Pandemonium! Aang and Katara's First Date

Oh, no... A Date With Katara??

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I LOVE YOU, I can't possibly describe with words how happy you make me, without you my life wouldn't have sense any more.


The young waterbender smiled fondly as she finished reading this little note which was left along with a beautiful arrangement of flowers someone had left by her night table while she was asleep. Aang had these kind of small details ever since they started being in a relationship, relatively it wasn't too long ago, since their first- technically fourth kiss in Ba Sing Se was a week from this very moment, but that certainly wouldn't prevent Katara from being immediately melted by Aang's little displays of love. Katara was happier than ever-if that was still even possible; the war was over and the world rose anew, her family was reunited and she was girlfriend to the most amazingly perfect guy in the world. Nothing could be better. She snapped out of her trance, and quickly prepared for the day. Although these last few days she had been close by Aang's side as if stuck with glue to him, every second she was away from him she couldn't help but miss him. After done, she hurried up to meet the rest of her friends for breakfast.


The gaang had decided to take a vacation in Ba Sing Se before starting to help Aang restore balance to the world. The best thing to do was to first settle themselves before settling anything else. They had been occupying a house provided by the temporal government in Ba Sing Se; it was one of the most expensive and luxurious houses around the upper ring, and it was considerably darn close to the Earth King's palace. The Avatar found himself uncomfortable with such unnecessary attention, but it pleased him to see how much his friends were enjoying it. Finally, the young heroes had time to be rest and enjoy themselves as what they really are- teenagers.

"Snoozles! You're taking all the good stuff!" Toph complained at Sokka's never ending hunger.

"Gud! Am hungy!!" He babbled with his mouth full making every attempt of communication vane.

"Pff!" Toph muffled a sight of inconformity.

Suki laughed at her boyfriend's slight dullness, and Toph at Sokka's expression because of this, "GUD!!AM HUNGY!!" , Zuko just rolled his eyes and moved his head from side to side in defeat,

"Are they like this ALWAYS?" Mai asked with her signature monotonous voice, but nevertheless making a particular emphasis in her last word,

"Oh, you have no idea…" Zuko said bored, knowing the drill among the other three, Mai raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

Sokka started complaining as soon as he had swallowed the big chunk of food he held in his mouth, "WHAT? I AM HUNGRY!" He justified himself to Suki and Toph, "Besides, there is plenty more from where that food came from!" Sokka said contently rubbing his by now full belly,

"I don't know about that, Sokka; I really think we shouldn't take advantage of people's hospitality" Aang replied, who until this moment had kept quiet. 

"Hey, it's not us… It's not like we're making them giving us a bunch of free stuff, plus you just don't reject free stuff!" Sokka said mockingly as if he was hurt for what Aang said,

"I'm just saying we shouldn't abuse of this."Aang said concerned,

"Relax, twinkletoes" Toph said carefree as she punched Aang's right arm,


"Can't you just enjoy the love?" said Toph smirking referring to the citizens' gifts, but the blind earthbender's phrase caused Aang to blush lightly as it reminded him of a certain girl.

"Yeah… right… enjoy the… um… love" He said scratching the back of his neck grinning goofily.

"Smoochy, smoochy…" Sokka teased him, not even remembering the fact that he was talking about his own sister.

"Sokka, stop teasing him!" Katara scolded her brother as she entered the room. Aang felt useless for he still needed Katara's help to make Sokka stop bugging him 'I guess some things just never change.' Aang thought,

"Good morning, Katara" Aang said irradiating happiness standing up to peck her on the cheek.

"Hey, Aang" She said attempting vainly to hide the blush in her face. Everyone stared at them expectantly with a small grin drown in their faces; Katara lowered her head fluttered "So… am… What are you guys up to today?" She said trying to sound unaffected, Aang just giggled sweetly at Katara's nervousness and as they sat snaked his arm around her waist, Zuko smiled at both of them with a gotcha!-look,

"Actually, nothin'" Sokka said shrugging his shoulders,

"What about you Zuko?" Aang asked somehow interested in the young Firelord's daily affairs.

"I got nothing" He said simply,

"Well, I don't know about you guys but Mai, Toph, and I are going to a spa near the business center" Suki said smiling.

After spitting the tea he was drinking, Zuko stared shocked at Mai "You are going to a spa?", Mai looked unmoved,

"Yeah, got a problem with that?" Mai said without showing any expression at all. She had to admit it, the picture was rather odd for both Zuko and Sokka; a few months ago this would mean another potential war between the girls, but now their differences and rivalries seemed to have been gone.

"Wait, you mentioned me" Toph said crossing her arms in front of her chest, "There is NO way you two are going to make me go in there again" Toph announced,

"Oh, come on Toph, it's going to be fun!" Suki said as she and Mai stood up, "Ugh… fine!" Toph said sickened by the girl's optimism "But if one of those weird ladies touch my feet again, I tell ya; blood will be spilled" Toph said fisting her hand in the air, Suki laughed openly while Mai only smirked,

"Hey Katara, care for joining us in our girls' day out?" Suki asked friendly to the water tribe girl,

"Sure!" Katara said rapidly standing to her feet leaving Aang's soft grip,

"But… wait… I wanted to ask you something…" he muttered disappointed as the beautiful girl closed the door behind them. Aang sighted and let down his bald head, but then raised it up with a determined yet slightly hesitant look. He quickly opened the door and chased for Katara.

