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It's hard you know; being the best friend. Every other month I swear I get introduced to a new girl friend; then I have to watch him get hurt again. Why couldn't he pick me, why didn't he notice me? I've always loved him –ok ever sense I realized that I loved him. But it's never me, it's always somebody else; somebody who would hurt him. I wouldn't hurt him; I would go out of my way just to make him happy. But it's never me; I'll always be the best friend in his eyes.

I'm not sure when I realized that I loved my best friend; at first I thought I was jealous of him being able to get a girlfriend when I couldn't. I'd gladly keep thinking that but one night I was sitting on my bed listening to my twin go off about something down stares in the kitchen. That's when it hit me; I wasn't jealous of my friend, I was jealous of his girlfriends. I was totally and completely in love with Axel Steel and there wasn't a thing I could do about it.

The first thing most people do when they figure out there in love with somebody is confess right? Well in my case that's idea is total and complete bull shit. Axel was straight, always has been always will be. So I sat back keeping my unrequited love to myself girlfriend after girlfriend.

But what happened next took me by surprise and well really pissed me off. After the billionth horrible girlfriend –I swear it was that many – Axel shows up with a guy. Let me tell you the shock was horrible and it hurt like somebody stabbing me in the heart with a dull hot spoon. I'm not the one who answered the door; but I am the one who is currently standing in the door way with wide almost teary eyes.

"Hello Roxas; Axel to Roxas I'm standing here trying to tell you something." I shook my head trying to get over the initial shock. "W…who is this?" I asked slightly shaky. Axel grinned squeezing the tall brunets hand; "this is my boyfriend…" I didn't even bother to listen to the guys name, I didn't want to know. (N/A: basically I'm too lazy to name the guy!) "B…Boyfriend? Axel I thought you were straight?" Alex chuckled slightly rubbing the back of his neck; "I thought I was too. But when I met him everything was tipped upside down and I realized something. Girls suck; there to whiny and clingy they want all of your attention twenty for seven and quite frankly they smell bad too."

At that moment I wanted to cry; I wanted to cry big fat tears. My dreams were finally coming true; Axel was gay. But my heart wrenched; Axel was gay and he was taken. Nothing changed except his sexual orientation; Axel was gay, had a boyfriend, and I was still the best friend he came to when he needed to cry. This sucks; this sucks majorly! I don't even know WHAT it sucks; but it does.

I put on my best giant "I'm so happy for you" smile; and I closed my eyes so he couldn't see that it didn't reach my eyes. "That's wonderful Axel; you have my total and complete support. Whatever team you decide to play for I'll be cheering you on." I chuckled slightly; I knew that everybody could tell that it was one of those nervous 'I don't know what to say' types of laughs. But Axel didn't pay any attention to it; he smiled that gorgeous smile of his showing of his pearly white teeth. "Thanks Rox it means a lot to me that you're still my friend." I opened my eyes and smiled slightly; "no problem. Now I'm pretty sure you have something a lot more interesting to do with you're…" I gulped. "Boyfriend then stand in our door way." Axel smiled again looking over at his boyfriend; "I guess your right Rox." He looked back at me his piercing green eyes boring holes into my heart. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow for the first day of school 

Rox." I nodded agreeing with him. He waved as did his boyfriend then they walked off leaving me to die on my front porch.