Author Fighters: Anti-TL's Wrath

Chapter 51: Departure and Two Villains

TL spent the next few days somewhat in isolation. He spent most of the day in his room, wishing to be left alone, but leaving for meal times or simply to stretch his legs. When asked what was wrong, his response was…

"Death has an odd way of changing one's outlook on things."

He wouldn't even come out for his brothers, DM, Hikari, Airnaruto, or X Prodigy, who he considered some of his best friends.

On one of these days, Sylar walked in and said, "Hi, TL."

"Hey, Sy." TL greeted, simply holding up a hand.

"What with you?" Sylar asked, "Ever since that deal at Drake's base, you've been acting like the world's gonna end any day now."

"Oh, it's nothing." TL sighed, sitting up, "Actually, I've been feeling…strange lately. And, when I'm around the other Authors, it just gets stronger. Maybe I'm just going crazy, but…Sylar, I think I might've been married and forgot about it."

Sylar gave TL an odd look before saying, "I…don't think that's the case." Sylar then pulled out a canvas and said, "But I think that THIS is."

TL looked at the painting—it was the one of him and the watchmaker boarding the ship TL arrived on Earth in. Then, something seemed to click in his mind.

"Hey, Sylar," TL said, a grin appearing on his face, "You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

"I've BEEN thinking it ever since I painted it." Sylar responded, a small smile appearing on his face.


TL and Sylar, who had full suitcases walked down to the basement. TL placed his hand on a silver ball about twelve feet in diameter.

"Let's face it." TL sighed, "Personal space's gonna be low." TL glanced at Sylar and asked, "Ya think you can make it fly?"

Sylar looked at it as his whole 'see-how-things-work deal' kicked in.

"NOW, I can." Sylar stated.

"Fine. Then let's get it outta…"

"What're YOU TWO doing?" asked a voice.

TL, slowly, turned around to see DM and D-Dude staring at the hedgehog and watchmaker.

"We were…uh…uh…I've got nothin'." TL sighed.

"You were planning to take your ship, weren't you, Soul?" DM asked.

"Would you believe that Sylar and I were just trying to polish it?" TL asked.

"No." DM deadpanned.

"I KNEW he'd never fall for it…" TL muttered to himself.

"You two are LEAVING, aren't you?" DM asked.

"Yes." TL replied.

"Why?" D-Dude asked, dumbstruck by the fact that his own brother was leaving Earth.

"Bro, I was hardly useful during the previous chapter." TL replied, "I killed Drago, but I died. Most of the fighting was done by Anti-TL and DM. In fact, I almost got you guys killed."

"Come on, nobody remembers the chimpanzee deal!" D-Dude said, "It was posted MONTHS ago!"

"And I think you guys should knock off the whole 'breaking the fourth wall' stuff." Sylar hissed, venomously.

"DM, bro, I've GOT to be stronger for the next time I'm needed and I need to control my powers." TL said, his voice now solemn. ALL jokes were aside, "And…I know that this is the only way I can do it…like Naruto when he left with Jiraiya, only my partner isn't perverted."

"Damn straight." Sylar said to himself.

DM looked at TL, sighed, and then said, "If you think that this is something you have to do, then do it."

TL bowed in the martial arts form of respect to DM.

"I'll be back. You have my word." Was the hedgehog's statement. As a bit of encouragement, he added, "And I KEEP my word."


That night, TL and Sylar lifted the ship up with their combined telekinesis. If it was just one of them, it would take longer, but with two of them, they managed to do it with relative ease. They halted at a hill where there wasn't a single tree—that would make it easier to take off. TL placed his hand on the ship. There was a whirring sound as a door opened with a bright, white flash that showed the ship's interior. Sylar put a foot on it when…

"Hold it, bro!"

TL glanced around to see DM, Hikari, Airnaruto, D-Dude, Loony, Ross, Ranger, X Prodigy, and Nukid.

"Guys?" TL asked, "What're YOU doing here?"

"Duh." Nukid said, "We came to see ya off."

Lunatic and D-Dude immediately bowled TL off his feet and the three embraced each other in their love.

"Why?" Lunatic asked, eyes brimming with tears.

"Bro, this is just something that I've gotta do." TL replied. He glanced at D-Dude and asked, "You'll keep him outta trouble, won't ya?"

"No promises." D-Dude grinned, but still looked sad.

The first person TL walked over to was Ranger. The two had a tight handshake.

"Keep your eyes open." Ranger said, a grin appearing on his face, "The rest of the universe isn't as nice as me."

"I'll keep that in mind." TL replied.

TL then wrung the hand of Roscoso…who was staying well out of arms reach of Ranger.

"Sorry I couldn't see your fights with Loony." TL said, "Just be prepared for a bunch of fights. The guy's…"

"Scrappy. I know." Ross replied.

TL then walked over to X Prodigy.

"Well…see ya." X shrugged, "And by the way…"

X then delivered a punch to TL's face.

"FOR THAT LIGHTNING CLAWS DEAL." He barked before bursting into laughter.

