AN: Yet another drabble-ish story, as the plot bunnies seem to have deserted me. So, if you're kind enough to take the time to review, please, please, give me some prompts. I promise to write every single one, as I really need to get back into the swing of writing. Xx

It's becoming increasingly difficult for Ianto to resist Jack's charm. When it comes to those eyes, those lips, that body, 'no' just doesn't seem to be a word included in the Welshman's vocabulary.

But, suffice to say, Ianto can be the one to take charge. Obviously, it's easier when he has his trusty red tie to secure Jack's wrists to the bed, and Jack's braces don't half come in handy, but it doesn't deduct from the pleasure of hearing Jack cry his name in ecstasy, coming completely undone at Ianto's fingertips.

Of course, every time without fail, Ianto feels a niggling feeling of guilt afterwards, and hastily unties Jack, kissing his wrists and planting a loving kiss on the lips of his immortal lover.

Yes, even when Ianto has the aid of his restraints, Jack is always the one in charge.