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Beast Boy's sensitive ears picked up the sound of footfalls on the top floor of the tower, causing him to dog ear the page he'd been on and place his graphic novel to the side. As he went to move, Gar felt his muscles beginning to cramp, so he stretched and yawned only to feel a shockwave of pain run through his body. The pain was like a knife in his ribs and it stole his breath away, his arms instinctively wrapping around himself to shield himself from any further attack.

He focused as hard as he could on his breathing, deep breaths in and out, just like Raven had taught him when she'd thought that him trying to meditate would help contain what he was so afraid to let loose.

Focus, B.B., focus. Don't let it out, he thought as he kept looking at the floor. He felt like he was fighting something stronger than just the Beast wanting to roam, a power that he couldn't put his finger on or even try to explain to Raven due to suddenly becoming tongue tied as though bound by a subconscious gag order he had never given himself.

The pain shot through stronger this time, causing him to crumple onto the stone floor, teeth gritting against the agony and the ripple effects from his fighting caused more shocks of pain and then everything went black…

"How is it possible that friend Raven has not known that Malchoir escaped?" Starfire asked as she walked with her teammates into the tower.

"I think Beast Boy might've been right," Robin admitted. "I think that Stephen might have something to do with this. Being into dark magic."

Cyborg sighed deeply. "Rob, I think that Beast Boy's suspicions are right on as well. But something tells me that Malchor and Stephen are one in the same."

Raven had sensed her friends arriving in the tower so she had phased through the floors to let them know that Malchoir was indeed gone. She had been about to round the corner when she heard her friends talking. Beast Boy had had theories about this and hadn't told her?

Probably to keep you from getting hurt by Stephen in the beginning, she thought, remembering how he'd acted that first night he'd phased and cut her. She was about to move out of the spot she'd been eavesdropping from when a very familiar and chilling howl came from the basement.

Raven felt her heart stop beating for just a split second and then phased down to the basement.

Large green paws fought against the bars in a frenzied need for freedom, saliva slipped down along the Beast's fangs savagely, however, there was one sight that made Raven's heart stop for the second time that night – two sets of red eyes replaced Beast Boy's emerald eyes.

Beast Boy…No…

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