Hi this is random thoughts I have

For some reason I thought of Twilight when I wrote this

Well this is my random thoughts

This is what I want.

I didn't write this and I don't know who did.

This is what I want

This what I need to breath.

I want to be held I want to be loved

I want someone to die for me

I want someone to keep me

I need care as they say

Someone to help me wake up

And hold me while I cry

I cry all the time but no one will hold me

No one says "I love you"

No one will love me the way I need

But I still hope

Someone will care

Someone will love me and hold me

I will one day be happy

If I can live a couple more years of horror

Then I can be happy

I can smile and be held

I can cry and be soothed

I can smile and mean it

I can love the way I never have

I can be me and have a life to live

Love me

Hold me

Kiss me

Take me

I want that

Someone to care

And keep me

For always and forever

That was my feelings brought out

I will long for love forever

I will pray and beg

I will cry and pled

I'll do everything to have peace

To have my heart filled

To have make heart stop when you speak

You I don't know yet

One day I hope to have a "you"

To have a him

To smile and be loved

Like never before

I don't smile now

I'm a child they say

I supposedly don't know what love is

Well this is what I know

I want my heart to stop when I see you

To stop breathing when you speak

To see your face everyday

To hold you and never let you go

Is this not love

You decide

To me it's sounds like real love

I want to have it

To have that feeling

To know someone will be there always

One day those feelings will be real

I want to have a hand to hold when I'm sad

To have a shoulder to cry on

To have you hold me and keep me safe

I want that forever

More feelings that no one knows about


What is it really?

People say they are jealous but I know something you might not

Jealously can't exist unless you make it

The one you love can't be jealous unless...

Someone else has your hold

That's a test of your love

If you put your gaze off the one you love it should pain them

First jealously then pain, then...

They should let you go

If they do it shows they cared

If they yell and scream and say your mine...

That's just acting

The one you love should be willing to let you go

If it made you happy

It may kill them inside

But it would help to know you'd be happy

That would make them happy and they'd eventually move on

This is what shows the truth

Jealously is the key straight on

It's the key

To show if you're meant to be

That showed the truth here

I'm the only one who sees reality

They loved one another

But it wasn't the love to keep them living

I know the truth

They try and say it was true love


It was fake love

It was what they thought was love

They don't really know

That love should make you weak

Make you smile make you faint

It makes you sore and helps you ach

It keeps you breathing your last breath

I'm crazy about love I just hope to one day have my own


The opposite of love

People lose love because of lust

Then again

That means it wasn't really love


People don't think there's a difference with the two

Well there is

Lust is something people think they want

They think it'll make them happy

Until they realize that they got a one-night stand

And lost years of love

If you were to make that mistake

It shows that

You need to see the truth