Hello! This is my first time writing anything for this site, and I hope it's met well. It was a friend of mine that convinced me to post this here, so I hope you enjoy. With further ado, I present... Moonlight.

Entry 1: We saw them today, on the top of the Mercury Lighthouse. Isaac and Garet had come to stop Saturos and Menardi from lighting the beacon, but they were too late… They had some boy with them I didn't recognize, and the cleric girl we saw in Imil. I didn't mention her, did I? I didn't think much of her in the town, though I didn't really catch more than a glimpse anyway. But when I saw her atop the lighthouse, her aqua eyes lit with resolve, her turquoise hair blown back by the wind… I only felt butterflies. It's not right… girls are supposed to like boys. I know they are.

Jenna closed her diary with a sigh. She'd lost track of how many days it had been since she'd left her home in Vale, but no end was in sight. The Mercury Lighthouse had been lit, and she hoped that Isaac was okay, hoped that Mia was okay… She shuddered, shaking the thought. It was a wonder she knew the girl's name, yet she was hopelessly attached. "Dammit…" She muttered, stuffing the diary back into her pack. Even though they were coming to understand Saturos and Menardi's motives, she still didn't like the idea. It put everyone in danger. Isaac, Garet… Mia… Jenna gave a defeated sigh as the cleric's name sounded through her mind again. Resolving to clear her thoughts, she stepped outside into the cool night air.

A swift breeze met her, tossing strands of her dark hair about her face. She muttered another curse as she brushed them out of the way, stumbling awkwardly into the campground. Saturos sat idly at a low, crackling fire. First watch, she silently reminded herself. As she sat opposite of him, they barely gave each other a second glance; each knew she was going nowhere. She sighed and stared upwards, the glowing crescent moon catching her attention. But silence only brought thoughts of the turquoise-haired girl.

"They beat you," She said absently, her eyes coming down to rest on Saturos.

He gave a low growl, strongly resembling an injured cat tending to its wounds. "The beacon weakened my power."

Her heart skipped a beat. It had been a shot in the dark. Saturos hadn't spoken since he rejoined their group… That meant they had actually beaten him. "By how much?"

"Far too much," He snapped at her. When she winced at his tone, he sighed. "Sorry," he mumbled. "Losing, even at an unfair disadvantage, does not sit well with me."

She didn't answer, turning her eyes to the fire. They were alive, and by the way it sounded, they were strong enough to hold their own. She only prayed they'd find the strength to weather the coming storm.

Jenna didn't move as she heard Menardi approach. She was hardly the kind of person that anyone wanted to look in the eyes.

"Get some rest." She said quietly to Saturos, who nodded. "The both of you," she added as she turned to face Jenna.

Jenna didn't bother to look in her direction. She gave a short nod of her head, rising to return to the safety of her tent.

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