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Chapter One: Enter Kaiya Hakura!

All around me, there was darkness. Nothing, besides the thumping of my heart, could be heard. I took two tentative steps into the darkness, hoping to find some other living being within the black of this place. My steps echoed off the non-existent walls and the noise came back to me, sounding like an earthquake to my ears.

And no, that is not a fat joke.

I yelped as something slithered over my foot, sending eerie shivers up and down my spine, causing my whole body to tremble. I continued on through the darkness and with each step, the temperature seemed to drop at least two degrees, until it was so cold I could see my own breath coming out in puffs. I hugged myself tightly. And, as if I had set off a booby trap like in Indiana Jones, the floor below me gave way. The only solid thing, which had kept me standing upright and somewhat calm, dissolved and I screamed as the blackness swallowed me whole.

With a gasp, I shot up in bed and looked around my room. I let out a relieved sigh.

It was only a nightmare. I still wasn't used to the common nightmares I have been having for the past three months. Of course, they changed every few weeks, but even so, they all only starred one person; Kaiya Hakura, aka, me.

I looked over at my alarm clock; 5:30 A.M.

I mustered some choice words and got out of bed slowly, getting ready for the day. I walked across my floor, which was covered with dirty clothes, scrolls, books, and weapons. The scrolls were obviously for the academy, for studying history and math, things like that. The books were, mostly, fiction and fantasy, my escapes as I liked to call them. I threw open my closet and grabbed my usual training outfit; a red tank top that revealed a little stomach. My black shorts that hung at my hips only came to about mid thigh, but they weren't tight at all; they were comfortably baggy. I quickly got dressed, completing the look with my netting arm warmers and blue ninja sandals. Strapping my weapons pouch on my right thigh, I took a quick look in my vanity. My long, sandy-brown hair was messy and uncombed. I hopped into the bathroom and did my routine; brushed my teeth and hair, peed, put on deodorant and placed my brown hair into a messy bun while side sweeping my bangs to the left. I walked out of the bathroom and into the living room, grabbing an apple from the coffee table before sprinting out of the apartment.

Today was the day I was not going to be late. Of course, I always said that and ended up being fifteen minutes late, causing an irritated Iruka to blow up in my face. I took a bite out of my apple, letting a smug smile tug at my lips.

But I knew I wasn't going to be late today because I got up a half hour earlier than usual. And why did I do this ludicrous action? Because today was the day I got put into my team; the day I graduate and officially become a Genin. My excitement was probably noticeable on my face as the academy came into clear view. I walked into the building causally, noticing how no one else was in the halls yet. That was either 1) good, because I was early, or 2) bad, because I was late.

There's no possible way I'm late! And if I am, than I am never ever EVER trying to be on time again, I thought, panic rising in my throat like bile. I jogged down the hall and skidded into my classroom, looking at the empty desks. Well, a few desks were occupied with early risers, but most of the desks (the desks were sane people sat) were unoccupied. I released a sigh and walked to the desk beside my lazy friend, Shikamaru Nara. I also called him Deer-Boy when he got on my nerves, which was when he called me Troublesome or Temperamental, whatever that means. Just because I may be weird, hot-headed, and commonly hard to predict, he thinks it means that I'm troublesome. The jerk.

"Hey Shika!" I stated, plopping down next to him tiredly. He mumbled a response, so I rolled my eyes. He was half-asleep, which meant that I better just leave him alone. I looked around at the other earlier risers, realizing that a certain raven-haired boy was sitting in front of me. Yawning, I tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey, Uchiha, why are you here so early?" I asked curiously. The lone survivor of the Uchiha Clan looked back at me with his usual emotionless stare. But it doesn't faze me, like most people.

"Why are you?" he replied, semi-coldly. I thought for a second, than it hit me. I beamed.

"OH! Because, I knew that if I was late today, I would probably miss my name and Team…and Iruka would probably eat me." I answered; proud that he noticed my early arrival, unlike my lazy-ass friend beside me. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at my response and obvious pride before turning back to the front of the class, muttering 'weird idiot' under his breath. I puffed out my cheeks indignantly before whacking his head mercilessly.

"Shut up, you emo jerk!" I spat as he spun around and gave me a hard glare. I simply smirked in triumph at the look before he turned back around, mumbling curses. I rolled my eyes.

"What're you doing here, Naruto? This is only for graduating students." my table partner drawled. My head shot in the direction of Shika and I saw my best friend standing there talking to Shika, pointing to his new headband proudly.

"Look here, Shikamaru! I did graduate!" Naruto exclaimed in that overly-loud voice of his. I smiled widely and climbed over Shika to hug my friend tightly.

