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Summary: It's Bella's first morning in Forks, and she wakes up to the sunless sky. She's getting ready for her first day of school.


2: Good Morning Teeth!

My first morning in Forks, it shouldn't have surprised me, but it did. Rain, again. Nature's alarm bell of raindrops tapping on my window woke me. The veil of cloudy grey mist peered at me from outside, unlike the golden slant of the sun that used to greet me in the mornings back home. The sensation felt eerie and sent me flying out of my bed, into the bathroom where I got ready for school. Today, I planned to arrive at school first, out of nervousness. With my hair tied up, my face was as flattering as a white sheet. I brushed my teeth, rinsed and did a final check of my morning face, running my tongue over my teeth: not looking anywhere near as sexy as the models on tooth paste commercials. Now, either the mirror was distorted like in the theme parks or my eye teeth had grown sharper and longer since last night. I presumed it was the former and pressed the tip of my tongue up against my right eye tooth: positive that my blunt teeth were harmless, and the pearly white punctured my tongue!

"Whafff thefff fucfff!" I attempted to scream, tears pricking at my eyes from my suddenly vampiric teeth piercing me with hot wound. I couldn't even curse properly because the Halloween'esque protrusions from my mouth blessed me (not!) with a nerdy lisp. I sucked in my breath in pain and hissed, I tell you, hissed at my own reflection! Oh god, I felt like I was Dracula in a cheesy horror flick! My eyes seemed to grow out of my anaemic face like bottomless black holes, incandescent and vibrant with dark fire. My heart did a back flip and I literally heard my blood racing through my veins pulsing in my ears.

Needless to say, I was freaked out on several different levels.

1. The warm crimson droplets tasted de-lec-ta-ble, damn it! Like a red syrupy iron flavoured hot topping (if there was such a flavour!). I had a sudden craving for vanilla ice-cream drizzled with, you guessed it! Argh!

2. For the past seventeen years and up until a few seconds ago, the slightest whiff or hint of blood was enough to knock me down like a Mac truck. So why was I watching my reflection suck eagerly, pleasurably, on the blood oozing from my tongue? Gross!

3. I didn't want to stop my 'I want to suck my blood!' moment! A ferocious hunger took over me, but it wasn't cereal or hot eggs and bacon I craved…

"Bella! You're going to be late for your first day of school." Charlie yelled from somewhere down stairs. His voice pulled me out of my morning trance and fixation on my pointy fangs that instantly, retracted to their former blunt shapes: faster than the speed of light, and Super Man too! As did the peculiar thirst that dried my throat.

Maybe it was the flight from Phoenix. Maybe I was homesick, maybe the butterflies that filled my stomach were playing tricks on me. Maybe it was the lack of sleep causing me to imagine the incisors that emerged and vanished like thieves in the night. That's it for sure! I reassured myself, unconvincingly. Dazed and fang-less, I grabbed my school bag from my room, sprinted down the steps (without tripping over my feet!), dashed past Charlie and jumped straight into my truck: confident it was just the stress of starting at a new school. As I reversed I saw the deep cherry stain between the cracks of my lips.

"There's no other explanation, Bella!" I heard myself whimper.


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