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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The End of Eternity

In the end, there really isn't an end, only new beginnings.

Chapter One: The Start of Something New

A silver haired man breathed heavily as blood oozed from several of the wounds on his body. His whole body was racked with pain and yet, he had a smile on his face. He could feel his consciousness slipping away as his vision blurred and manically laughter filled his ears.

He was going to die here, he knew that, but it was for a good cause, so he knew he would go with no regrets. He turned slightly to a green haired woman who was watching him with fear showing clearly on her beautiful face. Oh how he wanted to reach out to her and tell her that everything was going to be fine, but he knew that telling her lies wasn't going to ease the pain that was to befall her.

Tears cascaded down the woman's face as she watched him close his eyes, his breath becoming more ragged with each breath that he took. "Hey...don't worry." The man said weakly.

He coughed violently, spitting up blood. He frowned at the metallic taste but continuing to speak nonetheless. "I know that there's nothing I can say...that will make the pain go away..."

The woman took a step towards him as he paused, clutching his chest in pain "But we'll see each other again...someday...that much...I promise."

The woman shook her head, "No, please, let me help you."

The man shook his head in return, "No...I'm the only one who can do it. This is my responsibility." The maniacal laughter increased in volume as a blinding light consumed both the woman's and man's vision.

The silver haired man winced. "Sorry, but it looks like my time is up. Since I won't see you again for a while, I'll leave you with these last parting words. you...I always have...and I always will. Take care..."

Hiro Katsuya opened his eyes slowly as the sun's rays shined through his open window. Groaning he sat up, scratching his head groggily. Blinking a few times he yawned loudly, "What a weird dream..." He mumbled.

Running a hand through his pure white hair he looked around his room, his eyes trying to adjust to the sunlight. The room itself was very simple. A bed, a dresser, and a night stand.

Stretching languidly, he slid out of bed, nearly losing his footing and falling flat on his face. "How embarrassing..." He grumbled. Walking over to the room's only window he peered outside, discovering that the citizens of Domino City were already out and about. 'Hmmm, looks like I slept in a little late again...'

Hiro watched them for a while before turning away and began to dress himself. Once done, he turned to the calendar on the far wall in his rather small room and smiled, today's date was circled with a red marker. Hiro quickly looked under his bed and pulled out his duel disk, reaching into his dresser he found his deck and slipped it into his deck holder, clipping it to his belt.

"Okay, today's the day!" He proclaimed excitedly.

Exiting his room Hiro was greeted with the lively faces of some of the children that lived in the Katsuya Orphanage.

"Hiro! Hiro, can you duel me today?" One of the older boys asked excitedly.

Hiro shook his head, "Sorry Inari, not today."

"Huh? Why not?" The smaller boy pouted.

"Because Hiro-kun will be taking the Duel Academy entrance exams today." A portly old man said, alerting everyone to his presence.

Hiro bowed to the old man, "How are you today Mr. Katsuya?"

The old man chuckled, "You're always so formal Hiro, relax a little."

Hiro blushed in embarrassment, "Sorry."

The old man waved off Hiro's apology. "You've got nothing to be sorry about, after all, today is your big day."

Hiro nodded, "Right, I'm going to ace the entrance exams, I promise."

The old man chuckled, "Then I'm sure you will, you always seem to have a way with keeping the promises you make."

Hiro smiled, Mr. Katsuya had taken him in when he was abandoned by his parents years before, he had done so much for him. "Thank you so much...for everything." Hiro said, bowing once more.

The old man smiled in return, "Well, you best be off."

Hiro nodded, "Right, once I'm done, I'll be back to tell you the good news."

"I look forward to hearing it." The old man replied.

Inari pouted as he watched the white haired teen walk off, "Aww, who's going to duel me now?"

Mr. Katsuya looked thoughtful for a moment, "Well I suppose I could...if I can remember where I keep my old deck."

The boy looked up at the man excitedly, "Really? You duel?"

The old man smiled, "Oh yes, though I'm not as strong as Hiro, I'm sure I can give you a fun duel."

The boy cheered, "Yeah! I'll go get my deck right away." Mr. Katsuya watched as the little boy rushed off, a big smile on his chubby face.

