A Shigofumi is a letter from the afterlife, the last letter from the departed to the living world. They are often addressed to friends and family, but this one was address to a virtual stranger to gain closure on some unfinished business.

Ghost Reader

I thought it was odd when that girl approached me to give me a letter. Usually letters are delivered to people's houses, so it was strange that she came to give it to me personally as I walked down the street. I did not recognize the name of the sender when she told me who it was from, but she was certain that the letter was for me.

"I don't know that person," I tried to explain.

Then the girl, who was dressed like a mail carrier and held a staff, spoke my name even if I had not told her who I was. "This letter is shigofumi, a letter from the afterlife and it is addressed to you."

I laughed, surely it was a joke. "Okay I'll play along," and I received the thick envelope.

Then the girl turned around and walked away. I heard another voice speaking to that girl, but I'm not sure where it came from; maybe there was some kind of cellphone device in her staff. "Is it okay, Fumika? She didn't believe it."

"Our job is only to deliver the shigofumi," the mysterious mail girl replied. I looked down at the envelope for a moment, and when I looked back towards the girl, she was already gone.

I opened the envelope out of curiosity and pulled out the thick bundle of papers. I opened the pages and silently read the one on top.

'Hello! You don't know me but I know you, well not in person but I've read your stories and I really like them. I know it may seem strange that out of all the people I could write to, friends, family and the like, I would choose to write to someone whom I haven't met and have never spoken to in any way. But I have already told all those people what I needed to say, and the only unfinished business I left behind in the world of the living is with you. If I don't do this I'll never be able to rest in peace.

I have written my comments about your fanfiction in the pages included with this letter. Sorry, I didn't do this while I was still alive. It's ironic isn't it? While I was alive I was a ghost reader, but now that I died I'm finally reviewing.

Sincerely, one of your many ghost readers...'


Disclaimer, I don't own Shigofumi. This may be the first Shigofumi fanfic on the site. I haven't been able to find any others. What do you think? Don't be like that ghost reader and send your comments while you're still alive!

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