Seven blackbirds in a tree,

Count them and see what they be.

One for sorrow

Two for joy

Three for a girl

Four for a boy;

Five for silver

Six for gold

Seven for a secret

That's never been told.

One for sorrow.

Sorrow was when you left me. Left me all alone, without any explanation, reason, or apology. Just up and bloody left, like you didn't even care what I felt. And let me tell you, you shattered more than picture frames that day. That day was the first time I cried in a frightfully long time. All because of you, Mello.

Two for joy.

Joy was when I found you again. You were a mess, burned to a crisp and better off dead. But you called for me. You needed me. And that alone was enough to erase the horror of finding you in such a state. Because you had needed me, Mello.

Three for a girl.

The girl was when you went to get that picture. You told me all about it when you got back. About this chick you had kidnapped. And Mello, I was pissed. Because frankly, I knew you. And the Mello I knew would have taken one look at a naked woman, ripped his pants off, and screwed her. Right there on the floor. But you told me no, you hadn't so much as touched her. I didn't believe you, Mello.

Four for a boy.

The boy was me. You laughed when I accused you of sleeping with the so-called enemy. Laughed! Right in my face. No, you said. Truthfully, you much preferred boys. Not as much whining, crying, and bitching. You took a bite of your chocolate bar and grinned. I grinned in return, not quite understanding the immense relief I felt. Did liking boys mean you could like me, Mello?

Five for silver.

Silver is Near. You hated that emotionless bastard with every ounce of strength you possessed, with every fiber of your being. I know that. But it didn't stop me from worrying. Because you had confessed to me right after you had been to see the sheepy little son of a bitch. Perhaps the hate ran into something more? Perhaps it wasn't Hal you were attracted to, but Near? I shuddered to think. But I brushed those thoughts off. You would never. Would you, Mello?

Six for gold.

Gold is you. It is the way your hair shimmers when you toss it over your shoulders so disdainfully, with that devilish look on your face. It is the color of your chocolate wrappers, which constantly litter our apartment. It is everything inside you, your burning passion, your uncontrolled emotions. It's the way I feel when you look at me, Mello.

Seven for a secret that's never been told.

The secret is something I keep inside of me. It is something I have harbored for a very long time, but have only just began to realize. It is something that binds me to you eternally, no matter what decisions you make, no matter where you go, no matter what you do. In life or even death, I am bound to your side. It is something that gives you overwhelming power of me. Something that makes me obey your every command and hang on your every word. It is something that could be my downfall, or my salvation. I love you, Mello.

A/N: Spices here. I found this poem in an old poetry book I loved when I was a kid. Needless to say, I fell in love, and random oneshot ensued. xD