Hiro looked up at the structure of a large testing center. Standing in the doorway of the entrance to the building was a man and woman, both in blue uniforms. They were just teenagers, but were older than the rest of the people entering the center.

Hiro looked down at the duel disk strapped to his arm, it was an older model, since he couldn't afford the newer ones. Readjusting it on his arm he reassured himself that he was ready for this, for what was to come. "I won't let you down Mr. Katsuya." He said with determination.

"Hey, watch out!"

"Wha?" Hiro nearly lost his footing as a girl dragging a boy behind dashed passed him.

"Excuse us!" The girl shouted back.

Hiro blinked in confusion. Looking down at the watch on his wrist he frowned, 'Why were they in such a hurry?'

A few minutes later he found himself in front of a rather long line of people. The girl in the blue uniform smiled at him. "Well, aren't you a cutie. State your name please."

"Uh, its Hiro. Hiro Katsuya."

The girl nodded as she scribbled on a form in pen. "Any special medical needs?"


"Okay, have you completed all three years of junior high school?"

He nodded, "Yeah."

"Do you have any questions you would like to ask regarding Duel Academy?" The girl questioned.

He shook his head, "No."

"I you have a girlfriend?"

Hiro was about to open his mouth to answer but paused, and then blinked. "..." The girl was calmly staring at him, a smile on her face. 'Is this seriously a legitimate question you have to answer to get in?'


"No...I don't." He answered slowly.

"Do you want one?" The girl quickly questioned, her bright smile still intact.

The boy in the blue uniform sighed. "Shizuka, you're holding up the line again. Let him through already."

The girl now identified as Shizuka sighed as she signed the paper she was scribbling on and handed it to Hiro. "Oh alright. You can go in now. You should see a bunch of students in the first hall. There's a proctor there that will explain everything to you."

Hiro nodded and left.

The boy in blue shook his head once Hiro was gone. "Seriously, that flirtatious behavior of yours is going to get you into trouble."

Shizuka pouted, "Its not my fault I can't help myself, we have some really good looking applicants this year."

Roughly half an hour later Hiro found himself sitting at a desk in a large auditorium space, along with a few hundred other teenagers his age. He tapped his fingers idly as he waited for time to tick by. He had just finished the written portion of the exam and was eager to get to the practical portion.

Hiro let his eyes wander the room. Many of the potential students were scribbling furiously on their paper, trying to complete the test within what little time they had left, while others were not so bothered, opting to take their time.

Along with himself, a small handful of people were already done as well, including a dark haired boy who was trying to quietly munch on a candy bar as to not garner the attention of the overseeing proctor. Hiro vaguely recognized him as the boy who was being dragged along by the girl that nearly ran into him earlier.

After some time the proctor cleared his throat, signaling the end of the written portion of the entrance exam, much to the relief of several bored teenagers, including Hiro himself.

The proctor quickly collected all the papers and immediately went back to his desk. While the papers were being processed and graded several people began to converse among themselves.

Hiro noticed that he was getting a few stares and sighed. Brushing aside a few strands of his pure white hair in front of his eyes he frowned, 'I hate sticking out like a sore thumb...'

About half an hour later the process was completed, and each of the potential students was given a small slip of paper with a number on it. As told by the proctor, when their number was called they would go down to the dueling field to take the duel test, it was also an indication of how well they had done in respect to the other students on the written test.

After some time, the first name was finally called, "Rei Taizo, please head down to the dueling field."

Some of the students followed in order to watch the first duel, which included Hiro, he was curious as to how good this girl was, apparently she had passed the test without getting a single question wrong. 'She must be an incredible duelist.'

As many had suspected, Rei Taizo was indeed a formidable duelist, winning her duel without taking a single point of damage. "That was a very impressive display of power and skill, but considering who your brother is, it should come as no surprise. Welcome to Duel Academy." The proctor congratulated.

The girl known as Rei Taizo deactivated her duel disk and nodded before walking off. As she did so, she looked up towards the stands, her eyes landing on Hiro. Said boy blinked in surprise. 'Is she...looking at me?' Looking to his left and then his right, he looked back down, only to find that the girl was gone.

