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Summary: Roy a manga artist and Riza a waiter that works next door?! AND they have to take the bus together to work EACH AND EVERY MORNING?! Hey! We may be onto something here!

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chapter seven: the trouble with showers


The date had started much like a normal one. Two days ago, he'd phoned to ask if she'd like to have dinner with him. To the relief of his somewhat quickly beating heart, her answer had been a positive one. So, he had taken the time to dress (though if anyone asked him, he would absolutely refuse to admit that he had taken at least three times the time it usually took him to dress up). Typically, Maes had picked this specific date to call him (having confiscated Roy's planner to see when he was going on the date with Riza) and given him a long and detailed speech on the proper number of dates he had to take a woman on before taking her to bed.

He'd also lectured him on strategies Maes'd found useful in resisting the urge to stare at certain places, and how to propose to a woman. To this, Roy had slammed down the phone, shouting at the phone that he had no intentions of marrying Riza. He could practically hear Maes' condescending laughter at the other end of the phone.

Of course, after this little debate, Roy had had to go upstairs, comb his every hair to perfection and unwrinkle his white dress shirt again.


Then, while they had started walking to the restaurant from Riza's little house, the rain had started to come down. Realising they couldn't continue on their way to the restaurant due to the fact that it was a good twenty minutes walk away and that her apartment was a good fifteen minute walk away, and the fact that both his dress shirt and her rather thin white blouse had quickly become see-through, they'd quickly run back to her house and stepped out.

When she'd opened the door to her house, Hayate (for some strange reason, he found it absolutely normal that she had a dog) had darted out the door into the rain, almost immediately tucking in his legs and rolling his back into the puddle of mud outside. Squirming pleasuredly in the mud and barking loudly, Riza had groaned. Walking back into the rain, she'd picked up the little puppy, dragging him into the house.

"Guess we'll have to give him a bath." she stated, smiling wryly, "Sorry, not quite the date you had in mind?"

He laughed, "No, definitely not the date I planned, but sounds a lot less interesting than eating at a fancy restaurant. Seriously, ninety-nine percent of the women I date ask me to take them out to incredibly pricey restaurants, then eat two bites." She laughed, and he revelled into the soft sound of her laughter.

"They have a figure to look after." she said, walking into the bathroom with Hayate tucked in her arms.

"So. You wash your dog before you wash yourself or your guest? Who do you love more, me or the dog?" he teased, chuckling as briskly kissed a clean patch on Hayate's head before glancing up at him with sparkling crimson eyes.

"That's a silly question, Hayate, of course." Of course, their teasing tones did nothing to calm down her heart simply at the use of 'love' coming from his mouth.


By the time they had managed to get Hayate thoroughly washed, soaped, and rinsed, he was pretty sure they were messier than they had been in the beginning. The dog, rather liking to jump into his owner's and his own arms, had managed to dirty both his and Riza's shirt, leaving little brown pawprints and smudges all over both their unfortunately white shirts. Hayate, on the other hand, was practically glittering in his own cleanliness. Despite everything, he had to say this was the best date he'd ever been on. Her quiet voice provided nice conversation, rather than the usual, 'Do my thighs looks fat in this dress?' conversations he received from his date. When Riza shifted, even a brush of her shoulder against his would send his senses reeling unlike any other person made him feel. It was inexplicable.

Finally, they were on the last rinse, with himeself holding the shower head as Riza held the twitching puppy in her grasp. When she lifted one hand from the dog's back, Hayate, invariably seeing a chance to wreak havoc, decided to pounce into Roy's arms, causing the shower head to tumble out of his hands. For a moment, both he and Riza sat there while the it swayed back and forth, soaking them both again.

Then they both lunged forward, Roy pressing his hands over the top of the shower head, doing his best to prevent any more water from coming while she reaching desperately for the handle, shutting off the water. Groaning, she glared at Hayate as the puppy shook him, then bounded out of the washroom, barking happily.

Suddenly, he laughed.

Her eyes narrowed, "What's so funny?"

He grinned, "Us. We were planning on going on a romantic date, and we end up washing your dog. And-" he laughed again, her heart trilling at the deep throaty sound he produced, "-and, I'm having a great time! No deadlines, no thinking about a plot for a manga, this is great!" It wasn't long before she started laughing with him and even shorter when he started kissing her over the edge of the bathtub.

He almost felt his senses flutter as his hands, one propped on her back to hold her up, the other one propped on the side of the bath tub. Electricity ran up and down his body as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The feel of her long hair brushing his face made his chest heat up more than he ever thought possible. When he stopped kissing her, they were both breathless, which he found odd as he'd never been breathless after a kiss.

He offered her a weak smile, his mind still temporarily absent. Roy had always thought love was something he was better off, something that was an illusion. After all, what were the chances of finding the one person you really felt something about, and out of all the people in the world, have them love you back? Besides, it was a chancey bid that most likely would end up leaving you heart broken.

However, Roy Mustang found himself bidding himself entirely to it. As much as he'd like to think it was lust, he'd have to be in a coma not to separate this feeling from the others.


Glancing over at the clock, she smiled, "You can stay the night, if you want. It's almost two a.m. You can have the guest room." Smiling timidly at him, they bid their goodnights and headed to the respective rooms. It was almost an hour later that he finished debating with himself.

Creeping out of the guest room and jumping at the sound of thunder, he headed towards her room. Glancing warily at the door of her room at Hayate, who was peering suspiciously at him just outside the door of the room, he stepped into Riza's room, then closed the door with his foot, whispering a hasty 'Don't worry, I wouldn't do anything she would be uncomfortable with,'. And then he found it completely odd that he was even trying to impress Riza's dog.

Smiling at her in the semi-darkness. Apparently she slept with the blinds open, letting the shy moonlight creep into her room and lightly brush her features. Tiptoe-ing to the side of her bed, he sat down on the floor. He had come in with the intention to maybe lie by her side, but he didn't want to screw up his chances with her by scaring the hell out of her, and besides, it was very satisfying just to watch.

He peered at her the way a grandfather might look at his newborn grandchild, with utter adoration. As odd as it was, just watching her steady breathing made him feel warm. When her scent wafted over to him, he smiled. She smelled warm to him, much like warm washed clothes, but less artificial. She smelled familiar to him, though he had only known her for a relatively short time.

His eyelids drooping down sleepily, he smiled, resting his head on her bed, inches away from her own. The last he could comprehend in his head was that even though he'd never hear the end of it from Maes, he love for his to be right about this relationship.


Author's Note: Okey. Of course I meant Roy and Riza washing Hayate in the shower! What did you think I meant? :D.