"YAY! YOU GRADUATED, NARUTO!" I cried out as he laughed and hugged me back, twirling me around happily.

"You know it, Kay-chan!" he stated as we pulled away. I climbed back over Shika and sat in my spot, beaming again.

"You're even more troublesome than my mom…" Shika muttered under his breath. Naruto, who was currently sitting next to Uchiha, looked at Shikamaru as I glared viciously.

"Who the hell are you calling troublesome, Deer-boy?" I replied, whacking his head three times. He held his head in pain and scowled at me. I poked my tongue out at him as Naruto laughed.

"You make me laugh, Kay-chan." Naruto told me fondly. I gave him a beaming smile, than scowled at Shika again. He opened his mouth to say something, until a loud noise at the front of the class caught our attention. In the doorway were Ino and Sakura, numero Uno and numero Duos in the Sasuke Fanclub. I raised an eyebrow as they argued over who got in the classroom first, before Sakura spotted her heart-throb. With a twinkle in her eye, she ran over.

"Hi, Sakura-chan—" Naruto started.

"Out of my way!" Sakura hissed, pushing poor Naruto out of her way. I looked at Naruto sadly as he watched Sakura ask to sit next to Sasuke, a black cloud forming over his head. I shook my head.

You could do so much better, Naruto… I thought as Ino waltzed over.

"Hey, I'm sitting next to Sasuke, Billboard Brow!" she exclaimed hotly. Sakura turned to her ex-friend.

"Why would he want to sit next to a pig like you, Ino?" she spat courageously. And the fight commenced, as the silent Uchiha just zoned out. I watched as more girls joined the argument, than tapped Sasuke's shoulder again.

"Don't they ever…well, annoy the living shi—ahem—crap out of you?" I whispered, my eyes still locked on the girls. Sasuke scoffed and turned his attention back to…well…whatever had his attention until I had interrupted his thinking. I smiled lightly, than allowed my mind to zone out as well.

Wonder what team I'll be on? Better not be any Sasuke-fangirl team. I think I'd—, I thought, until I heard the fangirls yelling at Naruto for some reason. I turned my attention to the fangirls, only to have my mouth drop open in shock. Naruto and Sasuke were lip locking…in front of the whole class. I blinked slowly three times until they broke away and began coughing, holding their throats.

"Ugh! Naruto, I'm going to kill you!" Sasuke spat, scowling at the practically suffocating Naruto.

"I'M POISONED!" he exclaimed. And of course, I found the whole thing extremely funny, so I sat behind the two boys, laughing myself into a freaking coma. But the fangirls did not find this little incident as funny as I did. And unfortunately for Naruto, I was laughing way to hard to help him as the girls began to beat him up. The Uchiha turned and glared at me viciously, only causing me to laugh harder.

"Shut up, Hakura." he snapped. I held my stomach in pain as the laughs racked my body uncontrollably.

"I would… if I could…Uchiha." I told him through the laughs. My head began to get fuzzy from lack of oxygen, so I tried to think of sad thoughts in order to stop the fit of laughter.

Dead puppies…sugar-less world…dieting…family…

The last thought instantly stopped my laughter, so I took three gulping breaths of air as Iruka walked into the classroom. My happy mood turned sour, I barely listened to him. I did hear a few choice words, like 'abilities' and 'chosen' and 'pay attention Kaiya', but other than that, my mind was completely fazed out of the class. That is, until my name was called.

"Team three: Hakura Kaiya," Iruka called out, "Hiroshi Taru and Rhi Shugo."

I felt my excited demeanor turn into a confused one. I was pretty sure that I didn't know the other people on my team, unless they were in another class.

There's an advance class for the students who're older and more highly developed than us, so maybe my team's in that class…I thought with a shrug. It really didn't bother me that much, to be completely honest. As long as I wasn't paired with some fangirl, I was good. Shika nudged me.

"Who're the people on your team?" he whispered as Iruka continued on with the teams. I shrugged.

"I don't know…but whatever. I'll find out soon, I guess." I replied simply. He gave me a smile and turned his attention back to Iruka and, surprisingly enough, so did I.

"Team Seven: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura," he announced, causing Naruto to whoop in happiness while Sakura went into a depression, saying she was doomed. "And Uchiha Sasuke."

Now it was Naruto's turn to go into depression while Sakura whooped excitedly, while turning around and giving Ino a victorious sign. I rolled my eyes at the seething Ino.

"I don't get what you see in that guy." Shika muttered. Ino glared at him in disbelief.

