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A voice came over the intercom on a plan.

"We will soon be landing in Tokyo city please sit down and buckle up, when exiting the plane please collect all luggage from the cargo been please be careful when unloading because some luggage may have been shifted during flight." said the stewardess over the intercom

A young boy was sitting on the plane he was about 16 years old five foot seven about 148 pounds with mousy brown hair, a strong looking stewardess walked up to the boy.

"Please buckle up young man were about to land." said the stewardess

The boy nodded and buckled up as he faded into his thoughts.

"It's been seven years." he said


a boy of the age of 9 stood over a burning city crying

"no, how could this have happened!" cryed the boy

a medic rushed over to the boy and picked him up, then took him to a near by ambulance.

"Are you OK! Ask the medic as the medic searched the boy for injuries

"No cryed the boy my mom and sister are still in the town!" said the boy

"Ok listen carefully said the medic." said the medic "what is your name."

"Joshua Campbell." cryed the boy when at the same time hyperventilating


The young boy know simply as Joshua sat in an office in the morgue next to his social worker.

A young man in a white outfit walk up to the boy.

"It's your turn, follow me into the back." said the man

The young boy followed the man to a room filled with locker and opened one of them up. The man slide out a body bag and unzipped it. The boy nearly fainted at the sight of what use to be his mother.

"We just needed conformation that this was your mother" said the man in white "we have yet to find any trace off your sister but at this point we believe that it is very unlikely she survived."

The social worker grabed the boys hand and leaned down to eye level with the boy known as Joshua.

"The people down at the social office talked it over and we think it's best to put you in a foster home until we can locate your father." said the social worker


A young man had just gotten the mail.

"Hay orphan boy you got a letter!" said the young man

The man threw the letter at Joshua's face witch made it's mark, Joshua didn't even make an attempt to dodged it.

"Huh, useless you can't even catch right." said the young man as he walked away

Joshua looked down at the folder not knowing that what was inside that folder wold awaken his sleeping heart and soul. Joshua Opened the envelope inside was a one way ticket to japan, the key to a security box, a pass port, 100,000 yen, and A list of detailed instructions signed by non other then Joshua Campbell's father.

"what is this." said Joshua as he looked at the instructions


If you want to stay where you are right now in life then put down this letter and throw every thin in the envelope away, but if you want to move forward in life then do exactly what the instruction's say.

1. travel to japan

2. go to Tokyo and visit neon national bank

3. empty out the security box further instruction's will be contained in the security box

signed Jason Campbell


Joshua quickly looked around to see if anyone saw what he pulled out of the envelope, he saw no one he quickly stuffed the contents back into the envelope. Joshua quickly rushed into his room and grabed a backpack he stuffed everything he could along with envelope in side his bag, and quickly rushed out of the building leaving no trace of where he was going.


"Sire." said a stewardess shaking Joshua

"Oh." said Joshua Snapping back to realty "oh has the plane landed?"

"sire the plane landed 10 minutes ago, so we need you to leave so we can do clean up." said the stewardess

"Oh." said Joshua with a sweet drop


Josh walked up to the front counter at the bank with a very large intimidating man at the counter.

"sir I have a security deposit box here i would like to empty it." said Joshua

The man looked down at the young 16 year old boy

"I will need your key and name." said the man

"Oh of course, my name is Joshua Campbell" said Josh when at the same time giving the man his key

The man took Joshua's key and typed his name in on a computer.

"Okay wait here." said the man

The man quickly left and returned with a duffel bag filled with who knows what.

"I need you to sign this stating you the emptying of the box and this one stating you are closing the box" said the man

Joshua quickly signed it and sped out of the room. He opened the duffel bag the bag contained citizen papers for him, a key to a condo, a strange looking device, what looked like a Orange robot with bat wings, 100,000,000,000, yen, a strange bottle of pills, and the next set of direction's. Josh almost had a hard attack at the sight of the money.

"what does my dad do for a living, is he in the mob or something?!" said a panting josh

After 2 hours of hyperventilating Josh finally looked at the next set of instructions


1. take one pill

2. go to your new condo at nya nya inn

3. go to the roof of the hotel

4. on the back off the device in the bag there is a button press it on the roof

5. don't panic


The last of the instructions made him a little uncomfortable but thats to be expected. Josh took out one of the pills and looked at it.

"What if it's poison?" said Josh "Aw, i got nothing to lose."

Joshua In hailed the pill he felt nothing at first but then he started to fell dizzy, Josh manged to regain his balance he looked at a near by bill board all of a sudden the Japanese character turned into English character and every one around him he couldn't understand maid perfect sense to him now. Josh quickly ran over to the nearest person he saw.

"sir what language am i speaking?" ask Josh in a panic

"What are you talking about your speaking Japanese you idiot." said the man

Josh quickly picked up the pill bottle and look at the label.


Language converter pill


It takes any character's of other language and translates them to your language in your eyes also converting speech for instance if you speak English and some one is talking Spanish you automatically know what they are saying and if you talk to that person and they only know Spanish your vocal release becomes Spanish


do not take more than one pill in your life time if you do take more than one side effects may include growing giant hands, rotting flesh, peeing where you poop and pooping where you pee, and your head exploding.


"Ok so this is poison, you just have to take it twice to make you suffer a slow and painful death." said Josh with a sweet drop


A young women with long black hair led Joshua to his room.

"Here's your room, will you be staying long?" said the long haired women

"I will stay as long as I need to." said Josh "oh buy the way witch way do i go to get to the roof?"

"Down the hall and up the stares, i guess you heard of our roof top poll." said the women

"sure." said Josh


Josh set the strange device down.

"Ok, Just have to press the button now." said Joshua

Josh pressed down on the button, all of a sudden a light wave was shot from it and Josh was absorbed into it.


Josh Look around and he noticed a few things right away one he was naked, two there seemed to be a nexus of portals around him, three he couldn't move, and four there was a hug ass bat in front of him.

"Holy crap!" yelled Josh "Oh god It's like I've been brought into a gay bestiality porn."

At that moment the bat zoomed right up to josh and flew right inside his body.

The only thing that entered Josh's mind was "What the fuck.":

The light faded and Josh found himself on the roof again.

"Wat the hell was that." said Josh

"well it seems your body has excepted the gens and so has the others" said a masterous voice

Josh looked around to find the small robot bat he had in his duffel bag flying in front of him.

"What's up bitches?" said the robot bat

"Ok going to pass out now." said Josh as he hit the floor

next time: Josh must deal with what he has become he must also find away to contact the original mew's and how will he handle the fact that the other mews he must collect live in other world's things are just not looking up for at first it was just depressing but now it's funny with the way things are going for him