New story Idea all.

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Break Down Here:

Bella is on the way home from a meeting with her newly ex-fiancés family in Forks. She is in tears to the point where she can't see the road, but is too worked up to stop. She needs to be as far away from the reminder of how bad her life is.

Edward is on the way home from his first shift as an intern. He got to witness a major surgery as reward for saving someone's life. The surgery on top of his 48 hour marathon non-stop shift has made him exhausted. He promised to meet his parents at their house in forks after his first shift. When he becomes too drowsy to continue on he pulls over and climbs in the back seat to nap rather than run the risk of driving.

Bella doesn't see the car parked on the side of the road because she is blinded by tears and there are no emergency lights on. Her car slams head-on into the sliver Volvo effectively rendering both cars useless.

With the next town miles away woods surrounding them on both sides and no car what the hell do they do now? And can they get past their differences and unfortunate meeting in order to see what is right in front of them?


So that is just a rough plot summery it will make more sense when and if you read the first chapter.

Review and Let me know if you think I should go with this. The first chapter is almost finished so I'll post it as soon as I have a positive idea of whether you want it or not.