"You still don't get it?" she asked. I thought for a second.

"I'm not a girl, so no, I don't." he responded. I held up my hands to intervene.

"But…but I'm a girl!" I exclaimed. Shika nodded.

"And your point is…?" Ino asked impatiently. I huffed at her impatience.

"I'm not all lovey-dovey on Uchiha. That's just a stereotype given to us girls because of the fangirls like you. For your information, Deer-Boy, not every girl here likes Uchiha, thank you very much." I stated clearly for the two on-lookers. I noticed that Sasuke was listening too, but I decided to not point it out as Ino just shook her head.

"But you're so… different from the rest of the girls. So, you don't count, Kaiya." she informed me. My mouth dropped.

That little hog!

"Excuse me, Piggy? Do you want to repeat that?" I asked her threateningly. She just gave me a cold glare and looked at Shikamaru.

"You're so annoying. I would hate to be on your team." she stated in exasperation. I crossed my arms and pouted childishly.

"Team ten: Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, and Akimichi Choji." Iruka exclaimed proudly. I saw a smirk cross Shika's lips as he turned to Ino.

"What was that you said about being on my team?" he asked innocently. Ino, who was utterly superficial, was practically crying over the fact that she had a lazy guy and a fat kid on her team. Although, I never called Choji fat; and not because I was afraid he'd flatten me if I did. It was because he was awesome and funny and, just like Naruto, obsessed with a certain type of food. Unlike Naruto, though, Choji liked BBQ, not Ramen. I looked at Ino.

"Choji is not fat. He's cuddly, Piggy." I corrected her innocently. She glared at me, but I just ignored her as Iruka explained that we would be meeting our senseis after lunch in this room. He dismissed the class and everyone stood up before rushing out the door. I yawned widely and grabbed a lunch I had Iruka hold for me. I never remembered to bring my own lunch, so I always had Iruka make me one and I'd pay him back by going grocery shopping for him, as well for myself. He smiled at me kindly.

"Well, this is the last lunch I'm going to make for you, seeing as you're now a Genin." he reminded me gently. I looked up at Iruka, than hugged him tightly. I really liked Iruka; he was like a father figure for me.

See, since I was about eight, I've been living in this shabby apartment on the hard part of the Village by myself. My clan was murdered when I was about six and a half, so I've been on my own since then. And I wasn't originally from the Leaf Village; I was from a regular, small, non-important village just outside of the Land of Earth (Village Hidden among the Stones) and when my family was killed, I ran away. By the time I had collapsed of exhaustion, dehydration, and hunger, I was just within the perimeters of the Land of Fire and was brought to the hospital. I was accepted into the village and given a spot at the academy when I had finally healed. Nobody knows about my past or the fact that I have no family, besides the higher ninjas, Naruto, Iruka, and Shika. I hadn't planned on telling Shika, because I was afraid he would treat me as an outcast, but he had asked Iruka where I lived and came over when I was sick once. He didn't offer me crap sympathy, but instead told me that I could come over and visit whenever I wanted. And since then, every Sunday, I go over and have dinner with them, laughing when he complained about his mom being troublesome and his dad being a pushover.

Maybe my past is the reason I don't hate Uchiha, either. I mean, yeah, he's a jerk, but he has a reason to be a jerk. I still get fed up with him, but I know for a fact that all he's trying to do is protect his self, so I just allow him to keep his walls around himself. But, if being on a team with Naruto won't break his barrier, I will try to break them down.

It's my mission, especially when days are boring.

"Thanks Iruka…I'll come by and help out sometime, ok?" I stated happily. He nodded as tears brimmed his eyes lightly and I walked out of the room. I really didn't want to go eat outside because I'll just have to come back here anyway. So, instead, I searched for a small classroom.

"Hm…where to eat, where to eat…" I muttered to myself. But when I past a small classroom, I stopped and walked backwards, looking back inside. A smile spread across my face at the scene that was laid out before me; Sasuke Uchiha, Mr. Big Shot, was tied up with duct tape placed across his mouth securely. He gave me an annoyed look as I snickered.

"So, how's life, Uchiha?" I asked calmly, kneeling down to his level. I laughed when he sent a glare my way, than decided to be nice. Holding my hands up in surrender, I gave him an apologetic look.

"Ok, ok, I'm done." I told him, beginning to untie him. The knots were firm and it took me a while to undo them, but once I had, Sasuke shot up and tore off the duct tape, wincing as he did so.

"That looked painful." I admitted. He shrugged and looked around, searching for something. Once he didn't find it, he turned to me, determination shining in his eyes.

