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New Lives S

By Emma Iveli

There exists 7 Worlds, all in perfect Balance with each other… There's 7 Worlds: Crystal Tokyo, World of Pokemon, World of the Mamodo Battle, World of Pirates, World Chaos, World of Ninjas and the Mamodo World.

Each world is unique… but it should be pointed out that Crystal Tokyo is dead… but parts of it lives on in the reincarnated Sailor Senshi, should there be a treat to all the worlds the Sailor Senshi, reincarnated warriors should be the ones to fight.

The leader is Ash Ketchum (Ketchum Ash), is form the world of Pokemon, a top Pokemon trainer, he is Neo Sailor Moon.

Kiyo Takamine (Takamine Kiyo) is from the World of the Mamodo Battle, he's a Mamodo Book Keeper to Zatch Bell the son of the king of the Mamodo who wants to be a kind king, he is Sailor Mercury the Senshi of Water and Ice

Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy D. Monkey) is from the world of Pirates, he's a rubber man pirate captain who's planning to be come the king of the Pirates, he is also Sailor Mars, the Senshi of fire.

Ranma Satome (Satome Ranma) is from the World of Chaos, he's a cursed Martial Artist cured to change into a girl whenever splashed with cold water, he's Sailor Jupiter the Senshi of Lighting and Wood.

Kazama Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto Kazama Uzumaki) is from the World of Nina, he's a ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leave who dreams of following in his father's foot steps of becoming Hokage, he's Sailor Venus the Senshi of Love.

Gary Oak (Oak Gary) is from the World of Pokemon, he's a researchers and Ash's former rival, he's also Sailor Saturn, the Senshi of destruction.

Hatake Kakashi (Kakashi Hatake) is from the World of Ninjas, he's one of the top ninjas of the village Hidden in the Leaves, he is Sailor Uranus the Senshi of the Sky.

Portgas D. Ace (Ace D. Portgas) is from the World of Pirates, he's member of the White Beard Crew and Luffy's older brother… with fire powers, he is Sailor Neptune the Senshi of the Sea.

Uchiha Sasuke (Sasuke Uchiha) is from the World of Ninjas, he's a last true member of the Uchiha Clan and a ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, he's also Sailor Pallas, the Senshi of Ice and Snow.

Roronoa Zoro (Zoro Roronoa) is from the World of Pirates, he's Luffy's first mate and man who plans to become the World Greatest Swordsman, he's Sailor Juno, the Senshi of Lighting.

Eido McLovin (McLovin Eido… yeah… that's his real name) is from the World of the Mamodo Battle, he's the bookkeeper Hyde a Wind Mamodo and is also a bit of a pervert, he's Sailor Vesta, the Senshi of Fire and Metal.

Ryoga Hibiki (Hibiki Ryoga) is from the World of Chaos, he's curse with both the curse turning into a pig when splashed with Cold Water and no sense of direction he's Sailor Ceres, the Senshi of Flowers.

Oh it should be mentioned in order to turn into the Senshi they turn into girls… yeah…

These habitual cross dressers aren't the only Senshi… there's two girls.

Setsuna Meioh (Meioh Setsuna), is the only surviving Sailor Senshi form Crystal Tokyo, she's Sailor Pluto the Senshi of Time. She lives in the World of the Mamodo Battle.

Kousagi Tendo (Tendo Kousagi) is the duel reincarnation of the King and Queen of Crystal Tokyo, she's also Sailor Cosmos Moon, she is Sailor Cosmos Moon the Senshi who will one day become the most powerful (probably) she lives in the world of Chaos.

They are also helped by their guardian "Hamsters" (they're cats… but don't tell Ranma… he's afraid of cats) Luna, Artemis, Dianna, Hermes and Aries.

They are also helped by any firmed of their who know their identities (and occasionally the Neo Pokemon Guardians… but only one of them know their identities).

Even though it's a time of peace they knew one day they would have to fight again… due to a threat that's been in the Shadows for too long… Orochimaru and Zeno… two enemies of the Sailor Senshi… but that's enough about them… time to get to the story.

Chapter 1: Here we Go Again!

In the World of Pokemon it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the bird like Pokemon were singing… and Ash wasn't in the best of the moods… why?

