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This is my first fan fiction for Twilight so I am going to use a plot already set in play by Stephenie Meyer. This is my interpretation of Edward and Bella's homecoming from their Honeymoon and the events that followed for them during Jacob's point of view.

This first chapter is short and more thought than dialogue, but I promise improvement for these in the future.


I hung up with Rosalie, clutching the silver phone at my side. Edward returned from the boat a minute later and gently pulled me out the door. His jaw was tight, his eyes a fierce black, and I immediately knew he was blaming himself for the whole situation. I could think of a hundred ways to apologize but decided speaking alone may push him over the edge.

The way back to the boat was much harder than before, mainly because I was navigating on my own, human feet. I wished he would just swing me up into his arms and hold me against his strong chest. I needed him now more than ever, needed to hear his voice and hear him say it would be alright.

Of course, he would never.

He already had plans to get the baby out of me. OUR baby. He looked at the situation as a disease that needed to be expelled. If only he could feel the baby moving inside of me, watch as small areas of my stomach pushed out. I brought my free hand to my stomach, instinctively, a nudge answering my gentle touch.

I could see the boat now, a gentle breeze rocking it back and forth. How I wished I could slow time. It would only be a matter of time before we were back on land, boarding various planes, and landing in Seattle. We would soon be back in a place where others, the number unknown to me, teamed up with Edward's decision to remove our baby from inside of me.

We reached the boat and he carefully lifted me into his arms and stepped onto the boat. My frame shivered, not because of his cold touch, but because it felt good to be close to him. He had not held me this close since before the discovery of my pregnancy. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Edward." My voice was a mere whisper but I knew he could hear me clearly.

I could feed a rumble in his chest, a soft groan escaping his lips. I looked up to catch his expression, looking for my Edward. His jaw was still tight but his eyes stared into mine, glimmering a bright topaz. I could feel relief boiling through me and then it happened. The wetness on my cheeks came before the gasping sobs, but soon they were working in unison to extract any sense of calm from my being.

"Bella, sweetheart…" Edward sat in the nearest seat, pulling me closer to him. He lifted a long, cold finger to my chin and pulled my face upwards. My eyes met his gaze and I could see the pain my fit was causing him. "Bella, please, do not make this harder than it already is. I must protect you. If I lost you…" His jaw tightened again.

I leaned my forehead against his cool chin, finding a moment to compose myself.

"Edward, we are in this together, forever. Please, just listen to me."

His pulled me away from him and I found no need to fight his grasp. I had learned long ago that it was useless. His eyes were beginning to darken again; his lips formed a straight line.

"Bella, I will not let you argue me on this. You are my life and I will protect you, no matter the cost." He released my body, sliding me softly off of his lap.

Before I could protest his statement, he had the anchor up on the boat and we were pulling out of the dock. I needed him to be slow. To be human. He was rushing through everything and I felt hurt by the shortness of our conversation. I needed him to hear me out but I knew my words would pass through his stubborn mind. I knew what I needed to do and I hoped that Rosalie would be able to help me. I had to hope.

The trip went by surprisingly fast, despite the consistent silence between Edward and I. We flew into Caracas for a quick fuel up before flying into Miami. After a quick layover we boarded another plane to Chicago, and then from there boarded a plane to Seattle.

It was not until the pilot announced that we were making our dissent that my heart rate raised significantly. I knew Edward could hear it, feel it in his senses, and I almost dared to turn towards him to attempt to read his face. He had spent most of our trip with his eyes closed, pretending to be asleep. For whom, I had no idea, because he knew he was not fooling me. I clutched my chest for a moment, willing my heart to slow down.

The plane touched down gracefully despite the rain that fell in sheets over the tarmac. I tuned to Edward, his eyes now open and full of worry. The flight attendant stepped into first class and smiled largely, her hands raised to gesture her words. My heart beat throbbed in my ears. She must have told us we were allowed to remove our seat belts and exit the plane because at that moment, Edward's cold hand gently lifted me from my seat. He slid it down to the small of my back and we walked up the short tunnel to the gate and out into the crowded terminal.

He led me across the shopping plaza and down the escalators that led to the baggage claim. I looked down and realized I was still clutching my chest, looking almost as though I was a currently suffering a heart attack. I lowered my hands slowly and slipped my arm around Edward's waist.

