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Axel had every right to be mad at Roxas, right? What he did was selfish and cruel. So Axel had the right to be pissed. But for some reason he missed the blonde more than he was mad at the blonde. That alone made him angry. Did Roxas really have such a hold on Axel?

Axel let out a loud sigh. He rested his chin on his good hand and subconsciously chewed on the lid of his pen.

"Let me guess, another freak accident?"

Axel looked over at his blonde haired best friend and nodded. "Happened in Biology." He mumbled, his speech slurred because of his pen.

Demyx sighed and shook his head. "Only you Axel."

Said red head grinned and pulled his pen away from his mouth. "I'm pretty sure I was subconsciously playing with my lighter."

"Subconsciously playing with your lighter?" He cocked an eyebrow at him. "My previous statement still stands; only you Axel."

Axel sighed eyeing Cloud who wasn't giving him the most pleasant of looks. He couldn't really blame him, he was sure that he wasn't too happy about how he was treating his baby brother. But Axel had the right to be mad!

He let out a small tsk, catching Demyx's attention once again. Mentioned blonde poked Axel in the side. "What's on your mind?"

Axel looked over at him and sighed. "How's Roxas doing?"

Demyx leaned back in his desk, "If you really want to know, go ask him."

Axel gave him a blank look. He knew he couldn't do that. If Axel even muttered one word to Roxas, he was sure to crack and beg for him to come back. And why should he be the one to crawl back to the blonde? This time he wasn't at fault!

"Alright, alright that was a bad suggestion." Demyx raised his hands in defense.

"Ya think?" The red head muttered.

Demyx sighed; "But in all seriousness. Maybe you should think about talking to Roxas again. Even if it's just to demand an apology."

"And why should I do that?" Axel mused, returning to chewing on his pen.

"Because Axel; Sora keeps mentioning how worried he is about him. Apparently he hasn't been sleeping very well and can only manage a few bites of food at a time."

So that's what Nancy meant by Roxas looking like hell.

He let out a soft sigh. It wasn't his fault that Roxas was acting so stupid right? So why did he feel so guilty?

He was thankful for the final bell. He was sure he'd go crazy if Demyx continued to tell him depressing feats of Roxas' condition.


"You know Axel, this is the most serious faces I've ever seen on your face."

Axel glanced up from his plate of food and at his brother. "Go to hell Reno, I have a lot on my mind."

Reno scoffed folding his arms. "Yeah, a lot meaning a certain blonde with blue eyes."

Axel glanced up at him curiously.

"Yeah, I know everything." He said smugly.

Axel groaned all of a sudden losing his appetite. He pushed his plate away; "Not you too. Look I've had enough of "Roxas looks like shit Axel you should forgive him" for today."

"Well you should. I've had enough of Cloud threatening to beat your ass. Maybe I should let him."

Axel sighed, "Did you hear what he did to me? He purposely ignored me, worked me to death, and belittled me."


Axel gave him a look. "Unbelievable."

Reno rolled his eyes. "Yeah what he did was horrible, Axel. But are you going to spend the next year and a half running away and hiding? It'd just do you both some good to talk. I'm not saying get together baby bro."

Axel sighed, "That's just it. If I talk to him then I'll want to get back together with him."

Reno stood up and grabbed both of their abandoned plates. "Maybe you should think about that."

Axel sighed watching his brother retreat into the kitchen. What did he mean?
He groaned and stood up. He ran up the stairs and collapsed on his bed.

If he knew that he would break so easily, doesn't that mean he wants to get back together with Roxas? That's probably what Reno was talking about. He sighed; he did want to get back together with Roxas. But he was sick of being walked all over.

He groaned and turned off his lights. He'd think more about this in the morning.


When Axel woke up he felt pretty calm, all the confusion from the previous day had gone. He was grateful for it; he'd get through the day then enjoy a calm, worry free weekend.

Fate, as kind as it had been when he woke up, turned on him.

He was innocently walking to his first period when Roxas called out to him. Yep life was a bitch.

He tried to ignore him and keep walking; but Roxas was persistent.

Axel felt him grab his arm. He didn't need this right now, not while he was still confused about some things.

He tugged his arm away and continued walking, hoping that the blonde got the hint. But no luck, Roxas hurried his pace to keep up with Axel's.

"Axel, I'm sorry! What I did was selfish and stupid and I get why you are so mad at me!" The blonde shouted, relieved that Axel had stopped walking.