"That Paul…" muttered Ash.

"Great…" said Gary, "He's in that mood."

"How can he treat Pokemon that way!" muttered Ash.

Just a few hours ago, the group ran into Ash's rival Paul… the two don't exactly get along due to their opposite beliefs on Pokemon.

"So Brock… was Ash ever like this during our rivalry?" asked Gary.

"Yeah… but it more childish and didn't have a good reason for hiss anger." Said Brock.

That's when Zatch came though a time portal…

"Hey Zatch what's going on?" asked Dawn.

"I was playing in the park with Tia, Penny and Kolulu when Naomi showed up and Penny, Tia and Naomi all got mad at me for some reason!" cried Zatch.

"How did… you did the time key?" asked Dawn.

"Oh I took it from Kiyo… I'm sure he won't mind…" said Zatch.

"I'll be the one who calls him later." Said Gary, "He's in school, right?"

Zatch nodded, "He is…" he said.

"I'll call him later." Said Gary with a nod.

Meanwhile in the World of Pirates Ranma, Luffy and Kousagi were talking.

"I still don't get why you don't like Akane's food." Said Luffy.

"I don't get how you can like Luffy… I mean it's a toxic filth… You've seen what it can do… I mean… I have too much left to live for…" said Ranma.

Both Luffy and Kousagi began to point wildly… Ranma began to sweat drop as he slowly turned around… he saw Akane… he noticed Ryoga nearby.

"Traitor…" muttered Ranma.

"Ranma Satome…" muttered Akane.

"Who do we have here?" asked a voice.

Akane turned around and got the shock of her life… it was a living skeleton! It was very tall, wore a tuxedo and top hat… and had an afro.

"What the…" said Akane who seemed to have forgotten what Ranma said about her cooking.

"Oh this is Brook! You haven't met him! He's my musician!" said Luffy happily.

"Oh… okay…" said Akane knowing Luffy's taste in crew, "Pleased to meet you."

"Pleasure." Said Book, the skeleton, "May I ask you a question, can I see your panties?"

That's when everything became deathly silent, the sea birds stopped their calls, the waves seemed to stop all together, Brook looked around to see that everyone who was deck was gone… except for Akane who was glowing like crazy.

"You pervert!" she growled.

And provided to beat him to a bloody pulp… but he doesn't have blood (insert Brook laugh).

In the Galley, Sanji was preparing lunch when Luffy, Ranma, Ryoga, Kousagi, Usopp and Chopper (both of whom were a different part of the deck) ran into the room and shut the door.

"What happened?" asked Sanji.

"Akane's here and she just met Brook!" yelled Luffy.

Sanji muttered, "He asked her that question, didn't he?"

Everyone nodded…

"Okay… who forgot to warn him about Akane?" asked Usopp.

Luffy and Chopper shrugged…

"So… where's Ace?" asked Kousagi.

"Oh he had a special lunch with Kakashi." Said Luffy.

"You haven't heard the news have you?" asked Chopper.

Kousagi, Ranma and Ryoga exchanged glances.

"What news?" asked Ranma.

Before they could answer Zoro enter the room and slammed the door behind him.

"Who forgot to tell Brook not to anger Akane!" yelled Zoro.

Everyone shrugged… then went back to the topic at hand.

"Do we have the newspaper in here?" asked Luffy.

"I think Ace took it with him." Said Usopp.

"I guess we can't show you picture…" said Luffy, "But for some reason… somehow… there's a dead body of Ace."

"What!" said Ranma, Ryoga and Kousagi.

Meanwhile in the World of Ninjas, Team Senshi as it has recently been dubbed by Tsunade and Arashi just turned in their latest mission report… Naruto was trying his hardest not to laugh but failing, Sakura kept a start face, but was succeeding… while Sai and Sasuke… just kept a strait face.

"You can laugh now…" said the one thing they weren't trying to laugh at.

Both Sakura and Naruto broke down laugh, "What happened to you two!" yelled Naruto pointing at Ace and Kakashi, tied up and on display.

Both Kakashi and Ace sighed.

"It happened like this…" said Kakashi.


In a restaurant, Kakashi had finished analyzed the picture of "Ace's Dead body" with his Sharingan…

"It shows the signs… it's Kabuto's work." Said Kakashi.

