dear reader your probably wondering where i'v been for the last year, and why i haven't update, so prepare for a long winded rant, i have a had jacked up year, in between overwhelming school work, studing for the act, my house burning down, hospital visits, and an aparment manager trying to sue my mother because she moved out, and we supposibly didn't call and let her know we were moveing out, which we did call her by the way, and let's not forget the mold build up in the walls of that horride building ( we counter sued her under the slum lord act), and then when we got too a new appartment it took us almost a month just to get internet hooked, then i come back to fanfiction to find i cant remeber my freaken pass word and then i get here and fanfiction is running on a new system i'm not familer with, and to top things off my inbox is fludded with tunes of e-mails that gonna tack for ever to go threw them all, to put it plan and simple i've got a lot of catching up to do including reading abunch of different story, getting e-mail responses out, updateing this story a whole bunch of times, but aat least i'm back with a tune of ideas for this story so expect update with in a day or two, also look for new stories as well