"Where's Naruto?" he asked me. I thought for a second, than a large, cheesy smile crossed my full lips.

"He did this, didn't he?" I stated, holding in my laughs. A curt nod from Sasuke affirmed my suspicions and I snorted.

"I don't know, Uchiha. But I can assure you, he's probably gloating about his triumph over the all-powerful Sasuke Uchiha." I told him calmly, placing my hands behind my head calmly. Sasuke gave me a glare before jumping out of the open window. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and plopped down on the ground, despite the fact that there was a desk over by the window.

"No, really Uchiha, you don't need to thank me…" I muttered, pulling out the rice ball from my paper bag. I began to eat sulkily, thinking about the rude Uchiha. I still don't get what girls see in him.

I mean, yeah, he's good looking, and incredibly talented, but…so what? It's not like that was an amazing achievement; all Uchiha's have had amazing ability. And looks…well, they're just looks. Personality is what should matter, but it doesn't sometimes. I finished my rice ball, than pulled out the piece of chocolate cake. I grinned.

Iruka knows me too well, I thought fondly, taking a giant bite out of the sweet. Naruto is obsessed with ramen; Choji with BBQ; but me? I'm obsessed with sweets.

Of course, until I get a sugar high and the next day have a Sugar Hang-Over. Those always suck.

"Kaiya?" someone asked from the doorway. I turned around and saw Kiba, with little Akamaru, standing there, smiling. The small dog yipped and ran over, jumping into my lap happily as I pet him lovingly. Kiba walked in, a pout set on his face.

"All the girls love the dog; what about me? Don't I deserved to be loved too?" he anime cried dramatically. I laughed, and stood up, letting Akamaru pad onto the floor as I gave his owner a hug.

"Yes, yes, we know! You're so love-deprived." I exclaimed as he gave me a hug back tightly. I pulled away, than grabbed my bag from the floor. I pulled out the mini bottle of water and chugged it in a most un-girly like way. Kiba shook his head as we walked back to the classroom together.

"You're so…not girly." he told me for the umpteenth time. I smiled at him sheepishly before giving off a shrug. We walked into the room and saw half of the class already there. I decided to sit with Kiba, Hinata, and Shino today. I plopped down in a chair carelessly, listening as the students chattered carelessly. My mind wandered.

I thought about my apartment, empty and waiting for me. I winced at the thought of being all alone in my apartment tonight, already hating the sound. I hated living alone; it made me fell so…isolated and lonely. I don't understand how Sasuke can stand not having someone to hang out with before going home and being alone for the rest of the night. He was alone all day and all night, causing more wincing to come from me.

"Kay-chan!!" someone cried, breaking me out of my thoughts. I looked over at Naruto, who was currently trying to get my attention as we waited for our senseis. I noticed that Kiba and his team had already left, so I sweat dropped and smiled at Naruto shyly.

"Hey, Naruto! What've you been up to? Well, besides tying up Uchiha." I stated, noticing how Sasuke and Sakura were sitting a few seats behind me. Sasuke, with his sharp and annoying senses, glared at me. But I just waved back at him innocently, before turning my attention back to a pouting Naruto.

"What's the matter?" I asked, poking his head curiously. I always did that to get his attention. And whenever I was upset, he'd always poke my side, which was my ticklish spot.

More pouting from Naruto.

"We aren't on the same team." Naruto muttered sadly. I gave him a little pout, than a squeezing hug.

"Aw, don't worry! We'll still be inseparable." I assured my blonde friend. He hugged me back and smiled at me goofily before nodding.

"You're right, Kay-chan!"

"Of course I am. When have I been WRONG?"

Naruto thought for a second.

"Well, you were wrong when you told me the tooth-fairy lives in my left nostril; and when you said that Santa Claus secretly steals Choji's underwear every year; oh, and when you said that the Easter Bunny's eggs are actually—"

"Hey, I was eight! Give me some credit!" I interrupted defensively. Naruto smiled widely as more people left with their senseis. Bored, I began to write on the chalk board distractedly. I drew random squiggles and shapes, wrote odd sentences, and insults towards my hyper active friend, earning glares and pouts from him. He was currently opening and shutting all of the doors distractedly, annoying me to no end. Everyone else had left and as Naruto began to pull out and push in chairs, I sighed in irritation.

"Naruto Uzumaki, I swear, if you open/close any more doors and/or pull/push in anymore chairs, I will knock you out so fast, you'll think you fell asleep." I snapped. Naruto looked up from the chair he currently pushed in and backed up immediately, knowing I mean what I say. He was used to my common annoyed outbursts, although I could tell they still startled him. I turned back to my chalkboard and noticed everything I wrote and drew was erased. My mouth dropped and I turned to Sakura, who placed the eraser back on the small ledge that held the chalk and erasers. My eyes narrowed.

