Whew boy, did it take a while. Well, first let me say that for a while I didn't plan on writing the epilogue; I figured the story was well enough left alone. But I got inspired, no, divinely guided, to continue writing. Once I was finally able to sit down and decide once and for all that it would happen, it did.

To my fans, I hope dearly that you haven't moved on from this website, so that I might finally fulfill your wishes for an epilogue.

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So without further ado, I present, my Christmas present to you all: Moonlight's epilogue.


Entry 9: I guess no one would have ever really expected it… With victory in our reach, the Wise One came to stop us, and forced us to battle a three-headed monster he'd created from my parents and Isaac's dad… how could he do something like that?

It was all just a mean trick. I can't begin to describe how I felt when we won, if you could call it that. Even if he'd known that Alchemy's return would revive them…

Flying back still wasn't any easier on my stomach than it was before, but at least it was a short trip home.

Or at least… where home used to be. When alchemy was released, Mt. Aleph was sucked into the ground…and Vale with it.

I was so scared that everyone was gone. I still remember how devastated I'd felt… but then, I guess none of us were really okay.

But when we looked up and saw that everyone was okay, it didn't even matter that we'd lost our homes. Everything was okay.

The laughing, the smiling, the crying… Even now, it all seems so surreal.

But through it all, Mia's been right at my side. I never thought any one person could make me so happy, but she's everything I ever dreamed of and more.

Now that Vale's gone, we need to decide what we do next, and where everyone goes from here. Mia said she needed to make sure Imil was still standing, and of course I all too eagerly offered to go with her… I'm lucky she loves me, I swear I embarrass myself too much.

No matter what, I'm going to treasure this time I have with her.

Jenna gently closed her treasured diary with a light heart and a smile on her face. They were staying in Mia's old home during their visit, and she found the cozy little house comforting after traveling for so long. Almost like a home…

She shook the thought with a little grin, rising from the small desk at which she'd been writing. Mia was still out in town, and the fire adept, longing to write in her diary after so long without it, had opted to stay home…

Her heart fluttered and she swatted the word away in her mind, shaking her head. "Just temporary…" She mumbled. She pulled a robe from the closet, wrapped it around herself, and stepped over to the window.

A fresh burst of cold wind met her face as she lifted the pane, brushing her dark strands of hair from her face. The sun had just set, and darkness was just beginning to settle.

Jenna put her hands on the windowsill and leaned out the window, studying the town. Imil's perpetual snow covered the town like a blanket, reminding her of the white cotton robe that Mia favored. After spending a night in the snowy little town, she could see why.

She tugged her own robe tighter around her, igniting a flare of psynergy to aid her warmth as her thoughts turned to the turquoise-haired cleric. It had been a long time since the night they had confessed their feelings for one another, and yet it didn't seem that long at all.

She stared absently into town, smiling as she recalled that night, and how tenderly Mia had held her. She'd spent countless nights pining away after the beautiful water adept, but she'd never dreamed that things would turn out the way they did.

She shut her eyes, letting her mind wander further. The trip to Imil had been more pleasure than trouble, her heart rate picking up slightly as she remembered the feel of Mia's hand in hers.

A muffled giggle behind her brought her back to reality, her heart leaping into her throat. She scrambled to get back inside, trying to cover the fact she'd almost slipped and fallen out.

"Don't scare me like that!"

"Sorry Jenna," Mia offered, an amused smirk tugging at her lips. The cleric was seated on the bed, observing Jenna with innocent interest.

The young fire adept's cheeks flushed, and she clumsily closed the window. "I didn't hear you come in," She mumbled, staring absently downward.

Mia gave another giggle, a soft gentle laugh that made Jenna's knees weak. "I tried not to bother you." A genuine smile touched her face, love shining in her aqua eyes.

Jenna padded over to the bed, smiling back in spite of herself. "You don't bother me, Mia." She sat down next to her, slipping her arms around her as she did so. "You never have, and you never will."

She heaved a small sigh of contentment as she felt Mia's arms encircle her and pull her close. She laid her head down on her shoulder, feeling safe in the water adept's arms.

"I'm glad, Jenna." Mia whispered, tenderly stroking Jenna's dark hair.

Jenna hummed softly, her own fingers finding their way into Mia's soft, turquoise locks. From her spot on the cleric's shoulder, she could hear her love's heart beating, a soft steady rhythm that threatened to lull her to sleep.

Just as her eyelids grew heavy, Jenna perked slightly and sat up, remembering something she'd said many nights ago. "Mia," she started, butterflies already buzzing about in her stomach, "Would you like to… read my diary now?"

Mia's eyes lit up and a wide grin stole its way across her features. "I would love that."

The fire adept swallowed in a feeble attempt to settle her stomach. "Alright," She breathed, the idea already causing nervous chuckles to escape her lips. Mia's eyes never left her as she rose and stepped over to the desk.

Jenna gently ran her fingers over the binding of her diary, worn from the weeks of travel. As she lifted it into her arms, she thought about all the emotion she'd poured into this one little book, from her initial confusion to her hopeless adoration. She thought about who she'd felt these things for, and who she was handing the book to now.

As she sat back down on the bed, Mia wrapped her arms around her again. Her warm touch washed away any doubts she still had, and she presented her diary to the water adept she so adored.

"Go ahead," Jenna said quietly. Her nerves settled, she only smiled as Mia opened the book to the first page.

Her eyes scanned quickly down the text at first, then back over again, more slowly. When she came to the first entry that mentioned her, she paused. "Oh… I remember that day…" She said dreamily. "I saw you, but I had no idea you noticed me like that."

