Chapter 1:

I was sitting in a large office, it seemed well furnished and reflected the wealth of the academy. In front of me sat the Student councillor, some guy with White, almost silver hair. At first I thought he was old but judging by his young features and sense of style, I would say he was possibly in his early thirties. All I could think right now is how moving is such a drag. My parents had gotten me too hopeful on the home schooling idea when they had mentioned it just as an idea. But alas, now I was sitting is some office with a man who's hair was parted so part of it fell to cover his left eye while his nose and mouth was hidden behind the book he was reading, quite casually too considering it was obviously an intense romance novel. 'Man get me out of here…' I almost begged as I watched the clouds float by beyond the schoolyard. I heard the book shut as the man placed it on his desk.

"So, Shikamaru was it?"

"Yes, Sir." I replied glancing down at the name tag on his desk. 'Hatake Kakashi, hmm scarecrow…'

"So need anything?"

I lifted my gaze to see him staring at me almost bored. I contemplated it. 'Unless he can deem me too stupid to be enrolled here, but that would never happen…'

"No, that's alright."

"Okay," he replied with a small smile. "So I'll see you around." He said simply returning to his book.

"Well, wait!" I began, " I don't know where any of my classes are or the bell schedule, or rules,"

" I just asked if you needed help." he sighed, "Fine we'll have someone waiting for you out in the hall, the office aid Choji, he can show you around. Now if you don't mind I'll be getting back to my reading and dealing with more incompetants, such as yourself."

I got up to leave when someone bumped into me, shoving their way into the office.

"Move it, dumbass."

I stared back at the rebel before deciding to move on, the scars on his face that resembled knife wounds didn't make him seem too friendly.

"What the hell did you do now, Naruto?" I heard Hatake inquire though, again, almost not interested.

"Nothing! I was just messing around with the stupid lunchlady."

"I heard sexual harassment?"

"Well, I just took the hotdog and sort of you know… made gestures." I could hear the asshole smiling while he spoke.

"What, a hotdog? What's the matter the bratwurst too much for you to handle?"

There was a pause and I used this to move on to the hallway,

"Man this school is freaking weird…"

"Tell me about it, hey," I turned to see a chubby guy with a bag of chips and a laptop back look at me with a grin. He put his hand forward,

"Choji Akimichi." I looked a his greasy crumbed fingers, despite the mess I couldn't help but smile, he was an honest guy. I shook his hand,

"Shikamaru Nara." Our hands dropped and I wiped mine off inconspicously. I followed the eager student obiediently.

Choji seemed like an okay guy, I still didn't know who he really was but fom first impression he seemed really friendly.

"Oh, you probably should know popularity status and cliques here." he said at one point as passing period was going on.

"Those guys are weird, they don't generally talk to anyone or liked being talked to." I saw two figures sitting together. One had bright red, short spiky hair, and some sort of symbol tatooed on his forehead. The other one must have been goth from the weird dark make-up striped across his face. They simply glared at us as we walked by.

"Those guys are obsessed with animals, don't know why but one of them's into bugs and the other one had his parents let him bring his dog to school."

I saw the first one mentioned, he sat motionlessly with sunglasses and a hood staring at a beetle crawling over his hand. The guy with the dog had short brown hair and either one of his cheeks had some sort of mark on them, 'Maybe he's in a band or something.'

"Next, we have two of your 'plain' girls, if you want to find a date, look there, there might actually be one your allowed to date." I looked over at one who seemed to hide behind the binder, she had pale eyes and a barette clipping her hair back a little, as she listened to the other girl. The other gril seemed sort of spunky for being plain as she chatted about some sort of story, she even seemed a little fashionable. She had short brown hair but was wearing it up in a pair of buns on top of her head. 'Cliques just don'tmake sense to me.'

"Next, you've got the popular people, don't even bother trying to get on their goodside, your new and well…"

"What?" I asked studying the group.

"Well, your're just not rich, or an actor, or a model, like they are."

"Alright…" I replied as I saw who appeaed to be the leader of the group. He had pale irises like the girl we had just seen and I figured they must be related. He watched us pass with some kind of hate, his hair was long, brown and in a loose ponytail, he also wore a bandanna over his brow and sunglasses over those. There was a tall blonde who was fanning herself as she seemed to act just as fake to a member of her own group as one outside of it.

"Wait!" I began, catching the sight of two girls up ahead.

"Who's she? The one with the light colored hair?"

"Oh her? That's Ino, don't bother though."

This Ino travelled with a girl who was about the same height as her, though with smaller breasts and ass. 'Man when did I become so shallow? Oh well, I'm male, I'm allowed to look.'

"Why not? She taken?"

Choji scoffed,

"Might as well be, her guardian's a Nazi. He won't let her or her brother date until they graduate."

"Damn, really?" I looked hungrily after the blonde, 'I bet if I showed her father I wasn't just another perverted idiot and have an IQ higher than most of the teachers in this school he would have second thoughts.'

"Well maybe I'll have a class with her."

"It's likely, the school's not too big and we have limited teachers." He finished his last potatoe chip with a satisfied grin and threw the bag at the trash can. It bounced off unsucessfully, I walked over to pick it up when I heard him say,

"What are you doing?"

"You missed, if I left it there it would bug me later." When I turned to pick it up I saw Ino tossing the bag away with a sneer.

"You're such a pig." She said to Choji angrily before turning away. As she walked away I saw him glare after her,


I shook my head,

"No way, dude she just picked up after you."

"So? She called me a pig, plus you don't know her she's a selfish, conceited bitch."

"I think you're wrong." I said staring a the corner she rounded. 'There was something about her, a bitch wouldn't go out of her way to pick up trash.

"Meh, think what you want."