Acknowledgements and Thanks:

First off, I would like to thank everybody who has taken their time to follow this story. Beyond Centuries is the first story I have EVER attempted to write, and I was really nervous about its reception. Every time I saw the hit counter go up I would jump out of my seat and think, "Yay! I'm not ignored!" (yeah...sad).

I would also like to thank the reviewers. Oh goddesses, you have no idea how much motivation you gave me to keep going. Otherwise, I might have dropped the story and gave it up for dead. The following are my thanks to specific reviewers (in the order that they reviewed).

And WOW. Speaking of reviews, we're up to triple digits. You guys were AWESOME.

Reily96: First reviewer! I was so happy when I saw the review, and it was also from someone whose stories I've enjoyed reading in the past (and present)! I owe you big time. I really appreciate how you followed this story to the very very end!

Cartoonmarth: Thanks for motivating me to continue onwards to the next chapters!

sakurahanaalice: You made me happy with your enthusiasm :)

H-bomber: Thank you! You practically reviewed every single chapter and you've given me so much support. I'm happy you liked this story so much. Keep an eye out for the sequel when I ever find time to write it. ;)

Evil Riggs: I've already said this elsewhere, but you have been the most helpful reviewer ever. Your advice is truly insightful, and I've occasionally found myself going red in embarrassment from the mistakes that you've found in the story. Your editing was really valuable to this story: I hope I was gradually able to improve. Thank you!

Peka the Corsair: Thank you for giving this story a chance even though the beginning was somewhat slow going. Your words gave me confidence :)

Dea of Letum: Thank you for reading so far into the story! I hope you liked it!

Diablo1123: It began when I mercilessly took away half your day by causing you to read the stories. ;) Thank you for reading, and thank you for following this to the end!

Yuudai Arai: I'm always happy when I see new reviewers reviewing. The first time I saw your very long review and saw a new name I was very very happy. I hurried to write the next chapter when I saw that :)

Rune Caster: The anonymous reviewer ;) Thanks for reading to the end! I like your new Vaati story on deviantart btw. ;)

bleu-blizzard: I'm sorry if I ever made you confused. And I've said this before, but questions aren't bad! In fact, they help me try to think if I made something too vague in previous chapters. They'll help if I ever rewrite a second, improved version of BC. Thanks for reading!

Kindra Mckleen: I hope you liked it! Thanks for the review; when I saw it I was like, "Ah, I have to write more!" Haha, yeah, I need a boatload of thanks for getting me to keep writing.

pikminbro: Thanks for reviewing...though I will forever wonder if my answer to your question made you stop reading.

Cookiekitten: Thanks for the review! I hope you read the sequel too!

SSJ4Sora: I'm starting to sound like a broken record: Thank you!

Azure Inu: Even though you popped in near the end, I was really happy to see another reviewer. Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked it!

I luv Vaati: Fellow Vaati fan, I'm glad you liked my story. And hopefully I'll get going with the sequel someday. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

Everyone else I either missed or forgot to mention: Firstly, I'm sorry for forgetting you. That was unintentional. Secondly, I would like to give you a great big thanks for reading. :)