I was going through a few things like Beauty and the Beast, Kim Possible, etc…and when I glanced at some very beautiful fanwork by Budgie85 on the awesome Ultimate Monkey Master Archive on Livejournal, I was inspired for a short story.

After 'Oh No Yono', Hana goes on to live a normal life. Although her adopted parents don't encourage her to become a super ninja, they don't discourage her. They nudge her, however, towards the 'normal' life of making good grades and going off to college after befriending good friends. On her 17th birthday, she gets a strange call. This caller says that he needs her special skills to make him reach his goals…if she doesn't help, her older brother Ron will be left alone with monkeys and apes! Who could this caller be?

Monkey Fist!

He's back, he's pissed, and he wants to be Monkey Ruler of the world! It turns out that Han, even without training constantly, could become a great thief…which is exactly what Monty needs for his goals. She reluctantly agrees to help him only for the sake of her brother. We see a blend of Disney songs that fit pretty damn well into this context.

She realizes just how cold, how isolating, how…scary the mansion she has to stay in is. She hates Monty with a passion but as the weeks go by…she starts to feel something flutter in her heart. The feelings that her friends described when they fell in love seem to match up what Hana feel. Could she be falling for Monkey Fist?

Disclaimer: Song "Home", the song "Something There" & the characters from Kim Possible are not mine.

Sadly this will be a short story since I can't find the time to add in more like I do with Healing Mind & Body and Monkey Love II: New Life (Soon to be added is Monkey Love III: Reminiscing Can Be Dangerous)

"See you later Han!" A girl with dark blond hair waved at her friend as she headed into her home. This girl was named Crissy and she was one of Hana Stoppable's dearest friends. Most at Middleton High School knew Crissy as 'Pissy Crissy' for she could get angered easily and lecture a wall into crumbling! As well known as Crissy was, Hana Stoppable was known far more for being able to calm her blond friend down.

There was a certain air, a certain feeling, which Han gave off when she walked into a room. Unlike her older adopted brother who spouted off jokes when he showed up, Hana gave everyone the sort of calming, tranquil, almost serenity like feeling. In short, she could calm almost anyone down simply by being near them.

"Bye Crissy!" She waved her hand briefly at the girl who turned the sidewalk, the trees and house blocking her. It had become a routine almost for the past two years; they would walk home from school, Crissy would be going on about boys or school work, or even their future, when she would cut herself off to say bye to Han. Then, the next day when they went to school, she would pick right up where she left off until they went to separate classes.

Through the years of living in American with an adopted family she loved so much that she'd call her own flesh and blood, Hana had changed a lot. Her eyes were still the same, able to make anyone smile or at least grin. Her hair was nearly to her waist and always put into a braid, a way to ensure it wouldn't annoy her too much. She reached the chin of her older brother and, no matter how much she ate or what she ate, she was always skinny.

She managed to befriend nearly everyone in school or if she wasn't friends with everyone, she was almost everyone's acquaintance. She was the silent type of girl who could be wild if given the chance with her friends, she obeyed her parents, she studied relentlessly despite already knowing the material quite well…she was…normal.

Yet the abnormal thing about her was that she didn't like any of the guys here. Already on her third, almost fourth, year of high school, she still remained single. Never had she had a boyfriend despite her dearest friend's attempts to 'hook her up'. No one interested her, they were all…boring.

In this neighborhood, the doors were always unlocked which hinted just how safe it was. Even though the Stoppable's didn't live exactly right next door to Kim Possible, the retired teen hero who was now a college graduate, but living in Middleton was like living the 70's. It was safe.

Everyday when she went to open the door to her beautiful home, she would always ponder over how much security this town possessed while there were so many criminals all over the world. Very faintly she could recall something from when she was only a baby.

These memories usually came up clearer in clips of her dream but she could recall a foggy like event. A man, rather handsome from what she remembered, had been trying to take her…she remembered her older brother being covered in stone monkeys…she remembered bouncing around, dancing to that god-awful kid song. That was the thing that came up in her dreams; she had slapped the man's hand away while saying 'page' and danced around in rather…well, high places until he fell over.

