Author: Just thought I would say that this whole story is going to be told from Niko's point of view. By the way … I listed actual street names in Grand Theft Auto IV. Maybe you can go find them later … ;) Enjoy.

It had never been my intention to continue hurting people. It had never been my intention to keep ending people's lives before their time was due. Money does crazy things to people; I had been a victim of it since I came to Liberty city. But I had no other option—I needed the money. I wanted it.

"You ready Niko?" I snapped back into reality when I heard Brucie's voice. "Go get me that car man!"

I hung up the phone when I realized that I had to go do the same old thing I always do. It was a never ending story for me, but I had to do it anyway. I was a slave to my needs. How I hated that.

"Okay …" I muttered to myself finally turning the keys to the ignition. The car roared and I soon felt the cool air wipe away the sweat from my face. The music was a pleasant addition.

I had been so tired recently thanks to all the nonstop jobs Little Jacob and Brucie had given me. I had used all the power I could manage to resist working for any mafia members; I wasn't going to put myself or others in danger anymore. After what happened with Kate McReary, I don't think I can handle any more guilt. I was lucky that no one else had the same fate as she did that day. I shuddered at the thought of what could have happened to Roman or the others.

I slowly stepped on the pedal and made my way out of a dark alley. I had a knack for finding random cars; I guess that's why Brucie has me stealing the cars of his dreams.

I looked out the windows staring at the flashing lights and blurs of life around me. Everything was so busy, so hectic. I was headed to somewhere in Bohan to steal the car that Brucie had been bugging me about. I was sure that he had mentioned it was near the industrial part of the island.

"I'm sure you can find the baby …" I could still hear his voice as he told me he didn't know where the car was exactly. Well, he sure had a good description of it. Bright red, glossy color … it was a Huntley Sport. Bet there aren't too many of those in the industrial part of Bohan. Hopefully.

I had finally arrived and quickly pulled over to the side of a road. I looked around using the dim light coming from the light posts; I had lost all track of time for the past few days. It was night now, and it wasn't much of a help to me.

I kept roaming around as I was driving slowly through the streets; I wasn't quite sure for how long I was searching for the car. After a while of searching for a bright red Huntley on the streets, I came across Lompoc Avenue in Industrial, Bohan. Even in the darkness, the glossy, bright red color of a car caught my eye. It had to be the Sport Huntley I was looking for.

I parked on the side of the road and stepped out of my comfortable car into the dark night. The moon was full; it shone brightly as it highlighted the car's color. As I looked around at my surroundings, I couldn't help but notice the huge, abandoned warehouse. I was definitely in Industrial, Bohan.

I ran over to the car and looked inside. The moon's light was sufficient enough for me to hotwire it. There didn't seem to be anyone around; I didn't expect anyone to see me. Better yet, I doubt anyone was awake and walking this late in the night.

I took a step back as I rubbed my elbow. With all the force I could possibly manage, I elbowed the window, breaking it in one try. I quickly unlocked the door and jumped into the leather seat. I listened to my panting and tried to pace myself as I started hotwiring it.

Suddenly, I heard something click. I swiftly sat back up in my seat as I felt pressure on my head. Someone had taken off the safety of a gun; the same gun that was now touching the back of my head. I didn't want to do anything that would end my life quickly, so I waited. I kept listening to my heavy breathing as I heard someone else panting.

"Don't—" It was a woman; her light voice was fading. She was scared. "Don't move …"

I could feel her hand shaking as the gun placed on the back of my head started moving too. Hiding in the back seat … that's going to be a new reminder for me every time I steal a car. If someone could be as crazy as her, then I'm going to be checking my back seat from now on.