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Chapter 46: Everything is Back to Normal

The Senshi plus their friends and former enemies landed in a giant pile in some sort of forest.

"Ow… Setsuna…" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"I know, I know… fix it…" said Sailor Pluto.

Everyone got untangled from the pile and detransformed.

"So which word are we in?" asked Naruto.

"We're in the lead village and…" said Setsuna.

But before she could finish the sentence, Naruto was already gone.

"I have no idea if that was a Jutsu or not." Said Setsuna with a sweat drop.

"Now before we discus thing further, There's something Ash needs to do first!" said Aoi.

Cerulean nodded quietly.

"Oh right…" said Ash having forgotten that he didn't heal them yet.

Elsewhere in village, Naruto ran towards Opal room, he was about to get there when the door suddenly opened in face.

"Did I hit something?" asked Sakura who opened.

She saw Naruto spiraled out on the floor.

"I really have to learn to control my strength." Thought Sakura with a sweat drop.

"Ow…" mumbled Naruto.

He got up only to hugged by Opal tightly.

"Thank you Naruto-Niichan! For everything!" said Opal.

"So your much better?" asked Naruto who seemed to have recovered after being hit by the door.

"She seemed to have a recovered all of her Chakra." Said Tsunade joining them, "She told me what happened."

"I saw the battle between you guys and Princess Prism… and that because of Fluffy I was able to recover my strength."

"That's great!" said Naruto with a big grin.

That's when Luffy showed up...

"Hey!" yelled Luffy, "You know the party's going to be starting soon! Right?" asked Luffy.

"Okay…" thought Sakura with a sweat drop, "Where did he come from."

"That was fast." Said Naruto.

"Everyone knew that the party would be celebrated on the ship so they got it ready." Said Luffy.

"Lady Tsunade." Said Opal who used her patented Puppy Eye Jutsu, "I'm all better now… can I go to the party?"

Tsunade sighed…. The look was too cute…

"Fine…" muttered Tsunade, "But if your feeling bad, you have to come back here, all right."

"Yays!" cheered Opal.

And so not too long later a party was in full swing. People had fun, the drank, they sang (badly), many of the older people played poker and won big expect for one person (Tsunade)… and perverts were getting beaten to a bloody pulp (and one of them didn't even have blood).

"All right! Everyone! Time for a toast!" shouted Ash, "To out our latest win!"

"Cheers!" cheered everyone else.

The next day. Happosai was skipping to his room after a decent day of stealing women's underwear. When he opened the door he saw several scanty clad women (including Ranma-Chan) in the room in various posses.

"Oh Happosai!" they all said.

"Pretty ladies!" shouted Happosai.

He grabbed on to one of the women's chest… and began to snuggle… but that's when the woman went poof and was revealed to be Arashi.

"You're going to get it now." Laughed Arashi.

That's when loud shouts came from the room… no one wanted to know what was going on in there.

After a few minutes, the door opened revealing Ranma-Chan (now fully dressed and looking embarrassed), Naruto and Arashi, holding a beaten, unconscious Happosai who was tied up and covered in strange seals.

They went out of Dojo where Taro was waiting.

"Here's your pervert." Said Arashi tossing Happosai, "He should wake up by sun down."

Taro nodded, splashed cold water on himself and flew away to somewhere where they can torture Happosai until he agrees to change his name to Awesome Taro.

"You know… just changing his name to Taro would be a good name." said Arashi with a sweat drop.

"Let's go get something to eat." Said Naruto.

All three of them went to the snack shack, where a new waitress was working.

"Welcome to the snack shack." Said the waitress… who was Cerulean.

"You already got a job here?" asked Naruto surprised.

"Yes." Said Cerulean.

"Eido quit today too, so we needed some help." Said Aquamarine.

"Why did he quit?" asked Arashi.

"After his battle he decided to take his and Hyde's training more seriously and the two decided that they should try to learn some new spell." Said Doll.

"So did you hire Aoi too?" asked Ranma-Chan who grabbed a teakettle and pour it on her.

"Yeah… but she doesn't start for a few more days. Since she still has agreed to do something for Ash today." Said Cerulean.

Meanwhile in the World of Pokémon…

"What do you mean that's my punishment?" asked Paul twitching slightly.

"That's a good punishment." Said Ash.

"Every time you battle Ash… or here's there to witness the battle I get to watch!" said Aoi.

