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Chapter 15:

Joker surveyed his henchmen's handy work with a smile. Several unconscious men duck taped around a support had captured the honor guard for today's parade. And oohh what a fine parade it was going to be. Death, destruction, chaos... all the things he loved and he would be home in time for dinner.

Speaking of which...

"Does one of you have the trace on Andy? Come now! Speak up!" Joker demanded.

Thomas looked up from fixing his badge onto the jacket. "Matthews picked her up in a cab. Took her to that Falls complex on the North side. She's in apartment 14B."

"Goood... good. Very good Thomas. 14B..." Joker fixed his hat low. "Time to go chaps." Watching his new honour guard file out of the emptied apartment, he stopped the last man on his way out. "A word if you will."

"Now listen very careeefully. I need you to set the timer. I'm sure Bats will be coming to our little sunday parade, and I want to make sure he gets a good view. The telescope is all set up, just set the timer. It's motion detected, so don't go bumbling about after you set it, okay? And DON'T say a word to those guards once they're awake. The gas should keep them out for a little bit longer."

The man nodded in confirmation and Joker continued on his way to the parade. There was enough people to hide in plain sight. Even if his scars drew attention, Joker had a story for them. Sliced in war... no one liked talking about war. They avoided it like the plague.

Humming lightly to himself, he observed the hum drum of life. Bagpipes blowing, cops everywhere. Ohhh look, Gordon... and he doesn't even know what a sell out his own cops are. Joker ducked his head to ensure that Gordon wouldn't get a good look at his face.

Finally they made it to the end of the parade. Gun firmly in hand, Joker shoots in the air with the rest of his fake honour guard. The next shot is aimed for the little ol' Mayor. That idiot Gordon got in the way. Dropping his gun, Joker hunches over and scatters, losing himself in the chaos erupting throughout the parade. Cops are running everywhere. Sliding down a side alley, he ditches the jacket and hat, keeping a weary eye out for the caped crusader. Joker finds a parked car idling outside a shop as it's owner is arguing furiously with an attendant.

"Whata guy. Just leaving his car here for me." Joker slipped in and drove off. He had to prepare for his next plan. Whoever had survived today was meeting at one of Gotham's abandoned warehouses at midnight. He knew at least one of his men wouldn't make it. That was the plan after all. Kill the Mayor, and let the city know his next target. Then see how they would cluster around that Rachel Dawes. It had irked him that Batman had just thrown himself after Dawes. The girl was beautiful no doubt, but really? He had some loose ends to tie up now too. He'd never killed Harvey Dent and now the Mayor was still alive and breathing.

He'd made it to Andrea's without being tracked by the cops. Of course he didn't think he would be. They were all to busy working on how the honour guard had been infiltrated by him. Ahh this was the life.


Andrea stared around her room miserably. It was smaller then her huge apartment, a one room bachelor style suite. On the bonus side, she was alive still and it looked like she was going to be away from the Joker. He'd paid her off and now she was free.

Or so she thought.


The entrance door opened with a bang. "Honey... I'm home."

The couple making out half naked on the couch stared in shock.

Joker stood there, staring right back at them.

"Did you get the wrong apartment or something, dude?"

Joker flipped out his notebook. "This is 14B right?"

"Well yeah..."

"Does a Andrea live here?"

"No? But some chick moved into an apartment across the hallway. Maybe you're looking for her. 14A?"

"Thanksss.." Joker shut the door on his way out. If Thomas wasn't already dead, Joker was gunna kill him!

Andrea was just stepping out of her apartment when she caught sight of the Joker coming out of the apartment across from her. Even without his purple suit and makeup, there was no mistaking those eyes or the leering scar that kept his face in a permanent smile.

"Great. So now you're my personal stalker, aren't you?" Andrea complained.

"Well I did pay for the apartment, Doll." Joker responded. "What's yours is mine and all that mushy stuff."

He moved past her to enter the compact room. "Little small, isn't it? Oh well! We'll just have to share." Joker pawed through empty drawers and inspected the very bare fridge. "So I guess it's dinner out?"

