Okay enjoy chapter two to Fake out Go out I left you with Tucker and Sam dating and Danny not breathing on his bed where his parents and his sister finds him hope you enjoyJ

Jazz's POV

I've never felt so much fear duel up in me when I saw him laying there lifeless on his bed, I can't imagine how Sam will react I know Danny said she was dating Tucker but I personally still don't believe it's for real.

I'm in the hospital with Danny well sort of I'm actually in the waiting area trying to get Sam to pick up her phone. Then I got through…yes I herd Sam's voice.

"Hello this is Sam Manson!"

"Sam this is Jazz you need to come…"

"Sorry I didn't make it to the phone I've gone to the UK for a couple of week. Mum no I need to do this!"

Damn I hate it when they trick me like that. They wait for a bit then I think that they've answered, and I think that some of you know what I mean.

"Sorry about that any way if you could leave a message I'm sure I'll. Hey!"

"Sorry Samantha but no communication devices this week I don't want you ruining it."

"Mum give it back!"

Then it went onto the beep, I was about to retry when Tucker came running in.

"Jazz I came as soon as I herd, is he okay?"

"I don't know Tuck, the nurses haven't told us anything yet, can you wait one second Tucker I have to try and get Sam to come"

"Good luck with that!"

"Hi! Sam it's Jazz, look Danny is really hurt and by that I mean he's in hospital with a life or death situation I need you to come as soon as possible, okay Bye" I hung up then sat back in my seat.

Sam's POV

"Mum I don't even want to go! I want to stay and spend time with my friends"

"Sorry Samantha, I know you'll miss your friends but…" my phone rang in her pocket I need to figure out a way to get it back.

"you have one voicemail"

"Mum, can you at least put on the voicemail?"


"Hi! Sam it's Jazz, look Danny is really hurt and by that I mean he's in hospital with a life or death situation I need you to come as soon as possible, okay Bye"

"Mum I need to go!" I shouted at her nearly crying by what I just herd.

"No! Samantha!"

"I hate you!" I shouted before snatching my phone and jumping out of the limo.

Back to Jazz's POV

6 hours have past since I had sent Sam the voicemail.

There was a nurse that suddenly came through allowing us in.

I saw him with his eyes slightly open but It didn't really help when me and Tucker ran and hugged him.

"Ow, ow you guys can't breath!"

"Sorry little bro!"

"Sorry dude"

"wait where's Sam?"


"She's outside!"

"You guy's, I want to talk to Sam,can you send her in please?" he pleaded.

"aww come on, what do you mean I cant go in?" we herd from outside.

"sorry miss, but only friends and family can go in"

"But I am his friend"

"Sorry miss but…"

"Will people stop saying sorry! im starting to hate the word!"

"Miss I'm going to have to ask you to leave!"

"Sam, you came!" Tucker ran to her hugging which ended up with me hugging her as well.

"Okay! Crushing my Gothic essence here! Let Go!" she shouted.

"it's okay!" I told the nurse who left not very happily.

"Sam how did you get here?"

"Jumped out my mums limo hired a jet, then got a taxi"

"how did you get here this quick though?" I asked.

"oh! I actually don't know!"

"So how's Danny? Is he okay? Please don't say I'm to late!"

"Why don't you ask him yourself?" I told her.

Danny POV

I saw her walk in and I smiled as she returned it.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I guess"

"You gave us all a right scare there Danny"

"yeah, sorry about that"

"Why did you nearly killed yourself Danny?"

"I…don't know why, do you like ice cream they've gave me tons?"

"Danny don't change the subject, Why?"

I sighed in defeat.

"Look Sam…I know I should be happy for you and Tucker but…"

"Whoa, big guy, didn't Tucker tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"Tucker your so dead when I egt hold of you"

"Heehaw oh Jazz look at the time! Got to run!"

We laughed togther.

"He was meant to tell you that were not dating!2

"You mean he dumped you, that's it I'm going to kill him!" I gritted through my teeth.

"No, even if we were dating Danny, I'd be the one who dumped him not the other way round" she laughed.

"Wait so you two weren't dating?"

She was about to answer when the nurse came back through.