Jenna fidgeted in embarrassment. "It just kind of… overwhelmed me. I was so confused…" Already her cheeks were growing warm.

"It's alright, Jenna," The cleric replied with a smile. "I understand." She then went back to reading, flipping the page gently, as if it were fragile. "My eyes haunted you?"

The Mars adept bit her lip. "I couldn't get them out of my mind. It wasn't a bad thing."

"You really think my eyes are beautiful?" Mia's aqua eyes locked with Jenna's, as if to help her answer.

Jenna's heart pounded madly in her chest as she stared into her love's eyes, lost in the depth of emotion behind those turquoise orbs. "Y-yes… they're lovely," she stammered.

Mia giggled, her own cheeks flushing. "I'm glad," she whispered, then went back to reading. "Oh… this entry, it's…" A smile snuck its way across her face and she bit her lip to hold back a tear. "You really love me, don't you?"

"Of course, Mia," Jenna said quietly, wrapping her arms around the cleric's waist and hugging her tight. "And if you ever doubt me… it's right there in writing." She giggled in spite of herself, laughing off her embarrassment with a stupid grin. She remembered the night she'd written that entry perfectly. It was the next entry she'd written after she'd confessed her feelings in the moonlight.

Mia joined in the laughter, wiping away the single tear she'd failed to hold back. "I'm glad… because I really love you, Jenna."

No matter how many times she heard the words, they never stopped making her heart skip, never stopped making her breathing quicken. She rested her head against Mia's arm to settle herself as she continued reading.

"This one's from the first night we spent together, isn't it?" When the fire adept nodded, Mia continued. "I remember…" She shut her eyes, thinking back. "It looks like you were more nervous than I was."

Jenna grumbled her disapproval from the safety of Mia's sleeve. "I couldn't help it... and why were you nervous?"

"I told you… I was yours when our eyes met." She paused to brush a rogue strand of sea green hair from her face. "I never said I wasn't nervous."

Remembering the countless times she'd embarrassed herself in front of the cleric, Jenna couldn't help but smile, even as her cheeks burned red. "That makes me feel better about acting like an idiot half the time…"

"I never thought any less of you," Mia said quietly as she turned the page.

She stopped at the bottom of the next page, biting her lip. Jenna took careful notice of the water adept's distress, wondering at the cause.

"I never knew flying made you so sick," She said awkwardly.

"It does. What's wrong Mia?" Jenna sat up, gently laying a hand on Mia's arm.

Mia looked up from the page, seeming to chew on her words. It was then Jenna saw the pain in the cleric's eyes. She found herself overwhelmed in empathetic sorrow.

"What do you think now? Is our love… wrong?"

The words hit Jenna like a knife, but she took a deep breath and stared back into Mia's eyes, grasping both of the cleric's hands tightly in her own.

"No… it's not. Something like this couldn't be. And even if it was, I wouldn't care. I love you Mia… that's all that matters to me."

A wave of relief washed over her as Mia's painful expression gave way to a smile. "I love you too, Jenna… you're right. That's all that matters."

Jenna sat patiently as Mia picked her diary up again and resumed reading, already knowing what part was coming next.

As Mia flipped through the final inked pages, Jenna instinctively looked down, knowing full well what she'd written. Only when she heard the book close did she look up.

She had only enough time to notice the silent tears streaming down her love's soft cheeks before the water adept's arms encircled her. She hugged Mia's waist tight, feeling tears well in her own eyes.

Jenna searched frantically for the words to say, hardly able to think clearly. "I…"

A soft 'Shh' from Mia was all that was required to quell the storm in her belly, replacing it with a sea of calm.

The two adepts sat in tender silence, neither willing to let the other go. Just as Jenna thought she might fall asleep in her love's embrace, Mia stirred, pulling back slightly.

"Mia…?" Jenna whispered, looking up into Mia's smiling face. The emotion in the cleric's eyes threatened to overwhelm her.

She succumbed to the demands of her heart, and shut her eyes as Mia's lips met hers.

It was as if the whole world had simply faded away from existence; the only thought her mind could focus on was Mia's taste coupled with the warmth of her touch.

She reached a hand up to tangle her fingers in the turquoise hair she so adored, and gave her everything into the kiss.

When the two girls finally separated, each was panting for breath.

Jenna sat as she caught her breath, content to listen to Mia do the same, until a thought struck her.

She stood, her knees wobbling even as she did so, and grasped Mia's hand. "Come on," She said as loud as her shaky voice would allow her to.

Mia rose without question and followed the fire adept out the door and into the night.

As the two adepts stole out into the dark, Jenna searched the sky. True to form, the comforting glow of the white moon lit up the night.

Jenna smiled as she laced her fingers with Mia's, placing her head on the water adept's shoulder. Warmth crept up her body despite the cold.

"The moon is really special to you, isn't it?" Mia whispered. When she felt the fire adept nod, she laughed quietly and held her tight.

Jenna lifted her head to look up once more. As she stared into the moon, Mia's arms tight around her, she became lost in thought. She thought of the past, and every night she'd spent to get here. She thought of the future, and every night she planned to stay here.

"Jenna…" Mia said quietly, seeing the stars in the adept's eyes.

"No matter what," Jenna whispered. "I'm going to cherish my time with you."

Mia raised a hand and gently cupped the dark haired girl's cheek, turning her gaze back from the sky to her face.

Jenna reached her own hand up and placed it over Mia's, staring back into the lovely aqua eyes that made her knees weak.

"I'll always cherish you too, Jenna."

The words made her heart flutter, and the blushing fire adept leaned in closer. "Really?"

Mia shut her eyes, leaning her head against Jenna's as she held her tight.

"I promise."

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