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Edward's POV

The invisible force lifted off of us and Jane began escorting us up stairs. As we climbed the narrow stone staircase I could only imagine what awaited us. Bella and the rest of my family hostages just like we were. The evil smiles of the Volturi staring down upon us. And then the torture we were sure to endure. Most of all the torture they would do to me in front of Bella, all to make her succumb. I clinched my fists and gritted my teeth in fury. They wanted to control Bella, to make her one of their own mindless servants. It enraged me, but what infuriated me more than that was the fact that I couldn't save her. I could see no way to win this battle tonight. Anthony was too strong, much stronger than I could ever be.

I stared down to the hard floor as we walked forward. Bella deserved so much more. She deserved to be happy, and I could not give her that happiness she deserved anymore. I was weak... But there had to be something I could do to save her. I had only just gotten the chance to get her back, and now she was about to be taken away again. I would not give her up so easily this time. If she did not loathe me, which fairly she should, I would try to win her back somehow. But first I needed to think of a way to get her out of this safely, that would be my first priority.

The stone floor turned into perfectly polished white marble as we walked forward. I looked up to see that we had entered a grand cathedral looking room with a high arched ceiling. The room was lined with spectacular stained glass windows, most of which were probably a century old. In the middle of the room facing the entrance doors sat five ornately decorated thrones, and the center throne was by far the grandest. It was a sight to see, and in another setting I would have been awed. But now it was too ominous, the magnificence of the room was mocking our nearing inevitable fate.

The room was also extremely crowded for its size. It appeared that the entire Volturi guard came to see the show. I shook my head, did they really have nothing better to do than ruin all of our existences.

As I scanned the room a bit further hope swelled inside of me, Bella wasn't here. Maybe all wasn't lost yet! Almost immediately Anthony interupted my thoughts.

"Don't worry Edward, she's on her way."

I felt like a popped balloon. All of my previous joy completely washed away.

And so we waited for what seemed like an eternity. The hooded figures of the guard stood like statues around the large room. They never showed their faces, and with my power cut off by Anthony they seemed lifeless. None of the figures ever once moved, they just watched us, as we watched them. Anthony was the only one of them without a cloak I noticed. How odd, I tought that the hooded cloak was the normal attire of the Volturi guard. Could he not be in the guard? If he wasn't with them, then why was he helping them? Why did he seem to know each and every member, and talk to them like they were old friends? I knew he wanted Bella yes, but I thought he was also helping get Bella for Aro, so that they both could be in this "elite vampire coven". He couldn't possibly try to steal Bella from Aro could he? I almost laughed out loud at this thought. No one vampire could stand against Aro's army, it would be suicide.

As I mused these ideas around, I was very aware that Anthony was watching me out of the corner of his eye. No doubt listening. But there was something off about his posture. He stood extremely tense. If it was possible he seemed even more statuesque than the others. And all the while in his stillness he continued watching me. Something I had thought bothered him greatly, and it showed. He was obviously bothered. At that thought Anthony turned away from me and relaxed his shoulders. So I must be on to something!

Hah! Anthony it seems I do not need my talent to figure you out!

His shoulders tensed again, but only for a moment before he turned his head towards a door we did not come out of.

It would be wise for you Edward to be careful when this is all over. You never know who may cross your path.

As soon as Anthony's thought reached me the large door he was staring at opened, and in walked Aro, Caius, and Marcus. What I saw shocked me. They were so frail. Carlisle told me they were hard to look at, but I never realized he meant this. For some reason I had the notion that he meant the evil inside of the three would make them horrifying. That I would be looking at something Satanic, and that everything around them would go into darkness. To have even thought that was almost comical, because that wasn't the case at all. Their skin looked as though if I was to touch it it would turn to dust. And their eyes had a milky tint covering the red, like they were going blind. It saddened me in a sense. Would I come to look like this one day? ...would Bella? Of course not what a foolish thought. Bella could never be anything but angelic.

As I stared the three walked towards Anthony, and as soon as Aro reached him, he sat his hand on Anthony's shoulder. It was a fatherly touch, but there was no doubt what Aro was doing. When Aro removed his hand he grimaced. Aro obviously was disappointed, and I had no doubt in my mind that it was because he couldn't see all of Anthony's thoughts. Anthony was blocking him just as he was the rest of us.

Aro removed his hand and turned to face us.

"Ah what a great pleasure to have you here Cullen's, and sadly I'm afraid I haven't met a one of you. Carlisle has been away too long, and I must say I am quite impatient for the rest of your family to join us. As you must know we have some important matters to discuss."

He smiled. "But how rude of me, I haven't introduced myself properly. I am Aro, to my right is Caius and to my left is Marcus. And of course you have already met Anthony. We were so pleased to have found him..."

"Quit all of the pretenses Aro." I spat at him. "We all know why were here."

Aro gave a small smirk and his eyes darted to one of the hooded figures so fast I almost didn't notice. Before I could think too much about it I was writhing on the floor in pain. My insides had turned to fire, and my skin felt as if I was being cut over and over again with knives. It was the most agonizing pain I had been in since my transformation. As the pain continued Aro spoke.

"Ahh, you must be Edward. Carlisle has told me much about you."

The pain stopped and he continued. "I know all about you Edward, and your talents. I deeply apologize for having Anthony block you from us, I just love my privacy you see."

I stood and glared at Aro while he continued to smile.

"Now it would be very polite of you not to interupt again," and with that Aro, Caius, and Marcus turned and went to sit in the thrones. Caius sat directly to Aro's right, and Marcus the far right.

I scoffed, how pompous of them. They thought of themselves as royalty. Anthony chuckled and followed the three's footsteps. I watched as he walked slowly towards the thrones and took a seat directly to Aro's left. I couldn't believe it... Anthony was considered an equal to them! That explains why he didn't wear a robe. I looked to Alice, she was glaring at the four of them, she must have understood also. What I didn't understand though was the fifth throne. Who would be sitting there? I couldn't think of another powerful vampire that could be counted as equal to them. Who else could be so evil as to join them?

As I pondered these thoughts around the entire guard turned to face the main entrance door. Bella would be here soon then. If I had had a heart it would have been racing a mile a minute. I wish she wouldn't have come, I would die a million deaths to see her safe.

Just then the entrance door opened. My breath caught in my throat. An angel stood in the doorway, but not just any angel... It was my Bella.