Never Been Kissed

Full Summary - She's never been hip. Never been cool. Never been in, until now. Now in college, Bella is given a chance to be what she's always wanted, by a certain Alice Cullen. Alice does it as a favour, for their friendship, but what happens when Edward Cullen, play boy extraordinaire decides he rather likes the new and improved Bella Swan? Spark Fly, and tempers flare, of course. Will be VERY loosely based on the film.

Disclaimer – Nope, not mine, and it never will be. The OC's will be mine, but will be strongly based on real people.

Warnings – The following story will include, some swearing, mentions of sex, and crude jokes. Nothing smutty. Characters will keep some of their talents, just in milder form, like Jasper will still be able to calm people down easily. Will be staying rating T.

Chapter Title – First Impressions

Chapter Quotes – Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal – Headstone in Ireland.

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs – William Shakespeare

Bella Swan

I have never been popular. And I have never wanted to be. I am perfectly happy being me. Isabella Swan. With a top lip to big, hair that looks like a rats nest when I wake up and skin that is covered in hundreds of spots. My father always calls me 'his beautiful princess' but I am miles from beautiful and far from a princess. I have never worn a skirt in my life. Ever. I have lived in jeans and tracksuits since I hit puberty. I've never been comfortable showing my body to the world, I haven't really got anything to show, my boobs are none existent and my bum is roughly the size of Atlanta. And I'm not even joking.

However it all looks like it's about to change.

The morning had started normally enough. As normal as it can get when you're moving into your new dorm room in college and there's a couple already snogging in the corridor. And as much as I hate to admit it, I know that couple. One person in that couple is, I'm afraid, related to me. The girl, Rosalie is impossibly beautiful; she's blonde, tall and has always been popular. Basically, she's everything I've never been. When we were younger, she 15 and I 14 she used to try and put make up on me and make me look presentable. It never worked. The boy is almost as beautiful. He's tall, impossibly muscular and has always been one of the popular crowd. And just to complete this happy picture, he's my brother.

Yes. My brother.

He's a nice brother. Even though he is meant to be helping me move in, and he isn't.

Emmett and Rosalie carried on kissing oblivious to me calling their names, asking for help. In spite of myself I smiled, sometimes; I wish someone would love me as much as Emmett loves Rosalie. But then I remember what happened to me in high school when I decided to give someone a chance. And that is a story that does not have a happy ending.

The door to my new home stood open behind me as I surveyed them, they drew apart for breath and I hastily turned around – not wanting to be caught. Once I was in my room I shut the door on them and the noise outside. Moving around the room I looked at it, it was in dire need of new beds, not to mention a new colour scheme. But for the next year, it would be home. The only other door was a dull brown that was starting to fade in places, it was probably a bathroom. Next to it was a tall bookcase filled with several classics such as 'Romeo and Juliet, Ballet Shoes and Black Beauty' Opposite the door I had come in from was my bed. A meter of two away was the bed of my roommate, still untouched, the other side of that were several closets and chests of drawers. The wall facing the bathroom stood empty except for a desk and lots of sockets, obviously for computers and televisions. And the wall where the door leading to the corridor was bare except for a small mini fridge, storage space for our luggage, and a few out of date armchairs. Above the door was a clock that was ticking.

An hour later when the clock hit midday I had finished unpacking, my laptop now stood on the desk and my iPod speakers stood on the top of the dresser. My 'girl products' were in the bathroom taking up two of the four shelves. My pillows and duvet were on the floor, I refused to put them on the bed after having looked at it. The bed harboured different coloured stains. And a faint smell of sick. Not to mention the springs were actually sticking trough the mattress. But I would probably have to wait till tomorrow (Sunday) when I could get new things with my roommate, if she was nice.

The door burst open just as I was deciding where to put my duvet and pillows while I waited for my roommate to talk about getting new beds. It banged violently against the wall, and as it swung back I saw a hole in the wall. A large box was partially obscuring a girl. The girl, from what I could tell was tiny. She would only come up to my nose. I was only a measly 5, 5 but she couldn't have been much over 5 foot. I groaned as I took a look at what she appeared to be wearing, ballet flats with a short mini skirt. Oh god. I hope she is not cheerleader.

