Disclaimer: The world of Charlie Bone and all associated characters are not in my possession, nor will they ever be.

This marks the beginning of a series of drabbles about Paton Yewbeam and his relationship with Julia Ingledew, and probably a few about only Paton as well. Paton is by far my favorite character in Charlie Bone, and it saddens me that there is such a lack of fan fictions centered around him.

The fall wind blew fiercely, whipping leaves and debris down the dark street. A tall, black-clad figure could be glimpsed occasionally, illuminated by the street lamps lining the sidewalk. Shaggy black hair danced around a pale face, stirred by the blustery weather. Dark eyes glanced at a lamp overhead and then quickly diverted their gaze, once again directing their attention to the ground.

Still the mysterious man strode on, his destination unknown to all, even to himself. A tinkling overhead diverted his attention from gloomy thoughts, and he swore quietly under his breath as a shower of glass rained down to meet the cement.

For the strange man was, in fact, Paton Yewbeam; however, it was not his name that made him unusual. Rather, it was his aptitude to brighten (and occasionally shatter) lights; Paton was a power booster.

Paton looked upon his ability as a curse. It was because of this "talent" that he could only emerge at night, wandering the city like some sort of lost soul. And, in a manner of speaking, Paton was lost. He felt as though something were missing, as if there were some purpose to his life that he had not yet discovered.

He had been harboring these thoughts for quite some time, keeping them buried beneath years of passivity. However, recent events involving his nephew, Charlie, had proven to be the catalyst that unleashed his thoughts of doubt and self-purpose, reawakening feelings about right and wrong that Paton should have examined years ago.

As he pondered, his feet led him farther from home, through alleys and across dimly-lit streets. Coming out of his contemplations, Paton found himself in the shadow of the now-dark cathedral. As he stared at the dark windows, immersed in night, Paton's mind was made up. He would hide in the shadows no longer; no more would he lurk behind the scenes, doing nothing but observing.

The warm glow of a light drew his attention to a nearby shop. With a jolt, he realized that he'd been there earlier that week, with Charlie.

It was a bookshop. The radiance of the light emanating from Ingledew's bookshop beckoned to him, but Paton shrank back. What was he thinking? He belonged in the darkness. How could he think that he would belong elsewhere?

He straighted.

No. He was tired of being afraid, of holding back.

Leaving the darkness behind, Paton walked into the light.