"Katara wait!" He said running helped by his brother element, the girls who were already deep into an interesting talk were rather bothered by the interruption "KATARA!!" Aang shouted, the girls who were already crossing one of the close upper ring bridges turned around surprised by the young monk, "Katara…." He said catching up with the girls,

"What is it, Aang?" She replied smoothly. Aang found intoxicatingly wonderful the way Katara always answered in such a soothing tone to him, almost as if she was whispering, but he mentally slapped himself; this wasn't time to daydream over Katara, he had a more important thing to ask, something that he had wanted to do for a long time now. "Em…" He said stopping still nervous to the bone and struggling to not make to noticeable his shaky legs. "I… I wanted to ask you something" regardless of the big effort Aang had to make to gather all this courage and stand in front of his girlfriend to ask such an easy question, his concentration was cruelly slaughtered by Toph,

"What? You want to join us too?" she mocked him raising an eyebrow

"TOPH!" he exclaimed agitated and rather irritated by Toph's constant bugging and reminding of that awful play he wish had never seen back at Ember Island,

"I wanted to ask Katara something." He said trying to ignore Toph's crude comment.

"Right, I'm listening." Katara said holding Aang's hand.

Aang looked at her and then back at the girls, 'Aang, NO… no way you're asking this in front of all of THEM, especially Toph! Oh, boy… I'm done for; I never thought there would be anything harder than fighting Ozai… I guess I was wrong.' "In private?" He asked holding that look Katara found so breathtaking, "Please?",

"I'll be right back, guys." Katara said to the others as Aang and she walked back towards the house, but not going in. "So… what's all this mystery about, mister Avatar?" She said amused,

"Em…well, you see…" Aang said staring at his feet and playing with his fingers,

"Aang…" Katara said cupping the boy's chin and raising it to lock her gaze with his, she smiled lovingly at him "You know, I never got to thank you for the flowers… or the poems… or anything else for that matter" The waterbender said leaning towards the air nomad placing a soft sweet kiss in his silky lips. Aang smiled as she kissed him; he just loved the way Katara seized any opportunity at all lately to kiss him. He got grip of her waist pulling Katara closer to him and at the same time deepening the kiss. She snaked her arms around Aang's neck making sure to savor every moment, every second, every feeling of that amazing kiss. Katara felt her hear explode in affection for the boy she held in her arms, how in her sane mind could she have hided so many feelings for such an amount of time? Surely if she had kept them just another moment; she would've gone crazy. They pulled apart gradually gasping slightly for a breath,

"You're welcome, anytime" Aang said giggling in bliss as his lips brushed hers for they were still just inches from each other,

"Now, what was that you wanted to ask me?" Katara softly whispered as their foreheads met

"You know what day is it?" Aang asked playfully

"Saturday?" Katara asked peevishly, Aang giggled,

"But I mean what happened on Saturday…" he continued, "I'll give you a hint" he said placing a quick kiss on the girl's soft lips "Is this the right time?",

"I haven't forgot, you silly" Katara said smiling sweetly staring at Aang's cloudy grey eyes,

"It has been a week…" Aang sighted

"I know! Can you believe it?" Katara smiled, "I still feel like it has been just hours ever since when we were at Iroh's tea shop",

"Yeah… Time runs like water, huh?" Aang replied sharply at his former sifu

"…And feels like air" she continued, both giggled blushing for such anologies. Aang stared at her wishing time just stopped there; in the most perfect situation. Just him and her, no other thing in the world mattered to the Avatar in that very moment but capturing the view of the most stunning woman he had ever been in the presence of.

"Anyway… I think we ought to celebrate that, don't you think?" He continued still with his gaze locked on those blue jewels of hers.

"How?" She asked genuinely without the slightest hint.

In a moment of sudden braveness and making the most of the moment Aang dared to ask baldly "Katara, would you like to go on a date with me?"

The girl opened her eyes in surprise and astonishment "A date?" Katara asked exited, "Oh my goodness! Aang, of course; I'd love to!" She exclaimed now letting go of her boyfriend and giggling slightly,

"You would?" Aang asked still processing the information,

"Why wouldn't I? You're my boyfriend, aren't you?" she stated, "Oh, Aang!" She said smiling truthfully and giving him the most heart-swelling hug she had ever given to him, Aang sighted in relief.

"Good" He said hugging her and closing his eyes as he let her sweet scent invade his perception, he started running his fingers through the soft bundles of chocolate brown hair of Katara,

"Thank you, Aang" Katara said after breaking a short silence in which they just enjoyed quietly the privilege of holding each other uniting their heartbeats as a sole one. "For what?" Aang replied a little confused,

"For sharing with me the most unbelievable perfect week of my life, I love you." She said heartedly,

"You know I love you too, right? More than anything in the world." Aang said pronouncing the words as if they were sugar,

"Yes, I know" Katara said lovingly as she caressed the back of Aang's head following the sky-blue arrow's trace. She could already hear Toph's complains and hurrying yells addressed to her,

"COME ON SUGARQUEEN! YOU CAN MAKE OUT WITH AANG LATER!" Toph yelled mighty lunged, the couple broke apart and laughed amused,


"NO PROB!" She smirked,

"Okay, so what about tonight at eight?" Aang asked Katara settling the schedule down,

"Sounds perfect, see you at eight then" Katara said pecking him on the cheek, "Gotta go now, the girls are pretty impatient" Katara smiled as she started walking again towards the bridge,

"Have fun!" Aang said waving her good-bye,

"I will" She waved him back, and with that the girls were on their way to the spa.

Aang walked towards the house smiling proudly to himself, "And the Avatar scores!" He said mischievous, "Whoa, I'll have my first date with Katara…" Aang said finding the subject worthy of admiration, when he suddenly stopped short of floor to stand on, "Oh no, MY FIRST DATE WITH KATARA!" If he had hair, he'd been ripping it off his head; indeed he had invited Katara on a date that night, on a date that wasn't even there yet.

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