugh, and watched as Rose lifted one eye brow. "We live in a vain world Bella. And if people had to choose between a good story to read written by some plain chick or a beautiful one, I know they will choose the beautiful girl's story to read." Her voice started to get defensive. "Now if you don't believe in me, and think that I am just wasting your time-"

"No!" I cut her off quickly. "No I completely agree with you, people now a days are vain, and if you could use that to your advantage that's great. I just laughed that you thought I could be that beautiful girl." My voice died away at that.

How could she even put me in that category? There was nothing to me. Everything to me was average, my average brown hair, my average height of 5'4, and oh so average brown eyes.

"Oh," she said sounding a little surprised and relieved. "Well then, you're just stupid." She then stood up as if that solved the matter and went to her filing cabinet again to grab a thick stack of papers stapled together. She then sat back down at her desk and handed me the papers. "I am ready to sine you Bella."

I could not believe it. She really wanted to sine me, me! My short stories would be published and sold and read. I would be an author.

"However," I heard Rose say with a sigh. "This is not you typical contract Bella. I'm not asking for you first child or anything. This contract is actually pretty great, and most likely the best could be offered. But what I mean is that I am going to have to… require things from you."

Stared at Rose, she looked like she was really did not want to say it out loud. "What kind of things?" I asked slowly.

"Bella, I'm going to hire you a personal stylist, who will take care you." She sounded as if she was sending me away to a hospital.

I frowned. "When you say take care you mean…"

"I mean she will choose your clothes, and you hair style. You will get some say in the matter, but really, you need the help." Rose had a small, slightly but not quite, apologetic smile.

I thought about that. I knew I was never the most fashionable person around but, I thought I managed just fine. Like my power suit, I liked it. Ok sure it could have also worked in the 80's but hey, it brought me luck.

"I'm not going to change my morals or who I am if that is what you want. I'm not going to be the slut author. I am willing to vamp up my style, but I still want to be taken seriously as a writer too!" It was now me who was getting defensive now."

"No, no that is not what I mean." Rose responded quickly, then let out a dry laugh. "Like I would be caught dead representing some skank, even if she could right. No all I am asking to do is make you a little more urban chic. I am advertising you as a writer who's writing is not only beautiful, but you yourself are beautiful as well."

I smile then at that thought. I could handle that. "I still don't know why you think I am beautiful though, and I doubt anyone else will either."

Rose suddenly became serious. "I don't like stupidity. So I better not hear you say that again."

I smiled sadly and shook my head, but then I saw the contract and looked back up at Rose, with a real smile now. "Where do I sine?"

A couple days later Rose called me for a meeting, I was going to be meeting my new stylist. Rose had already explained to me that she was a friend from college, who was now a personal stylist. I too was her first big thing. I was starting to feel a little pressure here.

I walked up to the door again, but knocked with out hesitation this time. I could hear two voices but could not make out what they were saying. My knock had interrupted them.

"Come in!" I heard Rose say cheerfully.

I opened the door and was quickly attacked. This tinny little pixie thing had jumped on me and was now giving me a tight hug.

"Oh Bella!" I heard her musical voice sing. "I know we are going to best friends, I just see it!" She then jumped back and grabbed my hand leading me to an empty chair.

Once I was seated I looked up to see who had assaulted me. She could not have been taller then 5', she had short spiky black hair, with contrasted nicely with her bright blue eyes. She too was gorgeous like Rose, but only in her own way. She wore a simple sleeveless white top with had a scoop frill. The top had been tuck into a high waisted skirt, which did not cling like a pencil skirt, but also stopped just above her knees. She was clearly the stylist.

I looked over at Rose to find her leaning against her desk, with an amused smile on her face. She wore a very classic black dress. There were very subtle plaid patterns on it, with a thing black belt, and a scoop neck line. The dress gave her the perfect silhouette.

I then glanced down at myself. Rose had asked me to come in most fashionable, chic outfit I already owned. I wore a gray dress that had belonged to my mother, and just did not quite fit me correctly.

I heard a small squeal and I looked up at the stylist. She looked like she was about to start jumping up and down. I then wondered where the fire extinguisher was, and continue to contemplate if it would help if she decided to burst like she so desperately wanted to.

"Hi, I'm Alice Brandon, your new personal stylist!" she exclaimed while held out her hand to me. I tentatively shook it. "I already know who you are, and I read some of your stuff. You are really good you know?"

She looked at me, and waited a moment for me to say something, when I just said shy thank you, she continued. "And Rose here has already filled me in with the angle that she wants to take on you. And I must agree you are indeed beautiful."

I could feel myself go red. That was the second person other then my parents that called me beautiful. In the same week no less.

"And I can clearly see, that I have a lot of work ahead of me." she said thoughtfully as she folded her arms and stared at me.

"Wow, thanks." I said lamely, not hiding my annoyance.

Alice's smile was immediately back. "Oh I don't mean you. You are stunning. You have a rocken' body. You have your own natural blush, and full lashes, and your hair!" Alice turned back to face Rose, "I see some natural red in her hair, so we don't have to die it or anything! Style it of course but, the color stays."

Alice then turned back to face me, a very serious look on her face. "Rose also told me that you were instructed to bring the chic thing you own. When I say I have work to do, I mean this." She waved a hand at my clothes. The smile was instantly back. "This is going to be fun, I have very own my size Bella Barbie!"

And I felt the dread over take me as I heard her say that.

