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Vampire Knight: Bleeding Love

Ch. 1: Dear Diary

I don't know why I didn't budge. But, it all happened so fast.

Zero: You heard it, too? The sound of your blood being sucked in by me?...You can't act as if nothing has changed.

Aido-senpai: If you heard the sound of Kaname-sama taking in your blood…you'd be in ecstasy, Yuki-chan.

And now as I reflect on what happened, those words echo in my mind. The first time Zero drank from me, I didn't know what I was experiencing. I freaked when he licked my neck and I was unable to fight him off…Statistics say eighty-five percent of attacks are from someone you know. Maybe that was why I didn't budge when Zero came up from behind me and took hold of me so suddenly. Because I knew him. Because we were so close. And, it all happened so fast, I couldn't really react. Because I was worried about him. Because I cared about him.

I don't feel betrayed. Just surprised. How could I have known Zero was a vampire? I didn't care about myself. I just didn't want Kaname to kill Zero.

I was even more worried when I realized that Zero hated himself. Sure, I was mad he didn't tell me…but I still wanted him by my side. Because we're partners. Because we're best friends. That's why I offered him my blood. But, now that I've offered Zero my blood, I understand a little more what Aido was talking about…I had experienced it the first time Zero bit me, but was so shocked I couldn't truly have felt…like that…felt ecstasy as Zero drank my blood without warning.

And Kaname and Aido made it seem like Zero took my virginity or something when he drank my blood like that; especially, when Kaname said Zero "took something from" me. Aido said my blood belonged to Kaname and I wasn't supposed to give it to anyone else…I was confused. I didn't know what it meant. I'm still not quite sure about the sound of my blood being drunk that Aido and Zero mentioned…But, I'm starting to understand.

I must admit, though, to myself, Dear Diary, that letting Zero drink my blood is unintentionally sensual. The way he holds me close as he sustains himself with my blood or pins me up against a wall… the heavy breathing, the secrecy…a forbidden act, a sin. I wonder how Zero feels as he drinks my blood, does he feel the same way? Well, I know he feels disgusted with himself for needing my blood. I have no regrets.

The act of having my blood drunk by Zero is intimate, which explains why it bothered me when he said he could taste my feelings for Kaname! I tried to ask Zero what my blood tasted like before the ball…but, he didn't answer me. He only asked me, "Why do you want to know?"

Maybe it was too soon to ask.

I want to ask him again. Now, since things have changed-

"Yuki! What are you doing? The night class is leaving their dorm soon!" The familiar male voice called from my doorway. I jumped and instinctively slammed my diary shut. I quickly padlocked it, and stuffed it under my mattress. "Sorry, Zero!" I said, hoping he hadn't noticed my actions. He glared at me with one raised eyebrow, then, turned to head down the hall. I don't think he cared enough to notice.

I jogged to catch up with his long strides. "Since when are you on time for the night class? Getting mad at me like that…" I mumbled. "You're usually there to round up those screaming girls. I can see from my dorm if you're there or not." He stated nonchalantly. "What? So you make sure I'm there before bailing on me!" I shouted. "I show up when you need me, so shut up." He retorted. He makes it sound like I can't do anything without him, I thought.

After the fussing girls were back in their dorms and after I blushed awkwardly as Kaname-sempai said "Hello" and "Thanks for working so hard," Zero and I walked around campus to do our rounds and make sure the girls remained in their dorms.

Zero wouldn't look at me the whole time and he didn't talk to me-although he was never one for conversation. I knew it was because of how I acted around Kaname. He didn't like Kaname because he was a vampire, and Zero hates vampires, and hates himself for being a vampire, too. But, I couldn't help that I had a crush on that chocolate-haired, charismatic, God of the night! I knew I must've been blushing because Zero spoke in an irritated tone, "I'm going to patrol around the Instruction Building. You circle around the girl's dorm."

Zero and I met at the rendezvous point, which was the moon dorms, to escort the night class back into their dorm. I blushed and stammered again as Kaname told me "good night." My heart and stomach just wouldn't stop fluttering whenever I was around him.

On the walk back to our dorms, Zero jeered, "You going to write in your diary about Kaname saying goodnight to you?" I swear, I don't know how he could keep a straight face teasing me like that! I blushed furiously as I realized he had seen that I had a diary. I angrily punched him in the shoulder as I shouted, "NO! Not that it's any of your business, but no!" If Zero wasn't so serious, I would've thought he'd laugh at my flustered reaction. "So, that was your diary you were writing in. Am I in it?" He asked suddenly.