Cheerleaders have never been my best friends. They bullied me through the whole of high school making up rhymes such as 'ugly Bella will never get a Fella ever!' So its safe to say if she is a cheerleader my life for the next year, will be horrible.

But as she put the box down on the floor and took a look round I smiled at her. She could not be a cheerleader. Her hair was short and spiky, really spiky. She looked like a pixie, she was thin to the extreme but her clothes made her look bigger. Her features were delicate and sharp.

She smiled back and me and walked over taking my hand she shook it vigorously "Hi! I'm Alice Cullen," she dropped my hand and stared smiling at me.

I stared back, before jumping slightly, shocked at my own rudeness, "Hi, I'm… Bella, Bella… Swan," oh yeah, that just sounds really good. I can't even remember my own name.

Alice smiled at me and moved back, seemingly observing me. But before I could ask here what she was doing she was smiling again and moving around the room, "I had a feeling you might want the bed closest to the bathroom, but that doesn't matter. I don't like being close to bathrooms, they are so noisy!" she smiled at me and I grinned back her smile and happiness was infectious. "Did you see that couple outside? They were glued to each other," she wrinkled her nose in distaste.

"The boy didn't happen to be gigantic did he?" I asked. She nodded and my worst fears were confirmed. "That's my brother and his girlfriend, they were meant to be helping me move in," I smiled.

"Did you have to do it all by yourself them? My brother is meant to be helping me. He vanished as soon as we parked the car though, he went off with his friends," she glared at a spot over my head, as though imagining her brother there. It was quite clear that her and her brother did not get on.

"I could help you if you want?" Wait. Where the hell had that come from? I never offered to help people. Mostly because I feared they would ignore me and I'd be left feeling stupid. But I felt I could trust Alice, she seemed too nice to try and use me.

"Thank you!" Alice bounced up and down for a second before dancing over and grabbing my hand, opening the door and pulling me out of the room.

Later that day, around 4pm

We had started getting Alice's things from her brother's car around one, by the time it hit 2.30 we had finished transporting it up to our room. It had taken the remaining time for her to work out where to put everything. My first impression, that Alice was bubbly, nice, and crazy was confirmed. She was so exuberant it hurt, she was so please to have a nice roommate because as she put it "it just wouldn't do to have someone who only wants to party." I couldn't help agreeing with her.

So here we were, the television she had brought was playing a music station, while we lay on our beds getting to know each other. The beds she had decided, much to my happiness, had to go, we were going to get new ones tomorrow, but sadly for tonight they would have to do.

"…and Edwards in the year above, he's on some teams, I can't remember which though," she smiled at me. We'd been talking about our families, she had both her parents still together, Carlisle and Esme and Edward was her older brother. "What about your family?"

I sighed, I hated talking about my family, they were all so interesting, then there was me, but seeing Alice's look I decided I had better tell her. "I have two parents, their divorced though, Renee and Charlie. Renee lives in Florida, her boyfriend Phil plays ball for a living. Charlie lives in Forks, he's Chief Swan, a police Officer. My brother Emmett is a year above us; he was the one in the hallway with his girlfriend, Rosalie. That's it really. Rosalie is almost family, her and Emmett have been going out since they were 15. She's got a cousin, Jasper, whose here as well, he lives with her though, when she's at home. His parents died a few years ago. And then there's the Blacks they're are almost family; Jacob and Billy live in La Plash."

She smiled at me, and then her smile widened, "Bella? You don't like shopping do you?"

Uh oh. I can imagine it now, me saying I hate shopping and Alice being all heartbroken.

"It's okay," I mumbled.

She opened her mouth to say something but was cut of by a knock on the door. Rolling off the bed I said "It must be for you. Emmett would just burst in, Rosalie wouldn't come near me and Jasper's not my best friend," she nodded at my logic so made her way towards the door.

