I don't own these characters or profit from them

I don't own these characters or profit from them.

Breaking Up

By, Clayton Overstreet

Kim looked at Shego with hurt in her eyes. "You had no right to do that!"

Shego screamed at Kim, "Fine, if that's how you feel get the fuck out of my house." She pushed Kim out the front door and slammed it shut, throwing the necklace at it. The teardrop diamond hit the door and fell into the thick shag carpet.

August 8th 2008

I can't believe Kim did that! Offering me a fucking necklace like some kind of dog collar. Like I'm supposed to be her freaking property or something. And then when I turn it down she gets this look on her face like I kicked her puppy and asks if I'm seeing someone else. Like she can't trust me? I don't even know why I put up with her this long. I was stupid to even think this relationship could work out. I'm just surprised that it was over something like this and not over the whole hero/villain thing. How dare she accuse me of cheating on her just because I didn't want to wear her stupid necklace!

August 9th 2008

Kim still hasn't called to apologize. I guess it's really over. Oh well, we both knew it would end eventually.

August 11th 2008

I found that stupid necklace of Kim's lying on the floor by my door. The tear shaped diamond poked me in the foot. I should melt it into slag. I mean it's not even that big. I've stolen diamonds the size of beach balls and she gives me something like this? What could she have been thinking? And why have I spent the last hour staring at this stupid cheap piece of garbage?

It's nothing. I'm fine. No emotions what so ever over breaking up with Kimmie. I don't miss her at all.

The phone rang and Shego picked it up. "Hello?"

"Shego," Drakken said. "Come to the lair right now. I have a job for you and-"

"FUCK OFF AND DIE!" She slammed the phone down.

Nope, no lingering emotions at all.

August 12th 2008

What the hell have I done? God I miss Kimmie so much. I've been wearing the necklace she got me for three days, just sitting around and watching TV. I've lost the best thing in my life just because I didn't want to commit? What the hell is wrong with me? Would it have been so bad to take her gift? Instead I'm stuck here alone eating my way through cartons of icecream and watching bad soap operas. I heard a song today on the radio and just burst into tears. I miss he so much. And I'll never see her again! I am such a loser!

August 16th 2009

Maybe if I could just talk to Kim she'll forgive me. But how can I? She probably wouldn't talk to me anyway unless I robbed a bank. Maybe if I do that she'll show up. I'll beg her to take me back.

Who am I kidding? It's over. She probably has somebody else by now. Maybe she went back to that sidekick of hers or something. Somebody she's never had to send to prison. I don't know what she saw in me in the first place. I'm scum and she's a princess. She deserves so much better than an ex-con-

There was a knock at the door and Shego put down her pen, growling. "Drakken, what part of fuck off and die does that prick not understand." She got up and walked to the door yanking it open. "I thought I told you… oh." Kim was standing there. "It's you."

"Yeah…" Kim said.

"Well?" Shego asked.

"I wanted to say I was sorry."

"I thought so," Shego almost said, but without thinking she grabbed Kim and pulled her into the apartment into a hard hug. Kim was startled but soon she hugged back, crying into Shego's shoulder as Shego's tears dripped into her hair. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Kim pulled back a bit and pushed her forehead against Shego's. They stared into one another's eyes and smiled.

Author's note

It occurred to me that the only thing I hadn't done with Kim and Shego yet was have them break up.