Now we introduce the last chapter of this short story! We'll see more of Monty's thoughts right now and then towards the end, we'll see Hana's and…so on so forth. This is something of a tragic romance story.

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It was exactly one week from Hana Stoppable's 18th birthday.

In one week, it would be a complete year since Monty kidnapped Ronald, threatened Hana into coming here, and…taking in the girl. He needed only one more articfact that was in Africa and then he would become Monkey Ruler of the world!

Yet it seemed so…hollow. A hollow victory, yes, that is what it was. At first Monty didn't really care what Hana felt; he didn't care if she felt lonely, sad, hatred, joy…nothing!

However, lately something startled to bug him. At first Monty thought it was just annoyence at how she seemed to relax more around him, seemed to mess up during training. In response to this foolish line of thinking, he trained her twice as hard despite there really being nothing to teach her.

It was only when Merry mentioned Valentine's day did he realize what he felt. Merry had insisted that since they didn't put anything up for Christmas, they would cover this place in pink hearts. Of course when Monty was informed of this, it was too late to say nay for his monkey ninjas took the day off to do what they wanted.

It was when he walked through the halls and walked into the kitchen to see pink tea and red heart shaped cookies did he realize something; he was in love with Hana Stoppable. He was in love with a girl that he could be a father to! Well besides the age difference, he was in love with a Stoppable! A monkey loving Stoppable!

That was why recently he started to believe this soon-to-be-victory would be bittersweet. He noticed that Hana looked extremely upset, guilty, and reluctant to steal anything for him. This is what bothered him.

He was hurting the girl…no, not girl. Woman. Young Hana Stoppable was a woman now. By experience and attitude, personality even, she was a woman years ago; by body she was 17 soon to be 18…but in his eyes, she was a woman. Had been a woman for quite some time.

Anyway, he was hurting the woman he loved by forcing her to steal things that would make him happy.

"I'm in love and it's hurting my goals." He whispered to himself as he paced around before the fireplace. Despite the darkness around him, he suspected that once he looked at the rug with the lights on, there would be a straight line that was faint in color.

"What?!" A deep voice rang from the darkest corner of the room. In walked a familiar face, one that helped Monty, one that destroyed him. The very one that Monty had to strike a large deal with to be brought back to life from that silly stone spell.

"I thought I made it clear that when I speak to myself, I don't want anyone talking to me, Yono." Monkey Fist looked over at the symbol of power.

The fires light licked Yono, showing that he hadn't aged whatsoever.

The monkey man glared at the artifial one. "I will not stand for that tone." He sounded like Monty when he got after Hana for snapping. "I am the one you should be on your knees thanking! You begged me to take you out of that stone and I did…"

"Yes, only if I give you half of the world's treasure once I become Monkey Ruler."

"Which you would never become if I hadn't told you of those artifacts that girl stole. I knew taking her would be bad! You could not get those yourself and…" Yono started to go on and on. It had been hell trying to make sure Hana never saw him, which is why Monkey Fist restricted the West Wing where he stayed most of the time.

Rolling his eyes, he stopped his pacing. "She is far sneakier than I or you! Your idea of sneaking around to steal something is to blast down a wall, grab the thing, and walk away…or in your case, float away."

"It works, does it not?"

"Yes, for about an hour until the police knock on my door!" He snarled and twitched slightly from confined rage.
"It is one thing to take the girl but to fall in love with her? She will never see you like you see her." He stated a very well known fact coldly while crossing his hairy arms.

Monkey Fist had opened his mouth to shoot an insult back when he stopped. The monkey man was right. Looking away, Monty started to pace again. Yono frowned and stepped closer, "Listen to your old friend. Have I ever streared you wrong, led you astray? No. But the girl…The quickest way to break your heart make you depressed and ill is to get tangled up inside; the side effects could kill!

"All passion is a waste of time, a deadly game pour vous. I am your friend, your cher ami & I wouldn't lie to you." Yono walked around him, both basking in the darkness and the light.

