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John was finally dead.

Sam would have been more relieved if Dean didn't end up getting shot. But it was finally over. Sam figured Dean got the justice he so deserved.

It was easy to prove to the cops when they finally showed up that Dean had shot John on self defense. (Or rather for Sam and the pizza man's defense) All their stories matched up and they also had the pizza man for witness, whose name they found out was Carl. Sam had to remember to suggest Carl as a name for when they had kids.

Jess only had a mild concussion but other than that she was fine. She was even able to wait with Sam in the waiting room as long as she took it easy. Dean on the other hand was rushed into surgery right away to see if they could save his knee. Sam and Jess were waiting outside in the waiting room when a doctor came up to both Sam and Jess.

"He's done already?" Sam asked in shock, it had only been an hour since Dean had been in the operating room.

"No, he's not. We have a couple of questions to ask you though. We found out that Dean's left knee was damaged as well. How long has it been like this?" The doctor questioned

"For about ten years…probably a little bit more. Our father….he…he did it…" Sam said through clenched teeth

The doctor nodded in understanding. "Well, part of his kneecap is severely damaged, probably made worse from so many years of no treatment. We're putting in a partial prosthetic knee and removing the part of the kneecap that is damaged. But his other knee…"

"How bad is it?" Jess questioned, worry beginning to enter her tone

The doctor sighed causing both Sam and Jess to flinch "His whole kneecap is destroyed. He was shot with a shotgun, which is very powerful and as you informed us your father was practically standing right in front of him when he did it. His ligaments and some muscles were also destroyed. We have two options here and I want you to decide what is best for your brother."

"Why don't you ask him? This should be his decision." Sam told him

"You're brother is undergoing surgery, he is knocked out. We don't have time to wait for the anesthesia to wear off, we have to act now. Option one is that we could try to give your brother a full prosthetic knee, however since he has so much damage it probably won't help that much. He'll need years of treatment and rehab until he is able to walk on it for long periods of time and that is with support. He will always be reliable on a cane or crutches and will probably always suffer some type of pain."

Sam was horrified at what the doctor just told him. There was no way he was having Dean go through all that just to be in constant pain. No, there had to be a better way. "What's the second option?" He demanded

"The second option is that we amputate your brother's leg right above the knee." At seeing both Sam and Jess's terrified faces he quickly continued on. "However this way, your brother will eventually get a prosthetic leg and if he goes to rehab regularly he will have excellent use of it after about a year. He won't be in any pain and he'll be able to walk normally because his other leg will be healed as well with the partial prosthetic knee."

"He won't limp anymore?" Sam asked the doctor

"Like, I said after a year's time he should be good. No one would know that anything's wrong with him by looking at him, he'll be able to walk normally after he masters the leg."

Sam let out a sigh. He by no means wanted Dean to lose his leg. But if he did he wouldn't be in pain, and he could eventually walk normally. For the first time in more than ten years Dean could finally walk without a limp! Compared to the other option, this one was so much better. He just hoped Dean wouldn't hate him for making this decision, he hoped this is what Dean wanted.

The next day Dean awoke from his surgeries, but he was in and out of it all day, he had no clue what was going on. Sam had to wait another day for Dean to finally be coherent although he was still hooked up on a bunch of meds.

The doctor decided it was best if they told Dean about his leg as soon as possible so he doesn't find out about it on his own. He started by telling Dean about the two options and what the outcomes would have been, just like he told Sam. He told him that Sam had made the best choice for him.

Dean was wide eyed and scared the whole time the doctor was speaking to him. Then he finally looked down and came face to face with his much-shortened leg and Sam saw him pale horribly and begin to shake.

Sam was at this brother's side in an instant, comforting him and apologizing as well. It saddened him so much to see the small remainder stump of Dean's leg all bandaged up, but what else was he to do? He couldn't let Dean live the rest of his life in pain.

"I'm sorry Dean; I had to make a choice. I couldn't chose the other one, I just couldn't. You would be in so much pain and it would be so hard for you to walk…."

Dean took a few calming breaths and leaned into Sam. "Don't apologize Sammy. You made the right decision; it's what I would have made too. You did the right thing, thank you."

Dean was quiet for the rest of the next two days until Sam walked in to find Dean sobbing freely, head in his hands.

Sam dropped what he had been holding, whatever it was it wasn't important, and rushed over to Dean.

"Dean! What's wrong? Does it hurt? Do you need more meds?" He quickly questioned his brother, only to realize that Dean's tears were not tears of physical pain.

