Chapter 7

Eames's hand went out and hit the clock, trying to turn off the alarm. After a few moments of fumbling, she finally got her eyes open enough to see that the clock said 2:14 in the morning. She was trying to figure out why she had set the alarm for the middle of the night when she realized it was the phone. Moaning, she picked it up and pulled the receiver up to her ear, yawning as she tried to say hello.

"Eames, it's Bobby."

Suddenly awake, she shot upright. "Bobby, what's wrong?" Something had to be wrong or he wouldn't have called her in the middle of her first night home. She'd slept on the couch his first three nights home from the hospital, not because he wanted her to, but because she still harbored a lingering fear that something would happen to him or he'd need help and he would be there alone. He'd finally thrown her out and insisted she go home tonight.

"Nothing's wrong. Just the opposite, actually. I remember, Eames, I remember."

Eames ran her hand through her hair and tried to clear her mind. "You remember what?"

"I remember us. I remembered seeing Krusov with that gun pointed at you and realizing if I didn't do something quickly, he was going to kill you." I was scared.
I've remembered more than I thought a person could possibly have in the head to remember. Everything, all kinds of other memories just came crashing in too, but the important thing is that I felt what was going on. There were good memories, happy memories, and even the bad and sad ones, but they were mine. It was me and I belonged there and . . . oh, my gosh, it's two o'clock in the morning. Eames, I'm sorry, I didn't realize."

"Bobby, it's okay," she said, laughing at his excitement. "Do you want me to come over? We can talk about it, you can tell me what else you've remembered."

"That'd be great. I'm sure I still have more gaps than memories, but it's really starting to fill in and tie together and . . . no, never mind, it's the middle of the night. Go back to sleep and I'll see you tomorrow."

"Are you nuts?" she asked, already up and digging through her dresser with her one free hand. "I'm not going to sleep after this. Look, I'll be over in a few minutes."

"Great, I'll make us some coffee. The good stuff, you know, my Starbucks supply."

"I'll stop on the way and get snacks," offered Eames as she threw the shirt on the bed along side the jeans. "It sounds like we have a busy night ahead of us. Did you get any sleep at all?"

"I can sleep tomorrow. It's not like I have to go to work or anything. Ross won't let me back until the doctor clears me and that's still going to be a while."

"Okay, just... don't overdo it and make yourself sick," she warned as she jumped around, trying to get her leg in her pants.

"Quit worrying and get over here... partner."

Eames stumbled and fell back to sit on the side of her bed, smiling as she finally maneuvered her leg through the opening so that her foot came out the bottom. "On my way."


Eames smiled as she looked at the litter on the floor. That Bobby had dozed off with empty chip packages and candy wrappers surrounding them on the floor was a testament to the binge they'd indulged in. In addition to how quickly they'd both crashed as they came off the caffeine and sugar high. Her eyes shifted to his relaxed face and she was relieved to hear the even sounds of his breaths. They were lying side by side on a couple of blankets he'd thrown on the floor, along with an assortment of pillows. They had started in the kitchen and migrated to the couch, only to end up on the floor.

They relived memories from their time together as partners. Some of the things Eames brought up, Bobby remembered, and some he still didn't. But he went through as many as he could, focusing on the emotions and thoughts that made the event a real part of his life and not just a random flashback. They had laughed, teased, and sometimes, almost cried.

They ate their way through pizza, potato chips, popcorn, Hostess cupcakes, and most of a bag of candy while drinking a pot of coffee. She smiled as she realized they should both be nursing stomachaches by now. But they grew to know each other all over again. She muffled the laugh that grew in her throat, afraid of waking him. This was possibly the best sleepover she'd ever been to and it was with a guy and there hadn't been anything sexual about it. How much fun was that?

Bobby groaned and turned over, throwing his arm over Eames' stomach and burying his face in her shoulder. She was so surprised, she didn't move until he had settled. She lay there, unsure of what to do as she noticed the gray light beginning to make its way through the window. Yawning, she decided she needed a little sleep herself, so she snuggled her head back into her pillow and closed her eyes, suddenly aware of how tired she was.

"You know I could never REALLY forget you, right?"

Eames smiled as she brought her hand up to cover his. "I know," she whispered. "Same here. Go to sleep."