"Why would he disguise a dead body to look like me?" asked Ace.

"Because… remember what Sea and Doll told us… Black Beard's goal was to become a War Lord of the Sea… and the best way to do that was to take out an infamous pirate. It explains why he was able to become one… he "killed" you… To the world your dead… and only the Straw Hats know the truth." Said Kakashi.

"That answers one Question…" said Ace, "But the exact reason…"

"My theory is that Orochimaru and Zeno didn't want them to remember at all… and this way on the off chance they do… Black Beard won't care because his goal has been reached." Said Kakashi.

"But with Buggy…" said Ace.

"Orochimaru's on a different level than Buggy so he doesn't care about Buggy… but Black Beard on the other hand…" said Kakashi.

"Well that's good… I'm going to use the bathroom." Said Ace.

That's when Kakashi grabbed him…

"Oh no you don't…" said Kakashi, "I'm not letting you get away again…"

"What do you mean?" asked Ace playing innocent.

"You know what I mean…" said Kakashi, "How many times have dine and dashed on me? I mean we're friends."

"Well… um…" said Ace.

That's when the two friends began to fight it out… at the same time, Tsunade and Arashi were heading the same restaurant.

"I keep telling you… you can't just eat Solder Pills when you do paper work." Said Arashi, "You'll get yourself sick."

"You just want brunch." Said Tsunade.

The two entered the restaurant and saw the fight that broke out…

"What's that about…" said Tsunade.

"I heard that Ace owes Kakashi money…" said Arashi, "Looks like their finally fighting about it…"

"So… who's going to stop who?" asked Tsunade.

"You'll stop Kakashi… there's a water Jutsu I've been meaning to try." Said Arashi with a shrug.

"Figures…" thought Tsunade.

And so the two stopped them…

(End of Flashback)

Naruto only laughed harder while Sakura shook her head.

"Both of you are idiots." She said.

"Hey Naruto can you call my brother and tell him what happened to me…" said Ace.

"Sure…" laughed Naruto.

Meanwhile in world of the Mamodo Battle, school was over for Kiyo and he was going though his pockets as he was heading home when he relapsed something was missing.

"Oh man, where is it?" asked Kiyo

That's when Gary called him.

"What is it?" asked Kiyo.

"Um… Zatch took your time without permission." Said Gary, "Don't worry he's here with us."

"Okay… you better have him return it." Sighed Kiyo.

"I know…" said Gary over the communicator.

Kiyo hung up when he heard some laugh, he turned around and saw Eido.

"I cant believe Zatch stole your time key!" laughed Eido.

"Where do you think he got the idea?" asked Kiyo.

Eido hung his head in shame…

Hyde had stolen Eido's time key a few times… but they weren't that important so they never mentioned… especially since they were very recent.

"He stole time key again… didn't' he?" asked Kiyo.

"Yeah…" sighed Eido.

That's when both their communicators rang.

"What is it?" asked Kiyo with a sweat drop.

"We have to organize a Senshi meeting soon… I just got word from Sasuke about the Ace Hoax that's been going on." Said Setsuna over the communicator.

"Ace Hoax?" asked Eido.

"I guess the haven't told you about it…" said Kiyo, "Figures you'd be out of the loop on that one…"

Meanwhile in a forest in an unknown Location in the World of Ninja, Zeno, Orochimaru and Dufort were having their usual meeting.

"So… I heard that Black Wave is now out of the wave… do you think we should start a plan to take them down?" asked Zeno.

"That would be a good idea… had it not been for our group's plan to take out the Sailor Senshi." Said a voice.

They turned around and saw a young woman deck in red.

"My name is Rouge…" said the woman.

"What…" muttered Zeno.

"Hey… I came here to offer a position… remember the Black Sun… well my group is doing the same thing… but more advanced." Said Rouge.

"How so?" asked Orochimaru with a smirk.

"You see… the problems with the Black Sun's tactic was that it used 5 people right… but it was flawed… it used 5 people but couldn't find suitable people form Chaos and Pokemon so they filled the void with another pirate and Mamodo." Said Rouge, "We of my group found two suitable people… from those worlds…"

"Is that so…" said Zeno.