Dean shook his head and continued to cry. Sam couldn't stand it anymore and wrapped his arms around his brother who had been through way too much in his short life.

"Tell me what's wrong Dean? I need to know. You can tell me anything, please." Sam begged over and over until finally ten minutes later when Dean's sobbing had been replace by whimpering, he spoke up.

"It will never end." Dean whispered, shuddering next to his brother

"What will never end Dean?"

"I keep getting injury upon injury Sammy. It feels like it's never ending. Bad thing after bad thing keeps happening to me. I don't deserve this! I just want it to stop! I just want to live my life and not have to worry what horrible injury I'm going to get next!"

Sam's heart broke upon hearing his brother's words. But there was hope; Dean had said that he didn't deserve this. He knew he was a good person and that none of this should have happened to him. That in itself was a big improvement from a year ago.

Sam sat next to his brother on the bed and simply held him close, letting him know that he was always here for him without words. "It will stop Dean. He's gone now, he's dead. The majority of the horrible things that happened to you were all his fault; he will never hurt you again. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from him…"

Dean wildly shook his head. "No, no. I was protecting you, I'm the big brother." Sam went to open his mouth to speak but Dean shushed him. "I know, I know, we both have to protect each other, no mater if we're the younger brother or the older. But it was you that he was after, it was you that he wanted to kill, not me. Therefore, I had to protect you, not the other way around. We both sacrifice things for each other."

"You had to sacrifice your leg." Sad pointed out sadly

"Yeah, I did and I'd do it again. I don't regret standing in front of you; I don't regret taking the shot for you Sam, not at all. I don't want you thinking that. It's just…when will I ever get some good luck? Ya' know? When will I get lucky, when will things start to go my way?" Dean wiped at the tears that were threatening to fall again.

"It will start now Dean. And you were very lucky to have that gun land right next to you so you could stop him."

Dean thought about this for a minute. "Yeah, you're right. Maybe I need to look harder." Sam was right. Dean realized he had actually been really lucky in the past year. His brother saved him before his father killed him, Sam and Jess taught him that his life was worth living and that he was loved, he was able to save both Sam and Jess's lives, and he had a wonderful girlfriend who hopefully still wanted to stay with him even though he lost a leg.

"It'll be okay, we'll get through this. I'll be here for you the whole way, me and Jess both." Sam told Dean

"I know." Dean smiled and for the first time, he actually believed that his pain had ended for good.

The next day Jess was sitting with Dean in bed playing cards while Sam was taking a nap back at the motel to get some rest. Neither of them left Dean alone at any time even though Dean told them he'd be fine.

They were just getting through their 5th game of slap jack (Jess was determined to beat Dean) when there was a knock on their door frame.

Dean turned around to find Cassie standing there, her face held sorrow and happiness at the same time. Before Dean could decide if she would still want to be with him she ran over and wrapped her arms around his neck. Dumbfounded, Dean wrapped his own arms around her waist.

"Oh God, Dean…Sam called me from your cell to tell me what happened…I was so scared…" She whispered and buried her face into Dean's neck. "Are you feeling okay?"

"You…you don't mind…my leg's gone you know…and my other one got operated on too…I won't be able to walk for a while…I'll have a fake leg…" Dean stuttered

"Are you stupid?" Cassie asked him with disbelief, she grabbed his extremely shortened leg and rubbed soothing circles on it and then leant down and gently kissed it over the bandages, showing him that his loss of leg didn't bother her at all. "You're the sweetest, nicest, funniest guy I know. You're the best boyfriend I've ever had and we've only been dating a week. You think just because you get hurt and lose your leg that I'm going to leave you?"

Dean smiled, his beautiful face lighting up with happiness and Cassie just could not ignore that smile. She cupped her boyfriend's face in her hands as her lips ghosted over his. "It doesn't change who you are. I don't mind it one bit." And with that she moved her hands to the back of his head and kissed the man she cared about so much.

Jess moved to the doorway to stand with Sam. Sam put his arm around his fiancé. He was so glad that Dean had his girlfriend here for him too in this difficult time. They would get through this. That, he was positive of. However, Dean still had to open up to Sam more, Sam had heard what his father said, that he had let other people beat Dean…Sam had yet to confront Dean on this issue, who knew what other horrible things John had done to Dean? Sam had to get the full truth from Dean. Not to mention that Dean had months of therapy and struggle yet to come. Yeah, they still had a long road ahead of them, but at least they had each other.

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