'Well, that was weird.'

A few duels later and Hiro's name was finally called, who had been waiting in silent anticipation the entire time. Nodding, he walked down the isles and out into the dueling area. As he waited for the examiner to make his way to the arena he casually brushed a stray strand of hair away from his face.

Hiro didn't have to wait long as the examiner walked out so that he was standing directly across from him, a duel coat strapped to his chest. The slick haired man smiled, "Well you certainly are an interesting looking young man, I am head of the Osiris Red Boy's dorm and professor at Duel Academy, Akira Oyamada. But I prefer for you to call me Professor Oyamada." The man addressed Hiro politely.

Hiro nodded, "Okay Professor Oyamada. I'm Hiro Katsuya, but I prefer for you to just call me Hiro."

The professor adjusted his glasses, "Very well then Hiro, I will warn you that I won't be holding back." His duel coat whirred as it activated, and spat out six cards, which he caught. (O: 4000)

"Alright then." Hiro replied as his old fashioned duel disk activated as he drew five cards from it. (H: 4000) Although the duel disk was certainly out of date, Hiro didn't mind, the orphanage at which he lived had raised enough money to purchase it so he wasn't going to let it go.

As the duel was about to begin some students watched intently while others merely gave it a passing glance. One student, high in the stands looked down at the two duelists. "That's some weird hair that kid has down there." He was tall and had short blue hair, his playful blue eyes looking down at the scene before him.

"Your one to talk Kai."

The young man turned to the source of the voice. "What are you talking about Kaiser, my hair isn't weird at all, not like that guy." He said pointing at Hiro.

The young man shook his head, "That's not what I meant." He said as he began to leave.

Kai blinked, "Hey, where are you going? Aren't you going to stay and watch the rest of the duels? There's some interesting looking candidates this year." He called after the older teen.

Hiro watched as his opponent looked over his hand. 'I know for a fact that he'll be using an examination deck, which have handicaps built in them, so it shouldn't be anything I can't handle.'

Oyamada looked over his hand of cards carefully, figuring out exactly what type of deck this test deck was. 'Well, this certainly is interesting, I wonder how he'll hold up.'

"I set one monster in defense mode. Then I set two magic or trap cards face-down. End turn." The three representations of his cards appeared, generated by the technology that all Kaiba corp duel disks utilized.

'Playing it defensively, huh?' Hiro drew a sixth card from his deck. "I'm just going to have to break that defense! I summon Mythical Beast Cerberus (1400/1400) in attack mode!" A mostly blue two-headed snarling canine now stood in front of the young duelist.

Hiro smirked as he held up a spell card, "I activate Mystical Space Typhoon and chain with Forked Magic, which allows it to destroy your second face-down as well." Oyamada watches, slightly impressed as his two face-down cards shatter once struck by the power of Hiro's magic card.

Hiro's monster barked as it's body began to increase in size. "Since I've activated two spell cards my monster gains 1000 attack points." Hiro explains as his monster's attack points increase. (2400/1400)

"Whatever monster you have hiding won't do you any good now, Cerberus attack!" The Professor's card revealed itself to be Pyramid Turtle (1200/1400), which was easily shattered by the much stronger monster.

The professor's duel coat whirred and spat out a card, "Since my Pyramid Turtle was destroyed as a result of battle I'm allowed to special summon one zombie-type monster with a defense of 2000 or less."

Oyamada placed the newly acquired card on his duel disk, "I choose Ryu Kokki (2400/2000)." The grotesque monster appeared where Oyamada's previous monster once was. "Since your battle phase ends here your Mythical Beast's attack points return to their original 1400 due to the removal of it's spell counters." (1400/1400)

Hiro placed one of the three remaining cards in his hand into his duel disk. "I place one card face-down and end my turn." A single card appeared behind his monster as he did so.

Oyamada casually drew a card from his deck. "I summon Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower (400/1500) in attack mode."

Hiro watched as a giant dark and ominous castle appeared over the field. Oyamada slid a card into his duel disk, "Double Summon allows me to perform another normal summon, this time I choose Double Coston (1700/1650) in attack mode." A monster which seemed to consist of two ghosts attached to one another hovered over the castle.