"So how about it… a new alliance… after all you were the Mamodo and ninjas we chose." Said Rouge.

Both Zeno and Orochimaru smirked and nodded.

"Excellent." Said Rouge doing the Mr. Burns finger thing.

Not too long later in the Kazama Mansion… the Senshi, Hyde, Zatch, Pikachu and the "hamsters" were waiting for Kakashi and Ace… this was probably the only time they would ever excuse Kakashi for late.

"Sorry we're late!" said Kakashi, "But we were arrested for causing trouble in a restaurant."

"Hey… at least it Granny and dad who caught you right… just imagine if it was some other ninja." Said Naruto.

That made both Ace and Kakashi sweat drop.

All of them looked at the picture… it was of "Ace's Dead" Body.

"I can't believe that they would just publish that." Said Kiyo.

"I'm not…" said Ace.

"Public executions. It's not surprising that they published the picture of a soupy dead pirate in the paper." Said Zoro.

"It's obviously Kabuto's work…." Said Sasuke looking at it, "I've seen his world many times and even I can tell in a picture."

"But this is a cold trail…" said Kakashi, "The picture is months old."

"Great when it comes to them we're back to square one…" said Ash.

That's when Opal ran into the room.

"Naruto-Niichan! Kakashi-Sensei! Uchiha!" cried Opal, "Daddy and Granny wants to talk to you! Orochimaru was sited in the woods nearby!"

They nodded… and left the room quickly…

"You know… I'm not suspired he showed up right now… it would be too perfect." Said Gary.

Everyone else nodded with a sweat drop.

A minute later at the Hokage Tower, the three arrived to find Sai, Sakura and Hinata there as well.

"We have gathered you 6 sense you are the only ones who can handle this right now." Said Arashi.

"How are we the only ones that can handle it?" asked Sai.

"You just are…" said Tsunade with a sweat drop.

"How can he not know about Orochimaru's doing with the Black Sun…" thought everyone else.

"You are to investigate and if it Orochimaru you are to call the other Sailor Senshi immediately." Said Tsunade.

"Right…" said Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Hinata and Sakura.

"What does Orochimaru have to do with the sailor Senshi?" asked Sai.

"Are you just making snaky comments or do you really not know about Orochimaru?" asked Arashi.

"Making snaky comments." Said Sai with a shrug.

"Kakashi is the team leader! Move out!" said Tsunade.

"Right!" said the 6 Ninja who headed out.

The 6 headed out to the woods near the village…

"Great the 6 of us against Orochimaru… his little fan boy... and a "ninja" who wears an orange jumpsuit…" said Sai.

"Hey! You never dealt with Orochimaru before! We have experience over you!" yelled Naruto.

"Stop arguing!" yelled Sakura.

That's when they saw giant snake pop out nowhere. They jumped out of the trees they in and saw before them stood Orochimaru, Zeno and Dufort.

"Okay! Why is there another kid in a dress! Really!" yelled Sai.

"So Orochimaru… you finally show yourself again." Said Sasuke shaking slightly.

"Aren't you going to call the other Senshi… after all it's been a long time since I saw my little brother." Said Zeno.

"Well we don't exactly have a choice in the matter." Said Sasuke who took out his communicator, "We found Orochimaru! And Zeno's with him!"

Back at the Kazama Mansion… Kiyo was the one who took the call.

"Okay… got it." Said Kiyo who then hung up the communicator, "Hey!"

"So is he all right? I mean you wanted to a musician for so long." Said Ace.

"Chopper says he's all right… all he needs is bed rest and milk and he'll be fine…" said Luffy.

"Vivi and Nami mange dot calm Akane down so it's okay…" said Ryoga.

"Hey! Zeno and Orochimaru are close by! We have to go!" yelled Kiyo going demonic.

"Okay, okay!" muttered Ranma.

"Let's go!" said Ash.

"Right!" said the others.

Back in the woods…

"Venus Cosmic Power!"

"Uranus Cosmic Power!"

"Pallas Cosmic Power!"


That's when all of them transformed into their Senshi, which surprised Orochimaru and Zeno due to both their slight costume changes and transformation phrases.

"You didn't know… our power have been upgraded since we last you." Said Sailor Pallas with a smirk.