For the first few months it was beauty boot camp. Not only did I have to let Alice dress me up daily (Rose wanted me to get dressed up everyday so that I could get use to the type of clothes) but I had to learn about fashion too. How was I suppose to know what was in, and what was out of fashion.

Although Alice and I argued every time we would go to the mall together, we still got along, really well. The same went for me and Rose. They quickly turned into my best friends. It also helped that stories were beginning to sell. Over the years I slowly began to obtain more and more success. I was not an over night sensation, and I certainly was not a huge best seller, but I was getting my fan base, and name out there, and Rose had earned a promotion along with a new office. This time a slightly better view of the city, and a slightly more living plant.

With my success came the money. With each paycheck I would save my money, only spending what needed to be spent. The majority of my clothes or any other part of my makeovers were paid for by against. I also did not spend my money on lavish treats. No I save, and save, until two year later I had enough money to not only buy an apartment, but a really, really nice apartment.

It was on the top floor of my building, which had a private security man who checked all people who entered the building. The apartment was very wide and open, with large almost floor length windows on the wall, and skylights on the ceiling. To the left of the door are a few steps which opens to a wide room which I had made a nice sitting room, a place to sit and have a glass of wine after dinner. Next to the sitting room was the balcony which had the perfect view of the city. There was also a small restroom next to the entry of the balcony. Behind the sitting room was another room that was connected to the kitchen, only divided by a counter.

To the right of the door was the living room, which was divided by the sitting room with a wall that reached about mid length, then a clear glass to the rest the way up the ceiling. Along the glass wall I had place a very comfortable big couch which face my plasma TV. Just right of the TV was the first bed room. It was really just a miniature master bed room, with it own walk in closet and bathroom. Then next to the that bedroom was my bedroom. The master bedroom. It was very large, and had its own private balcony, but not as large as the one by the sitting room. My walk in closet was lined up with the spare room's closet, both bathroom just next to. This was nice because you could not really hear what was going on in the room next door.

When I moved in I realized just how empty this big place was. And I asked Alice to move in with me (Rose was already living with her boyfriend, Emmett. His father Carlisle Cullen owned Cullen Agency. They met a few months after Rose was hired and started dating soon after. Emmett also worked there but in a different department.)

But after two years of living with each other Alice started dating Jasper Whitlock, Emmett's friend from college who had just moved to the city. I loved Jasper, both he and Emmett were the brothers I never had. Emmett my stupid and oh so loveable brother, and Jasper, my always there when I need someone to talk to brother.

And after a year of dating, Jasper finally asked Alice to move in with him. I was not surprised. He already practically lived at the apartment, and Alice would spend days at his place. They were perfect for each other, the same way Emmett and Rosalie were perfect for each other.

So here I was, on moving day just sulking. I was being stupid, Alice was going to live in the building next door. And we were going to still see each other every day, just like we saw Rose every day, who lived in the building right across the street. We all joked that we were going to be like Bermuda Triangle.

I sighed and lied down on the floor, stretching out with my eyes closed, when I heard Alice's light foot steps walk across to me. I heard her sit down, and I knew she was staring at me.

"Who is going to dress me in the morning?" I asked as I rolled my head to the side to see Alice there, tears hinting at her eyes.

"Oh Bella, it's been five years, I hope to God by now you manage to know what matches what doesn't."

I felt my pout come back. "I'll let you dress me up and taking me shopping everyday, with no complaints."

Alice laughed and stood up giving me her hand so that she could help me up. "Now you and I both know that is not true. You will always complain."

"Ok true." I said laughing with her, "But your going to live with a boy, and they smell funny and do weird things."

"You are too." She reminded me.

I slightly frowned with that. "Yeah, can you tell me who he is again?"

Alice sighed and looked sad as she retold the story. "He is Jasper's friend, they never went to school together but they always been really close family friends. Jasper said that he just got out of a really nasty break up, he been with the girl ever since high school and he is our age!"

I thought about that. It's been 10 years since I graduated from high school, that was one long relationship. "Know what happened?" I asked, curious about this stranger.

"Yeah she cheated on him, or something like that. Anyway he just went home, packed his clothes and left. He left a message to her that she can have what she wanted, but he was leaving. He lived in Portland, I think. So about a few days ago Jasper get a phone call, in the middle of the night, and I can hear this poor guy in hysterics. This guy left everything back there. His job, his friends, Jasper said that this guy found out that all of his "friends" knew that his girlfriend was cheating on him, and even some of them cheated with her!"

"No!" I gasped, and felt my heart tug for this stranger.

"Yeah, so now he needs a place to live while he get things set up. He want to live here, get away from it all. So that is when Jasper thought of you. You need someone to live with you, and it's even better that it's a guy, now that your getting bigger your going to need someone to protect you. And Jasper would never think to ask you if he thought this guy was dangerous or weird. And it is definitely not like you don't have the money."

"Yeah, he won't have to pay rent, but once he gets a job, I'll start him small, like paying for the water bill or something." I felt horrible for this guy, but I also did not want him to get use to living for free off of me, especially when I don't even know him.

Alice looked at her cell phone which lit up telling she had a text.

"Oh that Jasper, he says that he and his friend are on their way up."

I followed Alice to the door. This was like a blind date, only I was not going to date him, and he was going to be my roommate. Oh jeez here come the butterflies.

The door opened just as I was walking out of my kitchen, water bottle in hand. I saw Jasper walk in, holding a duffle bag in his hand. He motioned for his friend to follow.

Then I saw the one person I thought I would never see again. Edward Masen.

SO i hope you liked it. I know my spelling sucks but I try.