"Since you've activated a spell card my monster gains a spell counter, which increases it's attack points by 500 points." Hiro reminded his opponent. (1900/1400)

"That's true, but it isn't enough to stop my Ryu Kokki from destroying it." Oyamada pointed out as Hiro's monster was effortlessly destroyed, decreasing his life points. (H: 3500)

As expected Hiro signaled to his set card, "I activate my trap card Soul Transfer! When a monster with 'Mythical Beast' in it's name is destroyed I'm allowed to special summon a monster from my hand or deck with the same number of stars." Hiro explained as he searched for the card he was looking for.

Finding it, he quickly shuffled his deck and slammed it back into the deck slot of the duel disk. "I choose Mythical Beast Cyclops(2100/0) in attack mode." Appearing before him, a giant muscular monster with one eye and a club in it's hand beat it's chest with it's free hand furiously.

Hiro wasted no time in explaining his new monster's effect to his opponent, "This monster has the same effect of Berserk Gorilla (2000/0), it must attack whenever possible, and if it's switched to defense mode it is automatically destroyed."

"I see..." Oyamada trailed off, he wasn't very familiar with the other Mythical Beasts as the set had only been recently expanded upon. "I set one magic or trap card face-down and end my turn." The professor stated as he placed the last card in his hand into his duel disk, the representation of it appearing behind his small army of monsters.

Hiro swiftly drew a card from his deck, "Monster Reborn revives my Cerberus, which I'll quickly sacrifice in order to summon Mythical Beast Lamia (2200/1200)." A beautiful woman with the lower body of a serpent replaced Cerberus. The new monster gave Ryu Kokki a wink, causing it to join Hiro's side of the field, much to Oyamada's surprise.

"Lamia's special effect allows me to take control of one monster on my opponent's side of the field for one turn at the cost of discarding one card in my hand." Hiro explains as he slides the last card in his hand into his graveyard.

"The card that was discarded due to my monster's effect was Repayment of Losses, which when sent to the graveyard allows me to draw a card from my deck." Hiro took note of the new card he had drawn as he continued his turn.

"Cyclops will now destroy your Double Coston!" With a mighty swing of it's club the weaker monster shattered into tiny pixels, decreasing Oyamada's life points ever so slightly. (O: 3600)

As Hiro prepared his next attack Oyamada's set card activated, "Forbidden Trespassing only activates when I receive an attack, it ends the current battle phase immediately." Hiro frowned slightly as his chance to claim victory early was taken away from him.

"My turn ends here." Hiro replies, Oyamada's Ryu Kokki returning to his side of the field as a result.

As he slid a card from his deck Oyamada smiled, "Well that certainly was a close one, I nearly lost, and very quickly too."

Hiro blinked, "Is that supposed to be a compliment?"

"Its whatever you want it to be." The professor answered, effectively avoiding having to answer the question directly. "Pot of Greed as I'm sure you know allows me to draw two cards from my deck." Oyamada needlessly explained as he drew two more cards from his deck.

"Book of Life allows me to revive a zombie-type monster in my graveyard and removes a monster in your graveyard from play." The professor's Pyramid Turtle returned to the field at the exact moment that Hiro's Cerberus slid out of his graveyard.

Grabbing the card he quickly slipped it into his back pocket. "Since a zombie-type monster has been special summoned my Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower's special effect activates, which means you have to discard the top two cards from you deck.

Hiro did so as his opponent continued his turn. Oyomada smiled, "Now for my battle phase my Pyramid Turtle will attack your Lamia." As several of the watching students questioned the professor's intentions Hiro knew exactly what the man was up to.

Lamia easily crushed the weaker monster with it's broad tail, decreasing Oyamada's life points further. (O: 2600) "Since my Pyramid Turtle was destroyed as a result of battle I'm allowed to special summon a zombie-type monster from my deck with a defense of 2000 or less, I choose my Vampire Lord (2000/1500)."

The professor's duel coat whirred and spat out the named card, which the professor quickly played. "You now have to discard two more cards from your deck due to my Tower's effect." The professor informed Hiro, who did so. "Now my Ryu Kokki shall attack your Lamia!"

