Summary: It's an idea I'm toying with as I was watching Blade – the hot vampire movie. :D Bella is pale, beautiful and smart for a reason. Not simply because of a great dip in the genetic gene pool. She's half vampire with latent powers that begin to emerge at the least inopportune moments – like a magic sword that appears when she loses her temper! Not good when you're in the cafeteria. These occurrences start right after she meets the arrogant and chillingly alluring Edward Cullen. Is Bella's destiny to hunt down and destroy the existence of the nightwalkers – one in particular, that she is destined to love? High school for Bella, just got worse.

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Rating: M for later chapters


1: Preface: Secrets

A long time ago, a single, lonely and childless vampire woman got drunk (in the head) and lamented the fact she was turned before she could bare a child. So the vampire went to a bar, had a one night stand with a faceless human man. The vampire fell pregnant and was elated she was going to be a mother.

The vampire still smoked (without lighting the cigarette), drank (blood), but only in moderation of course. The vampire wanted a healthy baby, and knowing the child would be half-human, she was regimental about taking pre-natal pills for the living breathing fetus growing in her womb, in her dead body.

Nine months later, and nine months too long for the never blushing mother, who found it rather difficult to hunt with the baby bump, the vampire gave birth to a bubbly baby girl. However, motherhood was not all the vampire had dreamt it would be.

1: She was single and had no help or experience with raising an infant

2: She had to change soiled diapers

3: Have night feedings (of blood, and the urge to feed from her child was omni-potent)

4: No vampire baby sitters were available, that didn't want to snack on the baby

5: Colic (for the living baby)

6: Spilled formula (the vampire hated to breast feed because she had no breast milk)

7: Endless spit-up from the one month old infant on her designer garments costing a mint in dry laundry fees

After a few months of motherhood the vampire gave up.


She left the bassinet with the baby girl on the porch of an average looking farmhouse in a small town named Forks. She was sure, the cloudy skies and untouched environment would shield the child's scent from other blood lusting vampires. More importantly, this gave Isabella, the chance at a human life.

The vampire shrank back into the lonely shadow of an existence from whence she came, which was definitely more preferable to living with a constantly wailing, poo-ing, throw-up machine of an infant.

The half'ling child moved to Phoenix with her human mother. At seventeen the young woman returned to Forks to live with her father. Isabella loved gummi bears, never ever got sick, never missed school, and on top of that had excellent grades. She was pale as the whitest of rose petals with a soft blush. She was a very meek, clumsy young woman.

Until, the day she met Edward Cullen and began awakening to her unknown lineage.

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A/N: I only made it through the first two books. Frankly, for me, I found New Moon rather lackluster, and I'll not read the last two for a while. :D But, I thought of an idea where Bella is a half'ing (but has no idea), with vampire powers that start to appear when she moves to Forks. She puts Edward in his place, kicking him off his all high and mighty vampire pedestal with unique powers of her own. I don't know if vampires can have babies, but hey, this is fanfiction, so for this story, I'll assume they can. :D

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Twilight. Except the two books I bought. I'm using the characters to write for my own entertainment.