I stopped walking for a moment in shock, then continued my pace as I stammered, "N-no, I just, it's for my personal thoughts about school…and it's none of your business!" I wasn't lying, entirely, and I wanted to add 'questions about my past' in my answer, but decided diaries are for secrets, so why would I tell him that? "Real smooth answer," He said sarcastically, "it probably keeps a record of your period or something girly." OMG! He did not just say that?! "What is with you!" I cried out as I held my head and tried to shake off my embarrassment. He sure was being bold today.

"Whatever. Are you ready for the math quiz tomorrow?" He asked. "M-math quiz?" I repeated as my eyes widened. Zero audibly sighed. He narrowed his amethyst-eyes at me. Under the full moonlight like this, Zero was illuminated in an ethereal glow. His silvery hair shimmered. His bangs fell over his deep, glistening violet eyes making him look attractive and mysterious. Although Zero hates being a vampire, he's still extremely gorgeous like one- "Why are you staring at me? Don't expect me to help you with math again." He snapped, putting an end to my musings. I blushed at my own thoughts and for staring at Zero. I started feeling this way about Zero after I had offered my blood to keep him alive. He's my best friend and I've known him for over four years, why think of him like that now? "Yuki! Are you okay?" He asked when I continued not to respond. His stern tone was laced with concerned. I nodded, "Yeah, sorry! I'm just tired and thinking about math now." He placed a hand on my head and assured, "Don't worry. Just get some sleep or you'll bomb the test for sure." Not very reassuring, since I was bound to blow the quiz anyway.

We went our separate ways after reporting to the Headmaster that the evening had gone smoothly. The headmaster's bathroom was the only one available and I used it to get ready for bed. His bathroom was the nicest, anyway, since it had a whole room as a shower. I was wearing a tank top and a skirt because tonight was unusually warm. I had my math notes beside me and I was going over them as I brushed my hair.

"If you study like that, then no wonder you fail your quizzes." I heard from behind me. I must've been so caught up in my notes that I didn't hear Zero come in. "Don't you ever knock?!" I scolded. He looked at me indifferently and replied, "I did knock and no one responded. You must've been really absorbed in studying. Are you done in here?" He started to unbutton the collar of his shirt. "Almost, but can't you wait before undressing!" I said as I reached for my things. I suddenly felt pain shoot through my finger and looked down at my hand. I had cut myself on my razor. "Clumsy me." I said, smiling nervously. Zero looked pale at the sight of my blood. I knew he wanted to drink it, though he wouldn't admit it.

I looked down and examined my finger carefully. It was just a small nick. A pea sized ball of blood formed at the tip of my index finger. "Just wash the damn thing already." He grumbled. 

Zero grabbed my hand and stuck it under the faucet, running cold water over my finger. "Well, if you bit me somewhere other than my neck, people like Aido wouldn't notice…" I let my voice trail off, realizing how naughty that might've just sounded. "Oh, as if a cut on your hand isn't visible?" He remarked, not picking up on my nervousness. I could never look directly into Zero's eyes when he drank from me, because he couldn't usually look at me after drinking my blood and especially not during because he felt sick with himself. But, once before he did drink my blood from my hand when I cut myself after dropping some dishes….

But, when he looked right at me as he took my blood in, I could feel a want stir in me. He looked at me with desire, although I knew it was only desire for my blood. And those lavender depths, his eyes, glow tinted with red and I can't look away from those beautiful orbs…I don't know what Zero means to me. I care about him. He is my best friend and my partner, but why I go to so many lengths… I would do anything for him. "Quit staring at me! I'm fine." He said, his voice softening. I know he wasn't angry and he didn't mean to snap at me. He was frustrated and still in denial about himself.

I lightly brushed his bangs from his eyes with my fingertips. We both looked down and noticed it was still bleeding. I was going to my finger to my own mouth to stop the blood when Zero gently took hold of my hand and placed the tip of my finger briefly in his mouth. I could feel his smooth lips slide quickly over my finger tip. I involuntarily shivered at the sensation that tingled through my body. "Let's go." I said as I grabbed him by the hand and led him into the shower. He reluctantly followed behind me.