"You're the one who made go to the Rainbow Brigade." Said Paul.

"I know." Said Aoi sticking her tongue out.

Paul rolled his eyes and left…

"So looks like he going back to his journey…" mumbled Dawn.

"Well I have to get going." Said Reggie, "Since Paul is no longer with the Rainbow Brigade."

"It was great traveling with you Reggie." Said Ash.

"So you around." Said Reggie.

And with that Reggie left the group, though of course hopefully they would keep in touch.

Meanwhile in the World of Pirates…

"What do you mean Kuro got away!" shouted Usopp.

"Yeah… Kuro got away." Said Luffy with a nod.

"Why didn't you tell me yesterday!" shouted Usopp.

"We had that big party yesterday." Said Luffy.

"Oh… right…" said Usopp, "All right! I will face Kuro every time he comes at me no matter what!"

"Okay…" said Luffy with a sweat drop.

Meanwhile in the World of the Mamodo Battle, Eido was looking though the spell book when he saw something interesting.

"When did that get here!" he shouted.

"What?" asked Hyde.

"There's a third spell!" said Eido.

"What? Really?" asked Hyde.

The tow looked at it.

"If I had to guess it appeared during your fight with Rouge… but we didn't notice it." Said Hyde.

"All right! We got a third spell!" cheered Eido.

"That's great." Said Kiyo entering the room, "Now maybe soon you'll be able to leave my couch!"

"Shut up! I just lost my job!" yelled Eido.

"You quit." Said Kiyo.

Hyde just sweat dropped… Eido may have gotten his act together fighting wise… but he still was a free loading pervert…

Back in the World of Ninja, Opal was getting changed from her hospital gown. She was officially discharged. That's when Naruto ran into the room

"Sorry I'm late… I had to… to a favor for someone." Said Naruto.

"Then you went out for ramen… didn't you?" asked Opal.

"Oh come on… there's always room for ramen in my stomach!" said Naruto.

"How can you have that much room in your stomach for ramen?" asked Opal.

"I don't know..." said Naruto.

Meanwhile in the World of Pokémon…

Ash and his group were walking.

"It's seems almost like it's been over a year since we had any peace." Said Ash.

"I know…" said Dawn.

"I wonder if it's going to last this time?" asked Brock.

"I don't know… I'm kind of hopping that it's not going to…" said Ash.

Everyone looked at Ash.

"Don't say things like that." Said Dawn.

Ash sweat dropped and laughed nervously… hopefully he was wrong… but who really knew… This peace might not last or it could last… no one really knew. But one thing that was for certain was that even if it wasn't a lasting peace, the Rainbow Brigade was gone. And that was all that mattered now.

The End for Now…

Mini-Story: Preview

Coming Soon to this website near you

(scene a strange monster was holding Misty captive, Neo Sailor Moon goes to save her… that's when a strange light hit both of Neo Sailor Moon and Misty… causing Neo Sailor Moon to Detransform into Ash)

(The scene shifts to all the Senshi, as well as Misty, Dawn, Megumi, Lori, Nami, Vivi, Kuina, Akane, Akari, Hinata, Sakura and Temari at the table)

Kousagi: The fight that just happened transferred your powers to them… (turns to the men) You are no longer the Sailor Senshi… (turned to the girls) you are!

Naruto: Then that means…

Eido: We won't have to cross dress anymore.

(Before cheers can erupt, Setsuna stops them)

Setsuna: It's much more serious than that!

(Toi et Moi begins to play)

Setsuna: If you don't get back your Senshi powers soon, you will die!

(Everyone's eyes widened)

(Begins showing scenes of various fights by the newly powered female Senshi with different characters talking over them)

Hinata: How can we reverse this?

Kousagi: We have to find the one who did this!

Lori: Do you thin k we can really do this!

Kuina: There's no way! I'm not going to you let you die!

Temari: We can't let their fighting style dictate these powers! We have to find our way of fighting!

Akane: No matter what's we'll win!

(The title is shown)

Misty (voice over): New Lives S: The Movie!

Other girls (voice over): This time it will be our turn to save you!

(scene shifts to a training ground, a time portal appeared and giant pig come out of it. Akari pokes her head over the pig everyone stares)

Sakura (with a big sweat drop and white eyes): That's a big pig!

(Caption Shown: Coming October 2009)

(End of Preview)

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