A/N: I decided to add another chapter to this fic, but it is definitely complete now!

Wilson waited a few moments for House to make himself comfortable in bed before lifting the covers on his side and joining him. He then switched off the lamp on his bedside table, plunging the room into darkness. Wilson couldn't help yawning as he moved closer, pressing his body against House's left side with his head resting on House's shoulder. They had stayed at the party for longer than he had anticipated and getting stuck in traffic during the drive back home had made him feel tired. He reached across House's t-shirt covered torso and clasped House's right hand in his left. He could hear House's heartbeat, strong and steady.

"You were being serious this afternoon..." Wilson began. He didn't doubt what House had said, but he couldn't think of any other way to restart the conversation.

"Yes." House's voice rumbled comfortingly against Wilson's ear.

"No harm in checking." Wilson added lightly as if that was all he wanted to say on the matter. House allowed a few seconds of silence to pass before he spoke. Over the years, House had learned to recognise when Wilson really did want to tell him what was on his mind.

"Come on, just say it Wilson. I can hear you thinking, you know." House prompted.

"During the drive home, I was thinking about how you'll get to do all the cool stuff, like reading bedtime stories and teaching her..."

"...or him..." House interjected.

"...or him the bones in the hand." Wilson continued.

"The bones in the ear are way cooler." House objected.

"And I'll be the one forcing her or him to eat broccoli and spinach."

"Eww! Gross!" House said, doing his best impression of a young child. The image was so clear in Wilson's mind; both father and child wearing matching looks of disgust as plates of various green vegetables were placed in front of them.

"Exactly." Wilson chuckled.

"Broccoli should be banned." House yawned in mid sentence.

"So why did you let Charlie draw on your sneakers?" Wilson asked as he remembered the look of pride on the young boy's face when he finished his elaborate doodling.

"He was being destructive in a creative way. I'm obviously a good influence!" House replied. "Charlie told me that Harry Potter made my sneakers magic so I'd be able to fly." House added quietly, for once indulging himself in the futile wish that his damaged thigh could be miraculously repaired.

"Well it was sweet of you to let him and sweet of him to say that." Wilson replied.

"It might not happen." House reluctantly said. He could hear the light, optimistic tone in Wilson's voice and if he wasn't careful they could both get carried away which would only make their disappointment worse if it didn't work out.

"I know House." Wilson did his best to sound as neutral as possible.

"They don't just hand out kids to people like me." House continued. "And even if they do, it could take years. There will be countless interviews..."

"And you're willing to do all that?" Wilson interrupted, twisting his head up towards House. "Answer lots of questions and have people investigate us to see if we'd be good parents?" Wilson wondered for a moment if House had really thought it all through. House's bravado covered up the fact that he was actually an intensely private person and hated people prying into his life.

"I didn't say it just so you'd have a daft grin on your face." House looked across at Wilson, with a big exaggerated grin. Wilson smiled back just as broadly, even though he could barely see House's expression in the dark bedroom.

"I just assumed it was the first ever, 'Be Nice to Wilson Day'." Wilson joked.

"Aww." House replied, playing along. "Every day is 'Be Nice to Wilson Day'."

"I'll be sure to remind you, if you ever forget." Wilson leaned forward so that he could tenderly kiss House on the lips. "I love you." Wilson murmured when he broke away. He yawned once again and quickly released House's hand from his, managing to cover his mouth just in time. "I really need to sleep." He added as he rolled over and turned back towards his side of the bed.

A few seconds later Wilson felt House's chest press against his back and House's hand curling around his waist. He then felt several soft kisses placed on the back of his neck. Wilson placed his hand over House's and then tucked their joined hands under his chin.

"I love you." House whispered as he settled his body comfortably beside Wilson's.

Wilson knew that they still had so much to discuss about adopting a child together. But it could wait until the morning. The warmth of House's body next to his, lulled Wilson into a deep, peaceful sleep.

The end