While her parents refrained from telling her too much about this, she had asked her brother and his fiancé on several different occasions; the man that had wanted to take her was named Monty Fiske, AKA Monkey Fist. He wanted her because she could fight very well; she was a ninja of sorts.

Once she insisted that Ron's fiancé Kim Possible, was lying because Han didn't even know how to defend herself. The blond and red head exchanged a quick glance, a silent asking of permission, before Kim spun around, her foot aiming to connect to Hana's shoulder.

On impulse, on instinct almost, she had gripped Kim's ankle and spun her a few yards away. So she found out that subconsciously, she did know how to fight…rather well, if she must say. This was one surprise but another rather large surprise was her ability to be just as stealthy as a ninja. Without even meaning to, she had a nasty habit of walking into a room and scaring her parents a year older.

"Hana! I heard you come in, the door's been noisy lately, don't try to scare me. Come in the kitchen, your brothers on the phone." Mrs. Stoppable's voice was heard through the somewhat quiet house.

Faintly wondering if the door was creaking just to warn the others in the house, she made her way into the same room with her adopted mother. About half a year ago, Ron had proposed to Kim, his high school sweetheart. Sure it took a few years for him to actually gather the courage and the money, but he did it! Their wedding date was somewhere within the next five months.

Taking the phone from a soap covered hand which hinted that Mrs. Stoppable had answered the phone in the middle of dish washing, she smiled at her and sat down. "Hello Ron!"

"Hey, there's my baby sister Han! How are you kid?" A joyful voice of a much matured Ronald came from the other side of the phone.

"I'm good, just busy with homework. How are you, brother?" Although the man couldn't see just how busy she was, she took out a stack of papers from her bag which was soon accompanied by a stack of books.

The young man formally known as Ron exploded with laughter, "I'm doing awesome! KP and I decided to move the wedding up to next month." His voice lowered a bit as though trying to speak to where Kim couldn't hear. "To tell the truth kid, I'm a little nervous."

"You'll make a great husband; mom still tells me how you thought you wouldn't make a great brother and look what happened! You'll be great." She flipped through her literature book, stopping towards the back to find a twenty page 'short' story. "Just out of curiosity; you do realize you won't be able to call her 'KP' anymore once her last name starts with an 's', right?"

"…Oh…yeah, course I knew that. I think I'll keep calling her KP though…KS sounds really…weird." By the tone of Ron's voice, it would seem that no, he didn't realize that. Hana smiled, trying not to crack up at her brother's reaction. Some things were just so predictable!

Reluctantly as she opened up her journal, hinting to anyone who was looking over that she had to write some sort of report on the twenty page short story, she spoke up. "Ron, I hate to do this but I have a mountain of homework. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Alright Han…happy early birthday! Don't think I forgot; I'll be coming down to see you tomorrow with a huge surprise! Tell mom and dad the good news; bye Han." In the background after Ron's quick farewell, a girl's voice, Kim no doubt, could be heard shouting 'Bye Han!'

By the time the clock on the microwave's glowing digits turned to show 9:54, Han finished her homework. She let out a huge yawn and stretched, her bottom sore from sitting all those hours. She probably would have been done a few hours earlier…but Crissy called so they ended up staying on the phone for a good two hours.

That was one thing that was in a girl's genetic code no matter where they came from; they could chat on the phone for hours!

"Night mother, night father." She waved at them, pausing to give a brief hug to the both of them. The tired parents smiled at her, bidding her a good night as well.

"We have a surprise for you tomorrow!" They said as she walked up the stairs. Grinning, she wondered if Kim, Ron, and her parents were in on this 'surprise' together. Putting it off her exhausted mind for now, she changed into her PJs and opened her window.

The chilly air entered her barely used room, letting her relax slightly. Lying on top of the comforter, never able to sleep under the huge thing, she yawned for a moment. If she hadn't yawned for so long, she might have heard the slight creak outside her window that hinted someone was scaling the wall.