Damn right it was selfish and stupid! He had every right to be mad; he repeated again.

What Demyx and Reno said popped back up in his mind. He needed to talk to Roxas, at least listen to him.

He slowly turned to look at the blonde, his jaw clenched to keep from muttering something useless. At the sight of Roxas he nearly broke. The blonde was pale, no white, very white, like he hadn't eaten in six years. The dark circles under his eyes jumped out against his white skin. They framed his dead blue eyes making him look as tired as Axel was sure he was. All in all, the one word to describe Roxas was hell.

His eyes narrowed slightly; annoyed at how poorly the blonde was taking care of himself.

He couldn't do this; not now, not when he felt like shouting at the boy.

Axel turned back around and started walking again. He'd talk to the blonde later, when he calmed down. For now all he had to do is concentrate on getting to his first period without snapping.

"Axel please listen!" Roxas pleaded, grabbing hold of his arm again.

Damn it! Axel shouted, why was the blonde so damn persistent! He was about to wrench his arm away again. But the pressure on his back stopped him. He turned towards Roxas; his eyes widening as he fell limply into his arms.

He swiftly picked the blonde up and rushed down the hall, cradling him to his chest. He hurried past Riku and a surprised Sora.

"What happened Axel?" Sora questioned rushing to crutch beside him.

Axel swallowed the worried lump in his throat. "H-he was trying to get me to talk to him, and then he passed out."

"It finally caught up to him." The way Sora said that made his feelings for the red head very clear. He was not happy with him; nobody was happy with him.

He let out a loud sigh. "I'm not sorry Sora." The red head stated sending the brunette a glance. "I never wanted him to be stupid, but he hurt me bad."

"Well you hurt him too before!"

Axel stopped in front of the infirmary.

"And I'm sorry that I did! I tried to make it up to him, and he just toyed with me Sora."

Sora sighed looking at his feet. "I know and I'm sorry. You just don't know what it's like to watch your brother fall apart, twice, over the same guy."

Axel sighed, "I plan on listening to him Sora. I don't guarantee anything though."

With that he opened the infirmary door and rushed in with Roxas.

Sora sighed staring at the door. He wanted to go in as well, but he knew Axel had to be alone when Roxas woke up. It'd mean a lot to his brother. He clutched his crutches and went back to Riku.


Roxas groaned snapping his eyes shut quicker than he had opened them. The lights instantly giving the blonde the biggest headache of his life.

Noticing his discomfort, Axel got up to pull the blinds closed and dim the lights. "Better?" He asked softly.

At the sound of his voice, Roxas' eyes snapped back open. He looked over at Axel and slowly sat up. "Y-yeah, thanks."

Axel nodded keeping his emerald eyes locked on Roxas' cerulean orbs. Man he could drown in Roxas' eyes; as cheesy as that was. He forced himself to look away and sigh. They had a lot to discuss, and having a staring contest wasn't helping.

"We have a lot to talk about." Axel said softly. He was trying to stay strong. He wanted to get everything off his chest.

"We do." Roxas agreed softly. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest that he could hear it in his ears. This was the moment, the moment that could make him the happiest boy alive or kill him instantly.

Axel let out a long sigh; "first of all, are you stupid Roxas? Starving yourself and holding back on sleep is never the answer!"

Roxas scoffed; "It's not like I chose to lose my appetite and developed insomnia!"

Axel grimaced; he knew it was him that indirectly caused the blonde's condition. But it hurt to hear the accusing tone from Roxas.

"Yeah, I know..." He was about to mutter I'm sorry, but he refused to be the one apologizing first.

"Axel...first of all I want you to know that I love you and I'm sorry. I know that's the last thing you want to hear from me, seeing that you've moved on..."

Wait, moved on? What the hell was he talking about? Moved on?

His puzzlement showed on his face. "What do you mean Roxas?"

Roxas looked down at his lap, his heart sped up again. "You like Ventus now right?"

The corner of Axel's mouth twitched. This was a serious moment; he needed to stay serious... He couldn't hold it back, he started laughing; clutching his sides as he did.

Roxas bristled, a pout forming on his lips. He didn't exactly appreciate being laughed at. This matter had been bothering him a great deal.

"You think" Axel managed to get out between his laughter.

Roxas huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "It's not funny; this has been bothering me a great deal."

Axel took in some deep breaths trying to calm his hysteric laughter. "It's sweet that our relationship bothers you..."