I rested my back against the damp wall as Zero held onto my shoulders. He was hunched over and was breathing heavily, "You're already bleeding enough. Let's not. It's late and the math quiz…" I placed my hand on the side of his cheek and held his face gently. I softly spoke, "Zero, do what you need to." I felt his lips on my neck and the slight pierce of his fangs. He didn't puncture me, just enough to let a little blood flow. He was still denying feeding himself thoroughly. He was attempting to not make me bleed so much. I guess if only drinking a little would work for him. I felt blood trickle down my chest, seeping my v-neck top. "Don't waste it." I breathed. Instinctively, he traced the short trail from my chest to the wound in my neck lightly with the tip of his tongue, careful that he didn't reach the fleshy part where my breasts formed. I still blushed slightly at his movement.

Zero looked up at me through his bangs, eyes half-lidded, as he traced the trickle once more. I wanted him to dare to go down a little further. The blood had trickled over my right breast and down to the rim of my skirt at my hip. I didn't expect him to lick all the way down to my stomach, but I suddenly wished he would. "What does my blood taste like?" I asked him, just above a whisper. He didn't say anything as he suckled the wound. I could feel his lips move languidly over the puncture marks.

I had to fight back a moan at the way he was sucking on my neck. I felt his fangs pierce me a little deeper to let out a little more blood. I winced in pain, which sweetly diffused (into pleasure, dare I say). He continued his motions, licking and suckling the wound. If he sucked with a little more force, he could leave me a hickey, I thought. What he was doing felt… too good? His arms were wrapped around me and he held me close to him, almost pulling me onto his lap. I scrunched his argent hair with my left hand and held tightly onto the back of his shirt with my right.

I was breathing uneven and heavy now. My head was swirling, my body felt warm, and my heart thudded in my chest. "Z-Zero…" I muttered. He finally released me before I felt faint. I leaned against the damp tile, my chest rising and falling, trying to get my breathing even again. I peered at Zero through my brown bangs, my eyes barely open. He had his head down. He was huffing to catch his breath, too.

I could see the front of his long-sleeved shirt was stained slightly with blood from where it had soaked through from my top. His shirt was damp and clung to his lithe form. I could see the color of his flesh peek through his white shirt. The ends of his hair dripped a little with water that had dropped onto him from the shower head above. He looked stunning. He finally looked up at me and softly asked, "Are you alright?" I nodded slightly. He had a slight frown and his amethyst-colored eyes looked down sadly, "I think I might've drunk too much." "No, I'm fine." I assured as I sat up and took his face into my hands to get him to look me directly in the eyes.

Our faces were in such close proximity, mere millimeters apart…. "Z-Zero," I stammered, "w-what does my blood taste like?" His brows knitted together slightly. He was his usual self again, looking at me seriously, intensely, and angrily. I knew it was probably wrong to ask, but I wanted to know. He didn't say anything as he touched my wound with his long index and middle finger, then, pressed his fingers to my lips, and stated, "You want to know. Taste it for yourself." I grabbed his large hand with both of my much smaller hands, and hesitatingly brought his fingers closer to my mouth. I parted my lips and gingerly put his fingers in my mouth, slid my lips over the tips, then quickly released his hand.


"Tastes like blood."

I rinsed the blood out of mine and Zero's shirts. I didn't see him shirtless. He just stuck his arm out from the shower door and handed me his shirt. He tossed the rest of his clothes in a pile on the floor. Then, I went to my own room.


I totally messed up the quiz today, Dear Diary. Tonight's Guardian duties went as usual, although I stammered less around Kaname, I still blushed. I didn't see Zero afterward. He's probably just in his dorm. I will check on him later. "I am in your diary!" I heard a voice say from behind me. I involuntarily screamed and whacked the unseen perpetrator with my pillow. Zero quickly yanked the pillow out of my hand. "What else do you say about me?" He asked. I had my diary already padlocked (it was a combination lock). "Nothing, just that you're like a little brother who needs taking care of." I teased. "Maybe I should just tell Kaname he's in your diary, too" He threatened. "You wouldn't dare! I didn't even really write anything about you guys anyway." I stated dryly. "I bet that'd make him happy." Zero seethed.

"Zero-kun, you're supposed to be in your own dorm now." I heard Chairman Cross say from the doorway. "Serves you right." I said, sneering playfully at Zero. Zero only glared at me as he got up from my bed and walked out of my room. "Thank you, father!" I called after the Headmaster as he turned to leave my room. "Oh, my, you called me father! It's progress anyway. Next time, call me 'Daddy,' my little Yuki." He replied jokingly as he closed the door behind him.


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