I wait for you, I'm sitting here

I wait for you, I'm sitting here

On my cheek one single tear

Nothing here would bring you back

And so my clothes are all black

Would it be better when I forget?

But I can't forget, can't forget

That we've met

But in reality I don't regret

That we've met

The warmth in your near I felt

Your arms in which I could've melt

When we got separated, without a clue

My heart is broken into two

You, you're all my hope
Without you I could never cope

I always see you in my dreams

But later I awake with lots of screams

A silhouette appears, don't know who

Actually I don't know what to do

But when I can't believe

Is that you in front of me?

The person I think of every eve?

I'm kissing you, we're sitting here

On my face there are no more tears.