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There are two worlds in our lives. Our World, which includes Kaoru and myself, and Their World, which consists of everyone else. Sometimes, conflicts arise when the worlds try to mingle, crushing the fragile order between them.

"Hikaru…" Kaoru whispered sweetly as I caressed his chin. I held his face close to my own, feeling his increasingly warm breath on my lips. The gap between us may have only been an inch or two, but to us, it was a labyrinth of emotions, filled with feelings that we had to both embrace and shun.

The temptation to bridge that gap was ever present, and a very dangerous path that would lead out of the labyrinth, but into a world of pain in itself. The one simple utterance of my name brings with it a complex array of thoughts, like yearning, love, and fear.

Fangirls leaned in closer to see.

As if leaning in would help them see more than standing back. They didn't matter though. All that existed in the universe when Kaoru and I put on these so called "displays" was the other inhabitant of Our World.

While remaining in Our World, we had to remember not to show off too much of our relationship, because of what those in Their World would think. Names for our relationship have surfaced, such as "Twincest" or "Taboo Brotherly Love" and things like that. No matter how many people look at us, try to examine us, or understand us, none of them will.

My brother and I are two very different beings. We share our own likes, dislikes, (though they are often alike or the same) hopes, regrets, dreams, and nightmares. We may be two different people, but we are exactly alike. It may sound confusing, but we have had 16 years to think it over, and it makes perfect sense to the only people it needs to make sense to. Us.

Even when thinking about Haruhi, we knew that we would never be separated. We both had our individual feelings for her, but it was a vague interest in her uncanny understanding of us. We never even once thought about a serious relationship with her, and we thought that we would never have a relationship outside of our own.

Although we seem troublesome, we ac t like that so that everybody will think of us as troublemakers. This is as far from the truth as anyone could be. Put us around other people, and we are mean, play tricks, crack jokes, and act up. Leave us alone, and we are calm, composed, and quiet.

Sure, we have sex. I don't see the big deal. When there is someone who you love, and would spend the rest of your life with and you have sex, why is it worse than a teen who is bored, banging whatever girl is close by for fun.

All that really mattered to me is holding Kaoru in my arms, and knowing that he would never leave me. That was before Lorette moved to Ouran High School.

Lorette was designed for Kaoru. She liked everything that he was, and he loved everything that she was. She was pretty, kind, sweet, cute, and to begin with, I was happy for him. He had finally found someone who understood him, and loved him for who he was, not because of his money, or that he was a Hitachiin, or because he was cute. She loved him for being loyal, and kind.

As I said before, and I can't stress enough that I was happy for him. I loved my brother, in more ways than one, and I wanted him to be happy. Lorette gave him happiness, and love, and everything he could have wanted. The only problem, Kaoru forgot about me…