His head snapped to the right and his tense appearance eased a bit. I followed his gaze and for the first time since Edward's phone conversation with Carlisle, I felt a wave of relief come over me. About 200 yards away, six figures strolled gracefully through the crowd. The Cullens, my new family, had all arrived at the airport to meet us in this time of need. And there, at the front of the group, was Rosalie. The corners of her lips rose ever so slightly when our eyes met and she quickened her pace. I dropped my arm from around Edward and broke into a run, tears beginning to stream down my cheeks. I flew into her cold, hard arms and buried my face in her chest. She held me gently and ran her fingers through my long, matted hair.

"It's okay Bella. I'm not going to let them touch your baby. I promise." She whispered into my ear, still holding me close.

That was all I needed to hear. The assurance that someone was going to stand by me in my time of need, helping to protect the being that would become the second most important existence in my life. I did not know if Rosalie was doing this for me, or more out of selfishness for the life she was never able to have, but I did not care either way.

She pulled me back carefully and glared behind me, a low snarl building in her throat. I turned to see Edward standing a foot back, his eyes black and fierce. Of course he would know what we were planning to do because he could read Rosalie's mind. I could tell he was furious with her for going along with me and I wondered if he might pounce at that moment, despite the continuous flow of people passing us on either side.

His eyes flickered to Alice knowing she had a clear look at what was in my near future. I could only assume she had spent most of the day focused on me, as worried about my outcome as Edward. She was looking down at her feet, probably trying to recite the alphabet in every language she knew.

"ALICE. LOOK AT ME." Edward's voice was more of a growl and he was getting dangerously close to a volume that would attract bystanders.

Carlisle stepped up quickly and placed himself close by my side but also between Alice and Edward. "Bella, we need to get you home quickly for monitoring. How are you feeling?"

I was still focused on Edward's enraged expression, my heart rate almost doubling. Someone stepped up behind me, a cool hand resting on my shoulder. I immediately started to feel calm, almost dizzy, at an unusual pace. It was Jasper that had come to stand by me.

"I… I feel okay I guess." I held my hands protectively over my middle and looked down. "I know this doesn't make any sense, but I think the bump on my stomach has grown another inch over the course of our journey. And… I can feel movement." I gazed up into Carlisle's worried eyes.

Esme stood a few feet behind him with Alice, Emmett no where to be seen. Both had a worried look on their pale faces.

He sighed. "I wish I could say I've heard of this happening before, but I can't. We need to get you home so I can start monitoring your condition. I have an ultrasound machine set up in my office, along with several other medical supplies to get us started."

I nodded. "Then let's go quickly."

And with that we were on our way, moving swiftly for the exit. Emmett appeared in our group from the baggage claim, our luggage in tow. For once he took no time to tease or joke with us. Rosalie stood protectively on one side of me, Edward on the other. His mood had yet to change since he realized what we were going to do but I knew I was still his number one priority. He would not let me out of his sight. Alice and Jasper had slipped into the crowd to retrieve the cars and Carlisle and Esme walked hand in hand a few yards ahead. Their mouths were moving very quickly and I knew they were having a conversation about my condition.

We finally reached the automatic doors at the exit and broke out into the rainy weather. The cool, damp air felt wonderful against my face and I took a moment to gather a deep breath. Waiting for us at the curb were Emmett's large Jeep and the all too familiar Mercedes that had once driven me to Phoenix to escape the hunt of a vampire. That moment felt as though it had happened years ago, a much less trivial moment in time than what was happening to me presently.

"Conspicuous." I mumbled under my breath, longing for the comfort of the silver Volvo.

I was ushered into the back seat of the Mercedes, placed between Rosalie and Edward. Carlisle was already seated in the passenger seat and Jasper slid behind the wheel. The tension between Rosalie and Edward overpowered me and I could feel Jasper trying to calm the mood. I decided that Carlisle must be here to keep us calm in conversation, though I doubted there would be much talking.

We pulled out in front of the Jeep and were quickly speeding through the streets of Seattle. We hit the outskirts of the city in no time and our speed doubled that of the limit, but I knew I was safe.

The sooner we got home the sooner we could start discussion about how I was going to continue to carry this baby, even if it killed me.