Whoo! So for all of you that have read Second Chance and heard about this story, I'm finally getting this up! For all of you that haven't, I hope you like this! It's my first AU story and I'm really nervous. I hope you guys enjoy it! Please leave reviews and tell me what you think, it keeps me going. If I get a lot of reviews, I'll continue, if I don't I'll probably stop, just because I'm really unsure if people will like my first AU story so please let me know! I want to know if it's any good! I like the idea but I want to know what you guys think because you're the ones I'm writing for!

Here is the full summary!

After Mary's death John eventually becomes abusive towards Dean, beating him and placing the blame on Dean's shoulders. Everything that goes wrong is Dean's fault to him. (Yea I know that John wouldn't do this, but this story is AU) Dean doesn't let Sam know what's going on this whole time, trying to protect him from what's happening to him and from John. When Sam leaves for college John beats Dean even more blaming him for Sam's departure. Dean eventually escapes and Sam has a vision of his father killing Dean. Sam finds Dean severely beaten and takes him back to Stanford with him and Jess. He learns what happened and has to deal with all that has been poured into his mind and a physically and mentally tortured Dean. Dean has no confidence in himself and sees himself as a loser and worthless and it's up to Sam to help him while still going to school. Well that's just what's going to eventually come up in a story hopefully sometime soon! I wanted to write something different that was kinda AU! If you want, you can tell me what you think.

Sam Winchester didn't have a clue why he was in this dirty building. It looked like it hadn't been used in a decade at least. One minute he was watching TV in bed with his girlfriend Jess in their apartment near the Stanford campus, the next he was here. Maybe he was dreaming. Most likely was. But none of his dreams have ever been this vivid before. It felt like this was really happening that what he was seeing was real.

He heard a moan and a cough to his left and his head quickly turned in that direction. His dad always used to take him and Dean on hunting trips with him.. He used to tell him "Sam, you're smart. Not like your thick skulled brother here. You do the job right, Dean always messes up. Together I know we can catch the thing that killed your mom." But Sam knew his Dad was way over the edge. He was obsessed with killing this thing, he drank way too much and he often slapped Dean. Sam didn't know why his dad always took the anger out on Dean and not him. It got him really upset and whenever he tried asking about it his father would tell him that Dean was misbehaving and deserved to be slapped. But to Sam, Dean never misbehaved, he always did everything he was told, but it never seemed good enough for their father, it was like he loved Sam more than Dean.

Sure, Dean dropped out of High School, but Dean told him it was just too hard. It wasn't Dean's fault he wasn't very smart. Sam loved his brother, even though he was pretty much a loser. Dean never had any friends, was always alone, and never joined any clubs in high school. He was pretty socially awkward too, didn't communicate well with people, he was too shy. Sam didn't understand why Dean was like this because he was never like this with Sam. He watched over Sam and played games with him when he was little, helped him with his problems. Even though their Dad obviously seemed to care more for Sam, he was never there for him. Dean was the one that was always there for him and Sam loved him to death for that. He took his side when he decided to go to Stanford even though it looked like their father was going to beat him.

Sam wished Dean would have come with him but he didn't. That might be because Sam used to ditch Dean sometimes when he was in high school, he wouldn't take Dean with him to hang out with his friends because he didn't want his friends to make fun of him for having a loser as a brother. Sometimes when Dean asked to hang out with Sam, Sam would ditch him to go hang out with his friends, he loved his brother but he didn't want to be seen with him back then. Sam could slap himself now for that. He learned while in college that it doesn't matter how "cool" you are, that all goes away after high school. Your "friends" leave you and only the true ones stay. Dean was his only true friend, and he was so rude to him before. That is probably why Dean wouldn't come with Sam and stayed with his father that he knew Dean couldn't stand. He would risk staying with a mad man than embarrass his little brother. Dean deserved a huge apology from Sam, but Sam could never get ahold of him.

Sam was drawn from his thoughts by another moan. He decided to follow the hallway to the left. He ended up in what looked like it used to be a storage room. He saw a sign that said Storage Co. Los Angles that confirmed his suspicions. He drifted his eyes across the room and saw a bundle of something lying in the corner. He cautiously made his way over and realized that it was a human. Bending down further to inspect it, he saw that it was just not any human, but his big brother.

Dean looked horrible, his face was covered in blood and his hair was matted to his face. He was holding his left arm to him like it was broken and he was wheezing. He looked around the room quickly through his shattered glasses like he was afraid of who was coming. But the scariest part was that he looked right through Sam, like he couldn't see him.