Andrea sighed and leaned against the door watching his antics, "Yeah, I was just gunna go grocery shopping."

"Not anymore. We're ordering take out."

Another sigh emitted from Andrea as she closed the door, kicked her shoes off and plopped onto the couch. "Chinese please then."

Joker picked up the phone and rang for service. "Yeah, whatever your special is, and some rice, wonton soup, those little roll things. Yeah Yeah Whatever. Here's the address." Joker rattled off the buildings number.

Joker moved her feet so he could sit on the couch. "Well D-Doll. How was your day?" He didn't wait for a response, "Mine was great... except for the Mayor. People keep surprising me Doll. They do the unexpected sometimes. These hero cops." Joker curled his lip in distaste.

She shrugged, settling her feet in his lap. "Not everyone is created equal. There's cowards and heroes. Then there's the middleman."

"Middlemen?" He questioned tugging off his gloves to throw them on the floor.

"Yup. The ones that know they're cowards and heroes at the same time. In the right situation they will be heroes, or adversely they will be cowards."

"What would be a right situation to test this theory?"

"Lock them in a room and give them the choice to be one or the other."

Joker glanced out the window at the harbour. "Hmmm... or a ferry."

"What was that J?" Andrea had missed his mumbling when she reached for the sketch pad on the coffee table.

"Just contemplating a social experiment. The average man verses the average criminal. We'll find out who the real monster is." They fell into silence as Andrea concentrated on her drawing and Joker on his thoughts.

The Joker asked suddenly, "Who do you think Batman is?"

Andrea looked up from her sketchbook, "Someone rich with connections. Have you seen his gadgets? He's got some veryyy nice connections with some army dealerships, or a special agency." She frowned, then added, "Or Wayne Enterprises. They do all sorts of tech there."

"How do you know that?"

"I did a stint in interviewing when I first arrived in Gotham. I wasn't always famous in the fashion world. Anyways this was when Bruce Wayne was declared dead. No one had seen him in years."

"Wayne Enterprises... Didn't Wayne throw the fundraiser for Dent? Playboy Wayne there could be funding Dent's vigilantly enterprises."

"Mhmm." Andrea agreed, concentrating on finishing her sketch. It wasn't fashion she was drawing this time. It was the Joker. Shirt sleeves rolled up, hair slicked back, lounging on the couch as though he owned the world. Which he was about to by the looks of it. Gotham was falling to pieces.

Joker stared at her intensely. "You seem... distracted."

"Un-uh. Nope." Andrea shaded in his eyes, not even noticing the Joker quietly leaning towards her. Snatching the pad out of her hands he viewed the black and white sketch of himself with a critical eye. Andrea's chest tightened. There was no expression on his face as he viewed her work. She couldn't tell if he was angry, happy or just... Joker.

"Am I really that interesting?" Joker looked at her. "Why don't you just draw me like one of your french girls?" He mocked softly.

Andrea stared at him. "I can't believe you just said that." A small grin lifted her face, crinkling the pattern of pale scars on the side of her face.

Joker almost joined her in her mirth. The buzzing doorbell interrupted though. Andrea swung her legs off the Joker and had to run to the door. She'd already noticed Joker reaching for his gun.

Squinting through the peephole, she saw a tired teenager holding a large bag of "Won's Chinese".

"I'm buying dinner." Joker had followed her frantic scramble to the door, automatic in hand.

"You are not shooting the delivery guy!" Andrea argued in hushed tones.

"Why not?" Joker asked flatly, tugging her away from the door.


Too late. The door swung open. "Hand over the chow buckeroo," Joker pointing his gun at the young man, whose eyes widened before he throw the food at them and bolted.

A very smug clown closed the door, handed Andrea the food and pocketed his gun.

"Easy as pie." He headed for the kitchen whistling.

"Obviously you've never made pie." Andrea muttered. She felt bad for the kid who was probably speeding through town to get away from them.