Roxas snorted.

"Let me finish! But it's pointless. Ven is my cousin Lea's boyfriend. Of four years. He recently moved here and Lea asked me to show him around."

Roxas' mouth gaped open. He quickly shut it and looked over at Axel. "So he isn't my replacement?"

Axel bit his tongue to keep himself from saying "nobody could replace you." He cracked a smile, "No he's not."

Roxas let out a sigh of relief.

"It'd be super shallow of me to date a guy who looks exactly like you." Axel stated leaning back in his chair.

"He does not look exactly like me!" He puffed up.

"Yeaaah you're right, you look more pissy." Axel laughed dodging the punch Roxas sent at him.

Roxas sighed, "All fun and games aside we still have more to talk about."

Axel let his chair fall back to the ground with a thump. "You're right." He took in a long breath and let out a short sigh. "I hurt you with Stephen and I know that. I was blind to your feelings and what I've always wanted. By the time I realized what my heart was telling me it was too late. You had already been hurt by me; it was that moment I decided to make it up to you, no matter what. But Roxas, you took advantage of that and me..."

Axel felt a lot lighter after getting that all off his chest. He was ready to hear what the blonde had to say.

Roxas swallowed the lump in his throat and blinked back his tears. "I know, but I was hurt pretty bad. I've loved you for many, many years. But I kept it to myself since you were straight. I was happy just being your most important friend. But when you introduced me to Stephen all I could think was "why him and not me?" It drove me mad and I hated Stephen.

Then I met Blake and even though I knew he'd never replace you, I had to fill the void in my heart so I started dating him. But it felt wrong; my heart never fluttered when he kissed me or grabbed my hand. That's why I wasn't so torn up when he broke up with me. It hurt more when I found out that you had ditched me to go hang out with Stephen.

Thinking back on it, it was pretty selfish of me. It was the last day he'd be in town; but I didn't care. I wanted you to be with me.

The day you broke up with Stephen was the best day of my life. I knew I should have been sad for you but I was too happy. But then I remembered how hurt I was; so I talked to Namine about it and she came up with a plan. Well it was originally meant to make you jealous. I just twisted it to make it so you had to work.

I was dumb, everybody warned me not to take it too far. But the reminder of the pain and sadness I felt kept me going... But the pain of you walking away from me was much, much worse."

He wiped away the tears that despite his protest, managed to slip out. "I can't put into words how sorry and regretful I am. All I want from you is to be able to talk again; maybe be friends." He looked up at him with eyes of hope, laced with tears.

Axel let out a soft chuckle, "well isn't this ironic. I remember begging for forgiveness only a few months ago."

Roxas cracked a smile and laughed shortly. "Yeah. I wish I did things differently."

"I don't, well not everything. We managed to have a pretty sweet first kiss."

Roxas smiled remembering the carnival and the fairs wheel where they shared their first kiss. "I wish we could go back to that moment."

Axel hummed leaning forward to press his lips softly against Roxas'. He could taste the salt from all the tears he'd been crying; and he could practically feel all the emotion the other boy had been feeling.

He pulled away when he felt a warm tear drop onto his cheek. "You know Roxas..." He said softly.

Roxas looked into his eyes curiously. "What?" He said through his tears.

The red head smiled slightly, "I love you too."

That was it for Roxas; the blonde let out a loud sob and threw his arms around Axel's neck.

Axel moved to sit on the bed next to the blonde so he could pull him into a hug. He was happy, he was very happy. He didn't want to hate Roxas; he just wanted to understand him. He had wanted to get all of that off both of their chests. He regretted nothing; he was happy with how things went.

As he rubbed soothing motions on Roxas' back, all he could think about is the happy future they'd share together.

He was snapped out of his thoughts by Roxas pulling away to look at him.

"We both have been pretty dumb huh?"

Axel smiled and nodded. "Very, very dumb."

Roxas chuckled and leaned forward and kissed the red head again.

It was a sweet kiss, full of emotion. Axel nibbled on his lip obviously wanting to deepen the kiss. But Roxas just wanted to relish the simplicity of it and kept his lips firmly shut.

"About damn time!"

Roxas pulled away quickly from the red head and blushed. He hadn't expected to be caught kissing.

Axel let out an annoyed sigh; he had been enjoying his long overdue Roxas loving. He turned his head to glare at the intruder, well intruders.

"Go to hell Demyx!"

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