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Batman looks down at the broken and beaten form of the Joker. He will live, and in a few months he will even walk again. Batman has fought the clown for years, and recently he has made it a point to break as many of his bones as possible with any encounter. He does not do this because of any malice or hatred, the Batman simply has found that the Joker doesn't escape from custody until he can walk or move his fingers. He stands over the villain until he hears sirens coming close, then he disappears to the rooftops.

"Wow, you are getting violent," says a catty voice from behind him.

He turns around, "Hello Selina," he says.

"Huntress rubbing off on you?" Catwoman asks.

"No," he answers, "I've just found that broken bones can do what Asylum walls can't."

Selina laughs, "That is one way to keep him in. I wonder if he enjoys the special treatment," she says.

The Batman rolls his eyes, "Probably," he meets her gaze. A part of him misses her old costume, the one that let him see her eyes. Now she uses the same lenses in her mask that he does, "What are you doing here Selina?" he asks.

"I guess you have already heard about my pardon?" she asks.

"Well I haven't put you in handcuffs," he answers.

"Careful, wouldn't want the princess to get jealous," Selina counters.

He doesn't want to play her game, his in too good a mood, so he ignores the flirting, "So now what, you turn over a new leaf?" he asks.

"Something like that," she answers.

"So, what do you want from me Selina?" the Batman asks.

She gives him her biggest Cheshire smile and announces, "Batman, I want to join the Justice League!"


Now Batman stands at the head of a table in the Metropolis League Tower. Before him sit the other founding members of the Justice League. He feels rather uncomfortable. But then, Catwoman always did have a knack at making him feel this way.

"What did you just say?" Superman asks, a bewildered look on his face.

Thanks Clark, he thinks to himself, you just had to make me say this twice. "I wish to sponsor Selina Kyle, alias Catwoman, in joining the Justice League," he repeats himself.

"Oh," Superman says, "thats what I thought you said."

"Are you serious?" Green Lantern asks.

"He looks serious," Shayera observes.

"The woman is a supervillain!" Green Lantern retorts.

Everyone turns to look at Batman, apparently believing that John has a point. "She does have a criminal record, which has recently been pardoned, but other than the costume I don't consider her a supervillain. All of Catwoman's criminal activities have been simple thefts for money or for environmental protection of wild cats. She has also saved the lives of innocent people and heroes alike, as well as help take down more dangerous criminals," he explains.

"Do you trust her," Wonder Woman asks bluntly.

"With my life," Batman answers honestly.

"Thats not what she's asking," says the Martian Manhunter, "she is asking if you trust her not to betray the League."

The Batman pauses, "Mostly. In any event, for her to try something that dangerous, it would have to be for something big. If that is the case, then having her in the League, where we can pay attention to her, may give us an advantage before everything hits the fan," he answers.

The Flash clears his throat and brings everyones' attention to him, "Hey guys, I now more than most of us that sometimes the bad guys are, well, not quite as bad as we think. Do you know how she got that pardon? She willingly gave herself over to police custody, so she could lead them to where some really creepy guys were holding a bunch of young girls. It just happens that one of those girls knew the President, from back in his hometown," he says, "Look I'm not saying I'm convinced she turned over a new leaf, but if she is really going for the whole redemption thing, I say she deserves a shot."

"I've done some pretty unforgivable things in past," Shayera says, "who is to say that I deserved any more of a chance then her?"

"If the Batman has decided to trust her, I am willing to try," Wonder Woman says.

"I doubt Bruce would put himself in this position for just anyone who used to be his enemy, and I trust his judgment," J'onn tells them.

"I guys he's got a point, 'keep your enemies closer'," Green Lantern says to Superman.

Superman looks back at Batman, "I guess...Sponsorship approved. Catwoman is now a member of the Justice League," he announces.

Hearing the decision, J'onn is curious as to what his friend Bruce is thinking, so he peeks into his mind. He grins. Hearing the decision, the only thing going through the Batman's mind is, What in hell have I just done?

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