Alright, so I'm gonna start this little series. Here's the first situation; yeah, it's pretty short, haha. Anyway, enjoy it. I hope to update soon! Reviews are always cool :D

Naruto was surprised when he opened his eyes to find Sakura curled up next to him on his bed mat. He shot a hesitative glance across the camp towards where Yamato and Sai had their things set up, but they were both sound asleep. Turning his attention back to the pink-haired medic nin, he opened his mouth to speak.

"What's wrong, Sakura-chan?" His voice was low, and it shook a little. She was close, and it was making him a bit nervous.

"It's too dark." Her small voice was barely audible over the shuffling of his sleeping bag as she rolled closer into him, their bodies now pressed close together. Naruto's face became hot, but he frowned when Sakura didn't say anything else. She just lay next to him with her head buried in his shoulder. The blond had no idea that his friend feared the dark.

"Hey, hey, look. It's not so dark out, y'know." Naruto said in a quiet tone. He nudged her away from his shoulder and kept pushing lightly until she was on her back with her head resting on his outstretched arm. He pointed up to the night sky with his free hand.

"See all the stars?" He asked. Sakura looked at him and then up at the sky. Little pinpoints of white light dotted the dark blanket, and there wasn't a cloud to be seen.

"It's pretty, huh, Sakura-chan? I mean, it's cool and all back in Konoha, but out here where aren't any lights, it's just plain awesome. You can't even compare it to back home!" The boy smiled. Sakura flipped back onto her side, draping one arm across her friend's stomach. Nuzzling his chest with her nose, she whispered "I guess it's not so bad."