TL got up, massaging his jaw. He snorted, but soon laughed, too. He walked over to Nukid and shook hands with the assassin.

"See ya, hedgehog." Nukid said.

"See ya later, Nukes." TL grinned.

The next person TL walked over to was Airnaruto. Hands were shaken.

"Keep an eye on Loony, won't ya?" TL asked.

"TWO eyes, if I can." Airnaruto shrugged.

TL walked over to Hikari and pulled her into a tight hug, which she returned.

"Be careful out there, TL-san." She said.

"I will, Hikari." TL replied.

He then walked over to DM. The two then knocked fists as the Halfa said, "We'll see you again."

"Guaranteed." TL replied, his usual grin on his face.

"Sorry," Sylar said, apologetically, "But we've gotta go."

TL looked at Sylar and nodded. He glanced back at the other Authors, who either smiled, nodded, or both. He smiled, sadly, as he walked over to the ship and walked into it. The ship roared to life and took off into the sky. It grew smaller and smaller until…it was gone. Airnaruto simply smiled at this.

Airnaruto: What makes a man a man? A friend of mine thought about it for the prologue. Is it his origins, how he comes into the universe? I don't think so.

"Come on." DM said. The Authors walked away. Lunatic ran over to Airnaruto. The Author Ninja ruffled the Fictorian Ninja's spiky hair.

Airnaruto: I don't think its their origins. I think it's the choices they make. Not how they start things, but how they choose to end them. A certain Anti-Author proved that point…as did his positive form.


(A/N: Song is Take a Look Through My Eyes from Brother Bear. I do not own it. Phil Collins does.)

There are things in life you learn and in time, you'll see.

DarkMagicianmon: Christian Bale

Hikari Ino: Stephanie Sheh

Airnaruto: Jack Black

Ranger: Shannon McCormick

Dimensiondude: Jason Griffith

TLSoulDude: Joaquin Phoenix

Lunatic121: Maile Flanagan

'Cause out there, somewhere, it's all waiting, if you keep believing.

The Shadow Syndicate and Nukid: Themselves

X Prodigy: Jason Statham

So don't run, don't hide, it will be alright, you'll see. Trust me, I'll be there.

Roscoso: Daniel Craig

BlackcatRin: Herself

Anti-TLSoulDude: Julian MacMahan

Screech the Bat: Nolan North

Sylar: Zachary Quinto

Future TLSoulDude: Sam Elliot

Future Airnaruto: Jack Black

Why don't you just take a look through my eyes? There's a better place somewhere, out there. Just take a look through my eyes. Everything changes. You'll be amazed what you'll find. There's a better place, if you look through my eyes.

Drake Darkstar: Eric Roberts

Wraith: Willem Dafoe

Vordan: Jim Byrne

Zylor: Campbell Lane

Carcharodon: Bryan Drummond

There will be times on this journey, all you'll see is darkness. But, out there somewhere, daylight finds you, if you keep believing.

Malice: Jim Byrne

Edge: Peter Cormican

Borealis: Pauline Newstone

Shadra: Lani Minella

So don't run, don't hide, it will be alright, you'll see. Trust me, I'll be there.

Why don't you just take a look through my eyes? There's a better place somewhere, out there.

Just take a look through my eyes.

Everything changes.

You'll be amazed what you'll find.

There's a better place, if you look through my eyes.

All the things that you can change. There's a meaning in everything. And you will find all you need. There's so much to understand.

Take a look through my eyes! There's a better place somewhere out there! Just take a look through my eyes! Everything changes, you'll be amazed what you find! Just take a look through my eyes! There's a better place somewhere out there! Just take a look through my eyes! Everything changes! You'll be amazed what you'll find! You'll find a better place! If you look through my eyes! Just take a look through my eyes! You'll find a better place if you look through my eyes!

Take a look through my eyes…


In a burst of black flames, Wraith reappeared in Drake's fortress.

"Just one errand to do." Wraith growled, thrusting out his hand. All of the black goo that used to be his Darkness soldiers flew over and arrived in his hands, forming an orb the size of a grapefruit. He placed it in his cloak.

"WAIT!" shouted someone.

Wraith glanced around to see Screech, tied to the wall by the golden rubble Sylar stuck him to.

"Why?" Wraith asked.

"Because I can help you." Screech replied, eyes filled with hatred, "And I wanna KILL Drake for what he did to Anti-TL!"

Wraith's response was to give a large, insane smile, "Sounds good to me!"

Wraith and Screech vanished in black flames.


Elsewhere, a figure with metal hands with fingers sharpened into claws adjusted a pair of sunglasses.

"So, young TLSoulDude has left Earth." He said in a voice reminiscent of a Hugo Weaving character. He then tapped his metal fingers together before saying, "Good…"

Me: Well, it's been a long and crazy fanfiction. It lasted a heck of a lot longer than I originally thought. Well, thanks to Tim Kring for Heroes, which Sylar comes from, and all of you reviewers who made this entire trip worthwhile! Hope to see you all in my rebooted fic—Author Fighters: Re-TL Chronicle! Until then, catch ya later!