"Excuse me mam, so sorry to disturb you but visiting hours are over.

"Will people stop saying sorry already! And whats with the posh talk?"

"Please leave miss"

"Okay, okay!"

I grabbed hold of her arm never wanting her leave.

"You will be back tomorrow won't you?"

She hesitated then answered "If you want, then I will" she then smiled as she left.

Jeeze did have it bad for her

Jazz's POV.

Sam came walking out but she seemed very depressed.

"Sam are you okay?"

"Yea! I guess"

"What's up?"

"Danny, Tucker, parents and that dead annoying nurse" she glared at the nurse in the corner.

"What's Danny done"

"He nearly killed himself Jazz, I mean why would he do something like that?"

"Sam you hurt him!"

"What! Wait how fdid I hurt him?"

"Sam you dated Tucker!"

"so what, does he love Tucker or something?"

"OH jeeze and they call Danny clueless!"

"Stop messing with me, how am I clueless?"

"Go and ask him tomorrow "

"Oh yeah, Jazz can I ask for a favour?"


"Well can I stay at yours?"

"Sure! come on!"

Sams POV

The next morning I woke up in one of Danny's tops and in Danny's room.

I forced myself down the staircase and into the kitchen.

"Oh hello, Sam, do you want some pancakes?" Maddie asked.

"Yes please, err when are we going to go and revisit Danny?"

"Ahh! you two can't stand being separated, you two lovebirds" Jack said.

"Were not Lovebirds!" I shouted wow I didn't realise how lonely that felt saying that by myself.

"were going after breakfast, honey" Maddie replied.

I didn't mind Maddie calling me honey because she was closer to me then my mum is.

We all had finished and Jazz had come down at one point so we were off back to the hospital. I needed to find out why me dating Tucker affected Danny.

"Is Sam here yet?" I herd him asking Tucker.

"Right here, sleepy"

"wow look at the time got to go!"

"I know where you live Tucker, Don't forget that!"

Danny laughed, but I wasn't here to make Danny laugh I was here for a purpose.

"Danny why would you do something like that? I mean it was just me and Tucker, are you in love with Tucker or something?"

"ewww! gross no way!

"Well what?"

"And people call me clueless" he whispered trying not to be herd.'

"Hey! What's that meant to mean? You are so like your sister"

"I am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Okay, just explain already!"

"Well, err remember when everyone ccalled us lovebirds"

"Yea, I had your dad doing that this morning"

"he promised if I told him he wouldn't do that!"


"Well Sam,I kind of like you!"

I was a bit shocked at first then got my head working "Well of course you do you're my best frind!"

"NO, I mean I like, like you!"

"Wait, what?"

"I want you to be my girlfriend"

I was defiantly shocked about this.

"Err I have to step outside for a bit"

I left, the room and back into the waiting room trying to process in my brain what he had just said.

Danny's POV

I felt so stupid, what was I thinking if she felt the same she would have said something. What was wrong with me, well except that I only have half a brain obviously.

Half a hour had pasted then Sam came back in the room it was silent until I broke the silence.

"Sam, I'm sorry, I should have known you didn't feel that way!"


"I mean, I'm half dead"


"And a absolute klutz and if you want to be friends that's just fine with"



"I want to be your girlfriend, I was just shocked that you had said it"

"Ohhh! okay that's good"

"Danny, stop talking"

She leaned and kissed me, her lips tasted like syrup for some reason.

"I want you to have this" I reached into my pocket and pulled out the class ring my dad had given me.

I then put it on her finger.

"I want you to be, Samantha Fenton"

"I'd love to take that honour"

We then started kissing again.

"Oh my god, I told you!" we herd Danny's dad come in.

"Oh my little boy has got a girlfriend"

"sorry Mrs Fenton"

"What for Honey?"

"You have to be related to my mum now"

Sams POV

We all laughed and we all were happy and everyone at school started to cheer ,but Tucker didn't go out with Valerie oh no.

"Danny, I got something to tell you!"

"What is it baby"

"Tuckers dating Jazz"


Laugh well I enjoyed writing the end of this story I hope you enjoyed reading it sorry if puntuation isn't up to scratch rushed writing it J please read more of my stories