Here's Why

Mantineus-This was thought up after the episode with Morningstar, and then "Framed". I realized that I really hate Gwen(rants about things you've heard before by other extremely awesome writers). So here you go. My first Bevin! I know it's short, but, I've tried longer ones, but they never go in a direction that I liked or you would like. I'll try again later.

Shout out to my beta Uchihafanboy, his computer's broken and we wish you luck!

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-- --

Kevin leaned on the hood of his car, his elbow propping his body up while his hand held up his head as he watched Ben watch and re-watch the transmission his grandpa had left him. He found himself looking more-and-more at the boy, and anyone who knew him better knew why.

He heard Gwen walk up behind him. The girl had grown since they were young, though truth be told he never really saw her, his main objection being revenge after all; who has time to see pointless people anyway when you're on a mission anyway?

"Why won't you ask me out?" She asked.

Kevin turned around, annoyed. This was not the first time she asked that. And every time she asked him, he wondered why he thought he liked her in the first place.

"You wanna know why I haven't asked you out yet?" Kevin said angrily, his annoyance showing.

"Yes." She said, more stuck-up than matter-of-factly.

"Are you really sure?" He asked.

Now it was Gwen's turn to be annoyed. "Yes." She said, her voice stern and annoyed.

"Hey, Ben!" Kevin shouted. "Get over here!"

Ben groaned. All he wanted was to see and hear his grandpa, while remembering things they have done together during his childhood, since he was sure that he would never see his grandpa again. And Kevin was disrupting that.

"What?" He shouted, turning off the transmission and walked over there.

As soon as he was in range, Kevin grabbed Ben and pulled him close; his shoulders under his arm.

"Here's why." Kevin said in a sly voice, turning his head until he faced Ben.

He lowered his face and planted his lips on top of Ben's. Ben fought for a second, but found that he was no match for the mutant. He gave in and found that he enjoyed it. He kissed back.

A minute later they broke apart, panting due to loss of oxygen.

"That's why." Kevin said. "Now stop asking me."

"All you had to do was say you were gay." Gwen said, crossing her arms.

"Yeah," Kevin said, looking annoyed at Gwen. "But then I wouldn't have kissed Ben" He looked down at the boy still in his arms. "And offer to take him out this Friday."

Gwen just walked away, extremely jealous that she lost Kevin to her stupid cousin. Both boys, however, kissed again, ignorant that she ever left at all.

-- --

Mantineus-Here you go. A little fluffy one-shot. I hope you like it; I've been trying to work on longer stories, but so far they've failed. Please feel free to review! I hope to write more of these!