Grabbing a small mirror that seemed to appear from nowhere, he held it before the ex-stone Fiske. "If you must love someone, may I suggest you love yourself! Just think it through, you'll never leave and you will find, you'll get more rest, you'll always feel as good as new! Your freedom is the most important thing, my friend. You must be strong, you mustn't bend.

"Don't talk for hours, don't send flowers…" Yono ripped up some of the left over flowers from Valentine's Day. "Don't write poems!" He threw the paper on the desk to the floor whether it was written on or not. "Don't sing and dance beneath the stars that shine above. Don't fall in love!"

"As soon as your heart rules your head," he slapped Monty upside the head, "your life is not your own. It's hell when someone's always there, it's bliss to be alone! And love of any kind is bad; a dog, a child, a cat! They take up so much precious time! Now where's the sense in that?"

"Love takes the wildest heart and makes it tame!" He obviously referred to how Monty was known to roam and do what he pleased. Would he really be 'tamed' after this?

"If you're turned on, then just turn off!" This made Monty flush with embaressment and was about to stutter out a somewhat diginified answer when Yono continued his ranting, "Emotions are a thing all great men overcame. Please, don't make this grand catastrophe! Don't get attached to anyone or anything; there's nothing worse than things that cling! You'll go to pot, you'll turn to drink, you'll never rest! You'll end up mad and looking like some poor tormented dove!" How could one already insane and appearing insane look worse?

"Don't fall in love! Don't fall in love!"

Later that evening, Monty sat in front of his fire with a glass of scotch in his hand. His eyes were glazed over and cloudy both from the alcohol and from thought. Stroking his chin, a habit he picked up from Drakken, he wondered what to do.

Should he let Hana go? Should he let her go after she stole the last item? Should he confess his feelings? Should he make her love him? If she already loved him…what then? She would still want to see her family and resent him from taking her from them.

The way he saw it…he was screwed.

If he kept her here against her will and confessed feelings that she may not have for him, she not only resented him for making her isolated…but hated him for keeping her there to be his…well, love slave. If she did share his feelings, they were criminals that couldn't exactly get married out loud and move to a suburb and have kids. She would miss her family and if he let her see them…they would track her down, want her back.
If he made her steal this one last thing before letting her go, if he let her go, then she would feel uncomfortable and guilty. He really didn't feel like deailng with that right now. Yet if he let her go back to her adopted faimly without stealing the last artifact, he would have to steal it and, thanks to his lack of practice in ninja sneakiness lately, he would get caught.

"Monty?" Speak of the devil!

Looking over to see a tired young lady, he sat up straight, trying to hide the scotch. "Yes Han?" He had long ago stopped called her 'Hana' except when being strict, just like she had stopped calling him Monkey Fist.

"It's three in the morning, are you alright? Why aren't you asleep?" She yawned softly and walked to where she was diagonal from him, near the fire that gave her warmth.

The man raised an eyebrow, shockingly not drunk. How much had he had anyway? Did he even drink any of what he poured? "Why aren't you asleep?"

"Because I'm awake." She smiled at him, rubbing her eyes. "I just had a nightmare, couldn't get back to sleep. I was planning on stealing a banana nut muffin but uh…found you instead."

He smiled a little at her reply. "I'm fine, just thinking."

"Oh…about what?" She sat down in front of him, making his heart pound.

Monkey Fist thought for a moment of a suitable answer but apparently he had drank enough scotch to make his mind blurry. "…Power." At her disappointed expression which puzzled him, he added on, "And decisions of the future…love." Why had he mentioned that? Damn scotch!

"Love?" She looked up at him, startled awake by such a small yet powerful word. Her mind started to race, imitating her heartbeat. "Why love?"

Monty watched her for a long moment, unsure of what to say. She certainly seemed unprepared and surprised by his sudden statement; was that good or bad? "…Go to bed Hana, that is an order." He stood up and walked away, not wanting to stay and be sure she followed his command.

Han sat there for a few more minutes, staring at where he once sat. She felt a pang of pain enter her heart like a knife. No one would accept their love, if he even loved her back. As Ron would say, it would be 'sick and wrong.' So it would be pointless to go after such a schoolgirl crush, it would be…stupid.