"Dean?" He asked but it was like Dean never heard him. He reached down to touch Dean's shoulder but his hand went right through him.

What was going on?

A bang echoed through the room and Sam spun around. He saw his father quickly walking into the room, a gun in his hand.

"So you think you can run away from me huh? What? Is this pain to much for you, you pathetic wimp?!" His father yelled at his brother "You know what? I'd be so much better without you, you're not even worth my amusement in watching you suffer, you're not worth anything! It's your fault Mary died! I let you live through that! But then you let your brother go away to college...that I can't stand anymore! It's your fault I lost him too!" His father then kicked Dean in the face, knocking out some teeth.

Dean whimpered and blood flowed down his chin. "Won't let you take Sammy away from college...rather die..." He choked out

"Alright then, I'll kill you." He pointed the gun at Dean's head. "I hate you." And pulled the trigger.

Sam started awake. It took him a while to realize that he was still in bed, Jess was gone at her morning class.

The dream...it was so real...too real...It seemed like it really happened. What if...

No, his father would never do that. He didn't like Dean was much as Sam but he would never torture him or kill him...would he? The father he dreamed about sounded so much like his real father...He needed to make sure Dean was okay. He called Dean's cell and got a dial tone. That wasn't a good sign. Dean always left his phone on in case Sam needed him...Sam was beginning to get scared. There was no harm in driving over to Los Angles and checking out that abandoned building, Storage Co. It wasn't that far from Stanford now was it? He'd drive over there and try to find his brother, if he wasn't there than his dream was just that, a dream. If he was then...

Sam hoped he would be alive.

He left a note to Jess saying his brother needed him and he was going to drive over and visit him. Then he got in his car and sped off towards Los Angles. His dream took place at night. It was 9 in the morning now. Hopefully he could get to Dean before then.

Dean Winchester lay huddled in a corner in the abandoned building in Los Angles. He managed to escape from his father's latest blowout. They just kept getting worse and worse ever since he let Sam go off to college. But there was no way he wasn't letting Sammy enjoy himself and have fun at college. Sammy should have the chance to live. He knew he himself would never be able to.

Somehow, he had been able to hide most of the stuff his father had done to him from Sammy. His father didn't used to beat him. But once both he and Sammy got older, his father realized Sammy was smart and strong and Dean was dumb and weak. He took that and used it against Dean, blaming him for not being able to protect Mary, like it was his fault she died! He was considered useless to his father while Sammy was the perfect child. But Dean never took it against Sam. He loved his baby brother and would do anything for him. Sam knew that John beat Dean but Dean told him it was just because he was misbehaving. The big things like John breaking Dean's arm, John splashing chemicals into Dean's eyes in an attempt to blind him, John using Dean as bait for the hunts and coming back as a bloody mess, Dean would make up stories for. Saying that he accidentally fell out of a tree, knocked down the bottle and it got into his eyes, and he just in the way of the monster they were hunting. Dean never wanted Sam to know the truth about his father. Never.

Dean couldn't run anymore so he had to take refuge in this building. He hadn't eaten in days; he couldn't even move his body anymore. Dean had escaped before, but had never gotten very far. This time he knocked his father out and ran across the city. But his father was bound to find him. He'd ask people if they saw a bloody man in his twenties running down the street or he'd call the cops. Either way, he was bound to find Dean.

His father had beaten him so horribly because he wouldn't tell his father where Sam was living so he could break into his apartment and take him away. He never wanted his father to touch Sam, never wanted Sam to see him again.

Even though Sam probably didn't love Dean as much as he loved him, Dean was more than ready to die for him. He understood why Sam used to ditch him, because he was such a loser, a high school drop out. But he had to drop out of high school. It wasn't like he was too stupid to complete it. It was because his father never allowed him to do his homework. "You're too stupid, why do you even bother, you'll fail." He'd tell him. And plus, teachers had started asking him about his bruises and black eyes and why suddenly one day Dean, who had perfect eyesight, needed such strong glasses. He didn't want the teachers to get involved.

So he simply layed there, waiting for his father to come, and when he heard footsteps he crawled into a ball and closed his eyes. Waiting for the pain.

"Dean?" A voice called out.

But it was a kind, scared, caring voice. It wasn't the harsh maniac voice of his father.

It was Sam's voice.

Sammy had found him.