Standing up I made my way over to the fridge, taking out a Lucozade I gulped it down. Putting it into the bin next to me I made my way back to my bed. But halfway there I spotted Alice; she was still at the door. A boy with shaggy honey coloured hair was trying to get past her, into the room. He was muscular but lean, so not overly muscular like my brother. His eyes were a deep blue. I smiled slightly as he moved around Alice, "Hey Jasper."

Alice shook her head, jerking herself away from whatever trance she was in.

"Hey Bells, do you know where my sister is?" he grinned at me.

"Nope sorry. You could ask Emmett if he does, aren't you guys sharing a room?"

His smile darkened "No, I got put with the Cullen kid," he spat the name Cullen.

"Excuse me, but that's my brother," Alice had re-entered the conversation. She glared at Jasper and he tried not to look at her. That's funny, I thought she didn't like her brother? Now she's standing up for him? Weird. But then again, I'd do that for Emmett, not that anyone hates him.

"Sorry," he smiled at her and her temper seemed to melt, "let me know if you see them. If you do mention to Rose that I've got some of her things in my bag. Bye Bella, by Bella's friend," he nodded towards Alice before turning around and leaving.

When he was gone I grinned at Alice who stood in the same place staring after him. "Bella's friend?" she mouthed almost silently, then she grinned, "Well I guess I am your friend aren't I?"

I gaped at her. Except Emmet and my parents I'd never been called someone's friend. As I explained before, most people in High School avoided me like I had the plague. I blushed heavily, another bad habit of mine and said "we should help Jasper look for Rose."

Alice accepted my change in the conversation and grabbed my hand pulling me out of the room. She dragged me down corridors and through doors before stopping and saying sheepishly, "what does Rosalie look like?" Up until that point she'd just been dragging me around, not even looking for Rose.

"Uhh, blonde, tall, beautiful and popular," I grinned at her.

"Typical," she muttered pulling me away again. She dragged me out of the building and across campus, "you said she has a boyfriend? Emmet? He's big and very muscular right?"

"Yes…" I said, she smiled again and began pulling me towards the guy's dormitories. "But I don't think he's there!" I said hastily as Alice opened the door and dragged me into the sophomore boys section of the building.

"I'm not looking for him," sang Alice as she made her way past flying footballs. She stopped so suddenly I walked into her, she was knocking on a door in front of us that read 'Room 18, Edward Cullen & Jasper Whitlock,' "Why's Jasper called Whitlock if Rosalie's called Hale?" Alice's questions startled me out of my thoughts.

"His mother was Rosalie's father's sister," I gave a shrug, "so his mum's name changed when she got married."

She nodded in understanding before knocking on the door again, music was coming from inside so someone was in there. She obviously had the same thoughts as she said a second later, "Edward Anthony Cullen open the God damn door!"

The door was yanked open by a boy. He had high cheekbones making his face sharper and more defined than a normal boy. His lips were full and plump and he had a straight nose. His jaw had a light stubble on it as though he hadn't shaved all day. I moved my eyes up his face; his eyes were a startling green, like grass when it has rained. His hair was an unusually shade of Bronze. He was the exact opposite of his sister, though they were both impossibly beautiful. I tried to take a step back but Alice dragged me forward into his room and shoved me down on a bed.

"Edward, have you seen Emmett or Rose his girlfriend?" she was straight to the point, obviously not wanting to linger here.

"Nice to see you to sis," he grinned at her before his eyes flashed over to meet mine, I looked away unable to stare into his eyes and felt a blush rising on my cheeks, "it was very nice of you to bring a friend, will she be staying when you leave?" He ignored the question Alice had asked him and gave her a lopsided grin.

"No she will not! You won't be going anywhere near her!" Alice's voice was rude, it didn't sound light and nice anymore, rather sharper and angry. "Now where is Emmett?"

"I don't know, now please leave," he moved open to the door and opened it. I hadn't even realised it had been shut.

Alice snarled and said "thanks for nothing Eddie," before grabbing my hand a dragging me out of the room.

That was the first time I ever saw Edward Cullen. But it wasn't to be the last.

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