"Why did you erase my doodles?" I asked her. Sakura looked at me with a stern expression.

"Our senseis could come in any minute and we don't want them seeing those ridiculous drawings." she told me firmly. I raised an eyebrow and turned towards the two boys, who were watching us. I looked at Naruto, a hand on my hip.

"Did you care if our senseis saw my doodles?" I asked him. He shrugged.

"They made us wait. I don't think they deserve a non-messed up chalkboard." he told me, pouting once again. I nodded and turned to Sasuke.

"Same question." I told him. He looked at me and shrugged carelessly, so I heaved a dramatic sigh before marching over to him. I placed my hands on the desk and leaned closer to him.

"A shrug is not an answer. So, please, answer the damn question." I ordered calmly. He smirked lightly at my order.

"Watch your language or your parents will have to wash out your mouth." he told me. I instinctively shut my eyes at the word 'parents', but soon reopened them. I noticed Naruto giving me a soft, sad stare. Replacing my sad eyes with fierce ones, I looked at Uchiha, hoping he hadn't noticed my changed in moods. But of course, he did. His eyes stared at me intently, curiosity sparked in the onyx orbs.

"I highly doubt that. Now, answer the question."

"And why do you doubt it?"

His reply caused my eyes to narrow into slits. I think this is the most I've ever heard him talk.

"Answer my question." I stated.

"You're avoiding my question."

"So what? My home life is none of your business, Emo Jerk." I snapped, finally giving him a nickname when I get annoyed with him. His own eyes narrowed as he stood up and leaned forward until our faces were only a few inches apart. I could feel my insides practically melt as he stared into my eyes intently.

Hey, I never said I didn't have a crush on the lone Uchiha. I simply didn't pursue it like all the other girls.

"Well, I'm not answering your question until you answer mine." he told me simply. I gritted my teeth and pulled back, counting to ten in my head, trying to contain my anger.

"Whatever, you're not really worth that much of my time anyway." I told him before stalking off to the opposite side of the room. I heard Sakura gasp and I felt the glare of the Uchiha as I plopped down on the ground. Tightly crossing my arms across my chest, I glared at the ground as Naruto sat down beside me.

"Kay-chan, don't be so upset. He doesn't know, remember?" he told me gently. I wanted so bad just to tell Naruto to go away, but he always had that brotherly affect on me; I could never tell the one person that I loved like family to leave me alone. He might actually do it. Instead, I let out a sigh and nodded, knowing I probably looked like a girl version of Sasuke; emotionless. I didn't even care that the other two people in the room heard what Naruto told me.

"Doesn't know what?" Sakura asked from the front of the room. I looked up, dropping my emotionless act. I allowed my sadness to leak through; it took too much energy to pretend otherwise.

"If I didn't tell Uchiha, what makes you think I'm going to tell you?" I asked her calmly. I never hid the fact that I had a secret; what was the point? Everyone can simply make their own assumptions about me. I really didn't care that much.

"Why won't you tell me?" Sasuke asked from his spot. I rolled my eyes.

"Why would I? No offense, Uchiha, but you aren't exactly my best friend. And my secrets aren't meant to be shared with anyone I'm not close to. Not even the people who are semi-close to me know. I'm certainly not telling you and Pinky here. Not yet, anyway." I told him firmly.

"Besides, why do you want to know so bad?"

Sasuke didn't respond, so I looked up and noticed he was zoning out again. I allowed a sigh to escape my lips before the door opened, revealing two boys and a lady, looking to be in her twenties. One boy had wavy, orange hair that was shoulder length. His large, magenta eyes scanned the room, before spotting me. His eyes lit up.

"Oi, are you Kaiya Hakura?" he asked loudly. I cocked my head to the side and nodded.

"Yep, that's me." I answered calmly. The second boy, who was quiet, had short dark brown hair that only reached the tips of his ears. His own, regular sized eyes were a bright, green color. The woman smiled at me warmly.

"Well, come on then!" she called out, motioning for me to move it. I stood up gracefully and walked down the aisle of desks, pretending like everything was peachy keen. The woman's long, blonde hair was put into a tight ponytail that swished when she moved. I waved to Team Seven before heading off with my new team, wondering what we're gonna do now. I mean, come on; who wouldn't wonder when you're walking with the human energizer bunny (orange-haired kid), a mute (brown-haired kid), and the toughest Barbie model I've ever seen in my life (sensei)?