The named monster bounded over to Hiro's field, making short work of the slightly weaker monster. (H: 3300)

"Now that your defenseless I'll have my remaining two monster attack you directly.!" Hiro braces himself as the two monsters make their attacks, decreasing his life points even further. (H: 900)

"My Vampire Lord's special effect activates at this time, I declare a card type, and you have to select one card of that type and send it to the graveyard." After some time the professor finally made his decision. "I choose monster."

Oyamada missed the smile on Hiro's face as he chose a card from his deck and slid it into his graveyard, shuffling his deck and reinserting it into his duel disk. Oyamada slid his remaining card into his duel disk, a representation of it appearing behind his monsters. "I end my turn. Let's see you make your comeback."

Hiro drew a card from his deck, 'I won't be able to make my comeback just yet, so I'm going to have to stall for at least this turn.' He thought to himself. "I summon my Mythical Beast Golem (0/2700) in defense mode." A large golem made completely of stone emerged on the field, it's arms crossed over it's chest defensively.

"That's quite a bit of defense points for a four star monster, any drawbacks I should be aware of?"

"If this card is targeted by my opponent's spell or trap card it's instantly destroyed." Hiro explained as he slid the remaining card in his hand into his duel disk, ending his rather uneventful turn.

The professor drew his next card from his deck, looking to finish the duel. He sighed audibly, he really didn't like defeating Academy hopefuls, but he supposed it couldn't be helped, perhaps the boy had scored high enough on the written portion of the exam to still get into the Academy.

"By removing my Vampire Lord from play I special summon the most powerful monster in this deck, Vampire Genesis (3000/2100) in attack mode." A large purple beast replaced the smaller monster, ready to strike down the last of Hiro's defense.

Hiro looked unfazed by the new monster's appearance, which Oyamada took note of. 'He must be very confident in that face-down card of his, let's test it out.'

"My Vampire Genesis will attack your Golem, opening the way to your life points."

"My Mythical Barrier negates the attacks of my opponent for each Mythical Beast on my field." A blue swirling vortex of energy absorbed the attack of the much stronger monster. "Well that's it for my turn, are you going to make your comeback now?"

Hiro nodded, "I've had to wait quite a bit, the moment you summoned your Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower I already mapped out this strategy."

"Oh?" Oyamada questioned.

Hiro nodded, "What really helped me out though was your Vampire Lord, I'm pretty sure you can figure out what I'm about to do."

Oyamada smiled, "I see, so your going to be special summoning a monster from your graveyard?"

Hiro nodded, "By removing my Lamia in my graveyard from play I can special summon the monster that was discarded due to the effect of your Vampire Lord, Mythical Beast Phoenix (2900/2100)!" A brilliant bird consisting purely of fire hovered over the duel arena, screeching.

"That's an impressive monster...but it's not strong enough to end this duel." The professor commented.

Hiro merely smirked, "This spell card will tip the odds in my favor, Point to Point Transfer! This card allows me to transfer one stat of one of my monsters, into another. So I'm choosing to transfer my Golem's defense points into my Phoenix's attack points!"

Hiro's new monster glowed even brighter as it's attack points increased to 5600. "Now end this duel! Attack Vampire Genesis!" In a blaze of fire Oyamada's monster was incinerated, depleting the last of his life points. (O: 0)

Some of the teens in the room cheered as the duel came to it's conclusion, particularly the girls, but Oyamada merely looked happy. "Well I thought for sure that I was winning the entire time, but it seems you were just leading me into a trap. Good job Hiro Katsuya."

Hiro brushed a few strands of his hair away from his face. "Thanks Mr. Oyamada." Walking off the stage Hiro smiled to himself. 'I'm sure of it, I've made it into Duel Academy!'

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Card of this chapter:

Mythical Beast Phoenix: Light/Winged-Beast 8/2900/2100

If this card is in your graveyard, by removing a monster in your graveyard from play with 'Mythical Beast' in it's name you can special summon this card to the field.

Hiro has done it, he's made it into Duel Academy! Once there he'll have to meet his roommates, naturally, a duel is in order.

Next time, A Helping Hand!