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Chapter 1: The Wind Waker

Link, the Hero of Time, and Vaati, the Sorcerer of Winds, sat next to each other, legs dangling into the ocean water. It was a strange sight to see sworn enemies sitting next to each other without either of them trying to end the other's life, but after recent events, neither was in the mood to fight.

They had been blown thousands of years into the future by Ganondorf and the possessed Opal, and it had come as a shock to see the land of Hyrule completely submerged under the ocean.

Vaati's hand strayed over to where his boomerang had been; he felt calm whenever he had it in his hands. He was surprised when his hands hit fabric instead of the smooth blades of the boomerang. "What?" The mage's voice sliced through the silence, causing Link to look up for the first time in a while since they had arrived on the ocean. The sorcerer began to look frantically about his tunic to find the Gale Boomerang, and then dejectedly gave up when he couldn't find it anywhere.

Vaati sighed, and put his hands up to his face. "I should've known. Your inventory must've changed again, Link." He wearily turned to the depressed Link. "All right, let's take a look at what you've got. If we're going to get started I might as well get another weapon from you."

Link said nothing, but took out his pouch and emptied its contents onto the stone walkway they were on that surrounded the floating tower.

Some of the items were ones they were already familiar with, but many things were new. Vaati picked up a large leaf and shrugged. "A leaf. Really, Link, you collect the strangest things." Vaati watched Link sulk in silence. The mage frowned, "Don't make me come over there and punch you so hard you won't be able to remember anything but pain. Snap out of it, boy."

Link continued to stare out across the sea. Vaati muttered something and continued to rifle through the items. There was a bag of bombs, a telescope, a pair of bracelets, a rope with metal claws at the end, something that looked like a clawshot except with ends tapered to a point ("a hookshot," Link had mumbled), a rather macabre hammer, and a bow.

Vaati couldn't use any of them. He growled as he heaved a pair of iron boots towards the rest of the weapons he had deemed 'useless'.

"Link, if you're feeling so miserable you can do me a favor and jump in the ocean with these iron boots on. You might find Hyrule on the way down." He stopped as he saw something he had missed. A silver baton was hidden underneath the leaf he had tossed away earlier.

Link stirred as he gradually began to recover from his misery. He found it was hard to stay depressed with Vaati constantly trying to annoy him. "Hm? What about this boomerang?" Link picked up an orange boomerang that looked exactly like the one he had had back in his time.

Vaati waved him away. "That boomerang is too ordinary. I deserve better." He quickly snatched the baton from under the leaf, and excitement flashed in his red eyes. It was magical, and even better, he could feel it held more command over the wind than his old boomerang. "Ah, I think I've found something."

Link's curiosity got the better of him, and the last traces of his depression left his face as he leaned forward with interest. "What's that?"

Vaati grinned smugly, "Watch." The mage closed his eyes, feeling the salty ocean breeze as he brought the baton up in the air. He flicked it in several directions and caused a strong wind to blow steadily north. A few more flicks and there were a couple of tornadoes spiraling in the distance. Vaati exhaled and smiled broadly. He almost had full control of the winds now, and it felt great.

The two were suddenly startled by a bluish-green frog sitting on a cloud that appeared in front of Vaati. It began to babble in a strange tongue, gesticulating wildly and pointing at the baton in the mage's hands from time to time.

"What do you want?" Vaati snapped as he created a gust that pushed the frog away from him. The frog abruptly became quiet, and then began to laugh.

"Well I'll be, someone who still talks the ancient language! You're not from around, are ye? The name's Zephos, nice to make your acquaintance, kid." The frog tilted its head as Vaati bristled at being called a kid. Zephos chuckled and looked at Link, again babbling in a language they couldn't understand.

"Um, Zephos? Do I know you? I've uh…lost –"

Zephos zipped towards Link. "You too? You never told me you could understand what the old ones speak." He took a closer look at the startled boy. "Hmmm, you're not quite the same…person. The same, but different. Anyway," the frog zipped back in front of Vaati, "you've got some talent over the winds, even better than the green one here. I like you, kid! Some rough winds you've got going there. Just remember not to abuse it."

"Hold on here, who the hell are you?" Vaati demanded angrily.

Zephos blinked, and then chuckled. "Kid, you should watch your mouth. Some of us aren't as nice as I am." The frog cleared his throat and puffed out its chest. "I'm the god of winds. The baton you hold is none other than the Wind Waker."

Vaati looked skeptical. "God of winds? Since when has there been one of those?"