That's when the other Senshi landed in a pile from a time portal… they got out of very quickly.

"So your Zeno and Orochimaru! So we finally meet!" said Sailor Cosmos Moon pointing at them.

All three of them of them had sweat drops while thinking "A two year old?"

"Don't be surprised… she maybe small and a two year old but she's one more powerful of the Senshi." Said a voice.

The Senshi turned around and saw Rouge.

"Who are you!" yelled Sailor Vesta.

"The Name is Rouge! And I'm one of your new enemies… my group is here to take you out!" said Rouge.

"So what's your group?" asked Sailor Juno.

Rouge took a breath and mumbled something.

"What was that?" asked Neo Sailor Moon with a sweat drop.

"I said it was called The Rainbow Brigade!" yelled Rouge in embarrassment.

That made the Senshi and their allies sweat drop… they couldn't believe their ears.

"You're kidding… with that name? Right?" asked Sailor Saturn.

"No…" said Rouge blushing, "Our leader Princess Prism said that names of the groups sounded too evil like the "Neo Dark Kingdom", the "Black Sun" and the "Dark Wave"… she wanted to break the mold… so she named our group the Rainbow Brigade…"

"You actually join her?" asked Sailor Pallas.

"Our groups name may not seem like it… but our group is completely serious." Said Rouge who took out a red Crystal and show it to the light, "Come my Crystal Bright!"

An evil looking red monster appeared…

"Your species of monster is called a Crystal Bright?" asked Sailor Saturn with a sweat drop.

"Stop making fun of me! It wasn't my choice!" yelled Rouge blushing bright red, "Attack them now!"

That's when the monster slammed in arms into the ground which erupted into a mini volcano, all the Senshi managed to dodge.

"Oh man she means business…" said Sailor Mars.

"Just attack the monster as much as we can…" said Sailor Jupiter.

"All right!" yelled Sailor Venus.

"Gum Gum Flaming Gattling!"

"Double Elemental Punch!"

"Deep aqua Shinning Wave!"

"Icy Wind shuriken!"

All 5 attacks hit the monster… which did some damage.

"All right! It's my turn!" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"Moon Light Wave!"

Neo Sailor Moon's attack hit… but it did nothing to the smother.

"Oh man!" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"Ash!" said Sailor Cosmos Moon, "We have to attack him together!"

"Right!" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"Moon Light Wave!"

"Platinum Light Wave!"

Both attacks hit… and destroyed the monster, which disappeared in a red light.

Rouge, Zeno, Dufort and Orochimaru jumped onto Orochimaru's giant snake.

"You may have won this round… but I have to warn you the Rainbow Brigade has plans for all of you…" said Rouge, Much like the Black Sun… e plan to get enemies form the worlds… but this time we're covering al out bases… so Ranma, Ryoga, Ash, Gary… expect an enemy of yours to show up!" said Rouge.

"Wait!" yelled Sailor Neptune, "You faked my death! Why!"

Orochimaru smiled, "Shortly after erasing Black Beard's memoirs I realized he had an admirable goal so I helped him along… I heard about his new title… It's really a shame your dead to the world… but I'm sure some interesting things will happen to it… I'll be watching." He said.

That's when all of the enemies disappeared…

"Looks like things have gotten interesting again…" said Sailor Juno who detransformed along with the other Senshi.

"So how long has it been since we defeated the Black Sun?" asked Naruto.

"It's been about a month." Said Gary.

"Either way!" said Luffy with a big smile.

Ash was looking down to the ground… Kousagi grabbed his hand, "Ash don't worry… I know when you're ready your beat them… okay… You're heart will be your guide"

Ash somehow knew what Kousagi meant in a way….

"So you think…" said Ash looking at his brooch.

Kousagi nodded… only they knew what she meant.

"All right! We're back!" yelled Naruto.

"Yay… having the day saved by cross dressers." Said Sai sarcastically.

That's when Naruto, Luffy, Zoro, Ranma, Sasuke and Ryoga began to beat him up…

And so the Senshi were back… even if the enemy had an externally stupid name…

Next Time: The Rainbow Brigade recruit someone Ranma and Ryoga... who is it? Hint: Pantyhose! What will happen? Find out next time!