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God did it hurt. The pain was nothing he'd ever experienced in his lifetime. Sure, it'd hurt when he'd first been learning to use his powers, the metamorphosis reeking absolute havoc on his mind and body, but this…this was far worse. Emerald eyes looked around, but he couldn't make out anything clearly, everything around him was distorted.

"How long since he's been hit?" the doctor asked, looking to the four other Titans that followed the stretcher the changeling lay on.

"Fifteen, twenty minutes at the least," came their leaders voice.

"We were unable to get to our friend any sooner," came Star's concerned tone.

He blinked, trying to get things to focus, but his mind refused to obey the command. His mind was spinning, whirling with thoughts. Was this how he was going to die? Beaten, broken, and battered to death? This wasn't how he was supposed to die. He was supposed to have kids, grandchildren, and die peacefully in his sleep in his old age. Not now at the ripe age of twenty.

"What happened?" the doctor asked.

"Ambush," came a gravely, voice. A voice that was distinct to his ears.

More people crowded around him and he felt himself being moved from the stretcher to a more solid surfaces. A prick in his hand from a needle made his mind register that someone had hooked him up to an IV. An oxygen mask was placed over his nose and mouth, and the sound of his tattered uniform being ripped open occurred.

He knew his teammates weren't far from him. Though every one's voice sounded like that one teacher from The Peanuts who know one could understand, Gar knew that they were near.

"Mr. Logan," a voice said and Gar forced his eyes open then squinted, making out the silhouette of the doctor. "You've been badly injured. We're going to need to take you up to surgery, do you understand?"

Garfield look at him, straining now to translate his words, to make them clear, and then nodded.

"I'm going to give you something for the pain," the doctor explained. "You just hold on. You'll be all right."

Robin paced furiously in the waiting area, wearing a hole into the ground. Starfire sat in a chair, flipping through a magazine, even though her eyes were watching her boyfriend as he paced. Cyborg was leaning up against the wall, looking down to the floor, arms crossed over his metal chest. And Raven…she sat a few chairs away from the others. She could feel the flood of their emotions – anger, worry, anxiety, and many more. The violet-haired mage let out a long sigh, closing her eyes and setting her head in her hands.

Of all of them, Raven found herself feeling the most responsible for what had happened to Beast Boy. It'd all started off like any other day…but of all people, Raven should've known how quickly things could change.

"Dude, no way! Aliens was far better than the first one," Beast Boy said. He and Cyborg had gotten into a heated discussion about movie sequels.

Cyborg snorted. "Please. Sequels are the lesser equivalent to the first movie."

"Nuh-uh! What about Terminator 2? Far better than the first. Or…or…" Beast Boy stopped, brows furrowing as he reached for a few more movie titles.

"Or what?" that victorious grin had began to form on Cyborg's face.

"The Mummy Returns."

"What? C'mon man, we both know that that movie is only better in one way - Rachel Weisz looks ten times hotter."

"Fine, what about The Godfather Part II? The Lord of the Rings movies…The Original Star Wars Trilogy…?"

"Wait a minute, B. You can't count Trilogies. They don't count."

"Fine. Uh…" A hand moved up to rub the back of his neck. "Well there's…"

"See. My point exactly. You struggle to come up with answers."

Beast Boy huffed. "Whatever, dude."

Raven watched as Beast Boy moved to sit on the couch in the common room and began flipping through the T.V. channels, muttering something. She'd actually been watching the "disagreement" and had become slightly amused. And here she thought that Beast Boy didn't have any taste. Well, at least not when it came to cheesy horror movies.

She looked to Cyborg who had a sly grin on his face. "So, B., what do you think about remakes?"

Beast Boy looked over to his best friend. "Don't even get me started."

Cyborg laughed heartily. Beast Boy's mouth opened to say something but the all too familiar alarm sounding cut him off. Raven stood up from the table and moved over to the computer, the sound of the Common Room door's swooshing open alerted the others that their leader and Star had arrived.

"Who is it?" Robin asked, looking to Raven.

"Dr. Light."

"Oh good, this'll be an easy one. Raven will just scare the crap out of him again and make him want to go to jail," said Beast Boy, smiling, a fang protruding as he did so.

"So where is he?" Robin asked.

"He's…" Raven's eyes widened and all the lights in the tower flickered off. "Here."

"Huh?" the rest said in unison. This was a bold move for the villain, far too bold. The sound of footsteps stomped down the halls. Dr. Light wasn't alone. In fact, it sounded as though he had an entire infantry with him. The five friends looked at each other, each positioning themselves in the proper manner.

The Common Room doors exploded open with a blast of blinding light and within moments, the Titans found themselves up against Dr. Light and an army of mechanical soldier's.

There was a feeling of déjà vu. The mechanical soldier's attacking the tower caused Raven to remember when Slade had pulled the same stunt. Her black energy surrounded as many as her powers would allow her, but they kept coming, an endless flow taking over. Raven was knocked to the ground by the good aim of Dr. Light and her head was swimming.

"Raven!" shouted Beast Boy, who quickly changed into a grizzly bear, jumped over to her side, and began swiping at their foe. The maniacal chuckle that left the villain caused a cold feeling to run through Raven and before she could say or do anything, she saw her friend being thrown into a wall and heard his scream of pain as Dr. Light's electricity surged through his body.

Everything was a blur after that. Every attempt they made to get to his unconscious form was prolonged.

She sighed once again and ran her hands through her now shoulder length hair. He'd saved her. He'd jumped directly into the line of fire for her. She glanced to the clock on the wall, watching it tick away the time. Beast Boy, please hang on, she thought.