"Really, if you talked to my brother that way I'm not sure you would get away with it," Zephos shook his head, smiling. "Just know that gods don't normally pop up in front of mortals. It's not surprising you haven't heard of me. Which brings me to my next question," the frog's eyes squinted, "how is it you know so much about the winds, kid?"

"Because I'm the Wind Sorcerer Vaati, that's why!" the mage blurted out.

Link groaned. The ever reckless Vaati had blown his cover, and to a god no less. Link looked from the stunned Zephos to the confident mage, wondering what was going to happen next.

The wind god finally rubbed his chin, "Curious. The Wind Sorcerer Vaati? The one who caused Hyrule almost as much trouble as the King of Darkness? Kid, that's a little hard to believe, but now that you mention it…" Zephos looked Vaati in the eyes, causing the mage to back up a little, "you do look a little familiar."

Vaati recollected himself and stood as proudly as he could. "Of course. I'm the one who turned the princess of Hyrule to stone at the Picori Festival and sent monsters all over the land, I'm the one who kidnapped all the maidens in Hyrule, I'm the one who nearly succeeded in turning Hyrule into the land of darkness."

"That's nothing to be proud of, kid." Link and Vaati both flinched from Zephos' suddenly severe tone. "I would give you a good beating myself if I couldn't see you've already paid for it."

Link became confused. "How do you know you shouldn't punish him?"

"Idiot, don't encourage him!"

Zephos smiled again. He wasn't the type to stay upset for too long. "Well, you're traveling with someone who has done a great service by defeating the King of Darkness. If he trusts someone like you, kid, then there has to be a good reason. He even let you handle his Wind Waker. It's been several thousand years; I wouldn't be surprised if you've changed."

Link opened his mouth to speak. "Actually, I don't really trust him, and he keeps trying to ki…er…I mean…" Link paused as he saw Vaati glaring daggers at him, "uh…yeah…we get along like best buddies."

The frog chuckled. "Good, good, then I give you permission to use the Wind Waker, sorcerer. It's been a while since I've seen someone use it ­with such expertise. Now good luck, but before that," Zephos snapped his fingers as Link and Vaati began to cough and choke. "Yep, a rather nasty side effect, but it had to be done. Seems like you two can't speak the modern language, eh? Well, now you can. Don't bother thanking me." The frog continued to laugh as it flew away into the sky.

Vaati looked miffed as he ruffled his cape and narrowed his eyes at the empty space where Zephos had been. "I really hate divine beings…" Vaati said under his breath.

Link was in the process of putting away the items Vaati had rejected. He was almost as annoyed as Vaati. "So Zephos just popped in to say hello and left us here with no leads to find Ganondorf or Hyrule. If he was a god, the least he could've done was to give us a few hints." Link shielded his eyes from the sun as he observed the tower that was in front of them. "Do you think we should take a look?"

"Here? No, I'd rather go somewhere else." Vaati waved the Wind Waker a few times and changed the direction of the wind.

"The tower looks pretty important though…"

The wind became more powerful as it whipped around them. "But it's old, Link, and it looks like nobody is here. We'll need to go to a place with people if we want information on anything peculiar that has occurred recently." The Wind Waker circled and the air spiraled.

Link held onto his hat as the wind increased its speed. "How are we going to get out of this place?" He shouted over the noise. He froze when he saw Vaati grin wickedly. "No way…"

The mage nodded. "That's right, boy."


Link and Vaati arrived at a small island town sometime past noon. A windmill at the center of the village took up most of the island, and quaint whitewashed houses lined the cobblestone streets. Several stray pigs ran away at the sight of the drenched travelers.

"I don't believe it, you messed up," Link said as he wiped salt water from his face. Vaati was nonplussed, but he refused to show it.

"It's a bit different than what I usually do, ok? The cyclone was harder to control than I expected." He sloshed his way towards land. "At least I got us to an island town…somewhere."

"So we're lost too, brilliant."

Vaati glowered. "At the moment, yes. That's why we're going to ask the people on that ship."

Link arched his eyebrows at the ship Vaati was pointing to. It was docked beside a cliff in a half-hearted attempt to make it hidden from the town, and sported hefty canons complete with a mast that was emblazoned with cutlasses. "You know that's a pirate ship, I hope?"

The mage shrugged. "Hmph. They're just people, Link. Scare them enough and they'll listen to you. We might get their ship, even."

Link sighed with disbelief. He decided to follow the water soaked mage towards the ship. This might be interesting to watch, from a safe distance at least.


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