There was a soft noise to the side of her, snapping her out of her daze. Looking over, prepared for anything and everything, she relaxed immedately to see Chippy. "Oh…hey…I was just going to bed. Put the fire out, will you?" She stood up, a hint of sorrow and bitter realization in her tone. Chippy only nodded, looking up at her with pitiful eyes.

Why was it only monkeys could see potential love?

"Oh my…Chippy, Merry, Miffy, you really didn't have to!" Hana burst out laughing at the cake that was placed before her on the table. It was purple and yellow with the frosting written 'Happy Birthday Han'. On the edges were ribbons and bananas, which is why she laughed.

They made a movement as if to say 'no big deal' and gave her a knife to cut the cake. She smiled widely; it was finally her 18th birthday! Trying to push away the nagging fact that it had been one year that she left her family, she sliced the small cake into several pieces.

"Thank you all, really." She smiled and took a bite of her piece. It was…amazing good! "Wow! It's fantastic!"

"You make it sound as though my monkeys are only good for fighting." A refined voice came up from behind her. Unable to surpress a shiver, she looked over and grinned a little.

"Good afternoon Monty, would you like some cake?" Hana licked off the frosting on her fingers from placing her own piece on a plate. Her smile slowly died down when she saw how dark his eyes were, how dim they were with…sorrow? Regret? Pain? "…Are you alright?"

"Yes, yes, of course. I have some excellent news for you, my dear." He sat down next to her and looked over at the three monkeys who, in one word, looked expecting. "…You three, leave!"

Once the annoyed creatures reluctantly left, Han looked over at him, cake forgotten. "What is it, Monty?" Her voice was as soft as her eyes, Monkey Fist noted. He swallowed down the protests he would have against himself later on.

"I have a birthday gift for you actually, Han." He smiled ever so slightly. "You see, you've gotten almost everything I need so I've felt the need to…reward you. I've noticed over the past year how you've always had respect for me even if you probably hated me. You did as I said most of the time with the occasional teenage rebellion which I…am grateful for. I've noticed you have even devloped paitence!" He chuckled softly, watching her grin again. "Although there is one more thing I need you to take," he noticed her frown again, "I think I'll give you your gift beforehand."

"And what, per say, in this gift?" She raised an eyebrow, speaking when he was semi-silent.

"…You're free to return to your home."

Hana Stoppable gaped at him for the longest moment, shock working through her system. Did he just say she could leave?! But…but…but… "I don't want to leave." She whispered ever so softly.

Monkey Fist stared at her just like she had moments ago. Disbelief came out as he spoke, "Why not? No, you're going home. Your brother and parents miss you, I'm sure."

"Because…" she licked her lips, about to tell her darkest deepest secret that could destroy her. After all, he could manipulate and use her even more once hearing her confession. "…I love you."

The British man made no move or sign that he acknowledged the girl or what she said. He basically stared through her, lips parted ever so slightly. "You…love…me?" A sudden joy rushed through him, he was about to confess his feelings as well…but he heard Yono's voice in his mind. "Don't fall in love."

Clearing his throat, he stood up abruptly and stared down at her. Forcing himself to speak before he lost his nerve, he mustered up the coldest tone he could gather. "Don't let your parents or monkey phobic brother hear you say that, they'll disown you. You're going home tonight, today! If I hear one word out of you about it, I'll tie you up."

He wanted to say he loved her back. He wanted to hug her, hold her, kiss her. But Yono's dark words kept echoing in his mind; she would only hurt him in the end. She would tame him, would possess him, would drive him mad with love.

It was so tempting to take it all back, to eat those words that spewed out of his mouth and replace them with the most romantic lines she would have ever heard.

Yet he did not.

Instead, he turned on his heels and stormed out of the room dramatically, not turning to see a broken hearted Hana.

A bit of an abrupt ending but I thought it was perfect to show just how much Monty could be…well, Monty. I hope you enjoyed this short story…I know I loved writing it lol. Review if you wish, it would be much loved.